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Entries in Music (333)


Closed for the Resurrection

The museum is closed this morning and the staff has joined their friends and families for the day. Happy Easter.



Singing in the City

We visit the theater a little later, where we run across film babe Judy Garland in this scene from the 1944 film Meet Me in St. Louis, a city we'll probably be visiting next week:



Tornado Alley

What happened in Joplin isn't all that uncommon in the midwest, as tornadoes are often passing through. They're usually not arriving with musical accompaniment, however...



Almost Heretic

Moving the artistic focus westward from France, the museum staff lays out the artworks of the Spanish painter and sculptor, Alzono Cano (1601-1667), who once demolished one of his own sculptures of a saint, a capital offense, and then later on survived torture after being accused of murdering his wife:



Neo-Classical Interval

Having focused on other parts of the continent, the museum staff looks to the north of Italy this morning and sets out the works of the French neo-classical artist,  Antoine-Jean Gros  (1771-1835):



Venice on Canvas

Neither the museum curator nor his assistant, Marco, has been seen in quite some time, but the museum seems to run on autopilot. On Clovis' orders, the museum staff has set out the works of the Italian artist,  Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1696-1770) this morning.



Headed Out

We just arrived in Vegas, but it seems film babe Elisabeth Shue is heading out. This is the trailer from the 1995 film, Leaving Las Vegas...

...and here is a fan tribute dedicated to Ms. Shue:



Change of Pace

Rather than focus on one artist this week, the museum staff lays out works from various artists, all them following an alternative theme...



Back to Modern Art

Roger, who has been left in charge of the museum again, lays out the works of the avante-garde Russian artist, Pyotr Konchalovsky,  this morning instead of the airplane-inspired works he had originally planned.



Flights of Fancy

Tipped off by a customer that a flock of  World War II aircraft would be flying into town to nest next week, Roger, who was left in charge of the museum today, dug out a number of old drawings that were collecting dust in the museum's attic, and set them out on display.



Past and Present

We have two babes today instead of just one, the first a modern singer, Katie Melua, who pays tribute to one of the most famous actresses during World War One--Mary Pickford:



Imaginary Landscapes

While the old curator was out on a walk,  his assistant, Marco,  set out the works of the Russian symbolist painter, Konstantin Bogaevsky (1872-1943), who often painted locales known only in his imagination.



A Walk in the Woods

Clovis, the old museum curator, did feel old this morning, waking early from a troubling dream, a twisted recollection from his past, in which his only true love, Lenora, took part. Leaving today's art choices to his assistant, Marco,  Clovis donned his overcoat and stepped outside,  turning and then walking into the woods that bordered the museum grounds, to reflect on darkened portents.

The music is provided by David Darling.



Noticing Natalie

Her name was in the spotlight for a moment in time this week with unwanted news in regards to her passing, but let's forget that and admire the late film babe, Natalie Wood, in a better light:



Canvassing the Old West

To commemorate the settling of the American West,  dour Roger, who was left in charge of the museum today, set out the artworks of the German landscape painter, Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902):



Wish You Were Here

Wanting to try something different today at the museum, the old curator, Clovis, decided to skip the normal fare and instead show some pictures from his recent trip abroad...

Today's artwork comes from Frank Lewecke.



Almost Home

Back to Earth. Fortunately for us, we arrive just as the taxi needs refueling, but, to our dismay, the filling station is in Arizona,  about three thousand miles away from our starting point.  The cabbie's robot girlfriend lives in the area, however, so we will have to wait for him to pay her a visit before starting the final leg of our trip home.

These scenes come from the 1987 science fiction movie, Cherry2000, featuring the film babe, Melanie Griffith:



Musical Morning

Merry Christmas.  While you open up your gifts or watch your kids do so,  here is some cheerful music to lend some accompaniment:



We're Still Here

We didn't see the world end last Friday---not that most of us expected to---and happily, we get to look forward to yet another Christmas and New Year's holiday. Some of you will have or already have snow,  but the Washington DC metro area is due for a dreary rainfall, so we'll provide some whiteness here along with some wonderful music by Vivaldi.



From the Female Perspective

She  was a beautiful woman living  in rough times,  an artist who survived the Bolsheviks and the revolution. Clovis, the old museum curator, had met her once long ago. His sight dimmed and his eyes grew watery as he set out the works of  Zinaida Serebriakova (1884-1967), his memories returning to a long-lost and forlorn place.