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Entries in Sports (21)


Better Golfers

That last clip was rather boring unless you're one of those golfing die-hards, so this should make our trip to the links a little more palatable:



Weekend Recreation

Hoping to meet with the President of our great nation, we head out to the local gold course where we encounter this golfer making a rather unusual shot:



Beach Party

School is out for the day,  so let's take a drive over to the beach and watch a quick pick up game of volleyball with some of the locals:




Forget the Game

It's the halftime show that some of us are waiting for...



So Much for the Big Game

Today was the day of the big championship game, with a strong emphasis on the word 'was':



Olympic Trials

A little over a year ago Laura was just an unknown, but with a memorable performance today, she had a chance to acquire fame and worldwide recognition...



Better than Boxing

Okay, one more...this one for the title. In this match, Mutiny squares off against Holly, in what is sure to be a real ringside thriller:

This stuff is almost not safe for work...almost.



Forget the Doom and Gloom

Well, it's Friday, just two days before the arrival of the new year, but rather than focus on the bad things that lie ahead,  let us instead head to the club for a couple of drinks and entertainment, and watch these ladies duke it out on the wrestling mat:

No film babes today, but we will sort of have one tomorrow.



Failing to Relive the Glory

Linda, feeling quite perky after drinking six straight energy drinks, decided to show off in front of her friends, proceeding to demonstrate the tumbling talent that helped her to win the regional championships in high school.

It's a shame that those skills departed right after Linda left high school some twenty years earlier, because in her day, she was actually quite good:

In reality, these are two different girls and (as far as I know) neither of them is named Linda.



Modern Competition

Although it has not yet gained an official Olympics endorsement, the sport of bra-unsnapping is becoming a popular spectator event, especially among male audiences.



The Onset of a New Era

Another Babe who caught America's fancy in the 1920s was the ballplayer, George Herman Ruth. After the debacle of the 1919 Black Sox scandal, baseball powers introduced a livelier ball, which Ruth took advantage of, hitting 54 home runs in 1920, 59 the following year, and 60 in 1927.

In case you missed it, the Babe was also along for yesterday's visit to New York, although he was driven a little batty by the antics of comedian Harold Lloyd.



Pets Interactive

Pet Activities - conclusion

Forced to share the same residence and owner, these two pets favor competitive sports over the solo variety, often going at in the boxing ring:



Finishing Touches

Meanwhile, on the opposite coast (where weather isn't a factor), Dale pulled into the pit stop for a quick tire change before the race concluded.  He held a comfortable lead against his competitors, so a final check with the pit crew couldn't hurt...



Fulfilling a Dream

Though he lost his job at the chocolate factory, Oompa-Loompa refused to go on unemployment, instead risking everything to embark upon an exciting but highly-competitive new sports career.



Resuming an Ancient Tradition

The State of Things - Part 1

Originally a Greek tradition that dates back to at least 776 BC,  the Olympic Games were held every four years in the city of Olympia to honor the Greek god, Zeus,  with foot races (and later) other sporting events,  such as boxing, wrestling, javelin and discus throwing, and the long jump. The Olympics were religious festivities combined with sporting events, and the main reason that the Roman Emperor Theodosius I  (who hoped to unify the empire behind Christianity as a state religion) was said to have halted them in AD 393 was because they honored pagan deities.

Some 1,403 years would pass by before the Olympic Games would resume. After the Greeks won independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1830, calls came to revive the ancient sporting event, and privately-financed games were held in Athens in 1859, 1870, and 1875 (though it wasn't until this day in 1896 that the first modern Olympics--as we know them--were held).

As with the games held in the preceding decades, the event was held in Athens, Greece. Note that some historians believe that it was Theodosius II who halted the games in AD 426.



The Future of Baseball

No doubt the shade of old John McGraw is snarling somewhere at the news of those upstarts and former Polo Ground tenants, the Highlanders, taking their 27th World Series championship this week, but the Inside Baseball master would return from the grave and crack some heads if he saw what was happening on today's sandlots:



Anvil Shooting - Who Knew?

You just have to LOVE this:


Time to Let Go

He'd been thinking about it for some time, but after this morning's failed championship match, Eric recognized that it was finally time to retire from the circuit.



Moments Best Forgotten

The Knickerbockers were in the playoffs,  and because of an injury to the team's star player, Dal would be in the starting lineup for the first time in his major league career. He was almost 31 now and had only come up from the minors as a rookie late in August, yet though his sunset was much closer than his sunrise,  he would at last have his moment--after the long years of playing in near-empty minor league ball parks--to bask in the spotlight. He had been seeing the ball well, and felt confident about tonight's game, but the memory of getting picked off at first in the deciding little league championship game twenty years ago still haunted him.

Dal grabbed his lucky rabbit's foot and stuck it in his back pocket--a ballplayer could always use a little extra insurance.



Bye Bye Brooklyn

The Dodgers, my favorite baseball team, played their last game in Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, New York, on this date in 1957 before readying themselves to move to my hometown...