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Entries in Late for Work (183)


The Anti-Cop

Tired of the weekly traffic checkpoints set up by the police, this commuter took matters into his own hands today, and interrupted them before they could get started...



The Strange Turns of Luck

Alex was running late again, cursing his luck when he got caught behind a slow moving truck, but his tune changed a moment later as he followed the vehicle onto the main highway...

Seeing that this is likely the last week of postings here in Miscellanea, I thought it would be nice to visit the beach once more to do some girl-watching, so this week will be spent on the drive to get us there.



Reassuring the Wife

His wife had complained about the engine knock in her car, so Eddie offered to take it it to the mechanic for her this morning on the way to work,  despite the fact that he knew nothing was wrong---he had the engine replaced only two weeks ago...



No Parking

Arriving at the workplace a little later than normal, I curse when I see some fool trying to take my parking spot. However, the driver was an extraterrestrial empath who sensed my displeasure and promptly moved her vehicle.



Insurance Risk

The area where I reside is known for its aggressive drivers, and it was just my luck to encounter one on the way to work...



While You Were Out

After taking a week off-world to look for a new place, I returned to Earth this morning and got ready for work, seeing something a little unusual when walking out the door:



Catching a Lift

Rather than commute to work each morning alone, this eco-conscious cat ride-shares with a friend:

I'm feeling incredibly lazy this week, so the commentary will be minimal. Oh, and the subject is cats...



Late for Work

Mary sighed when she walked into the garage and saw that her husband had left her the station wagon this morning.  Parking the car was bad enough,  but getting it out of the driveway was a real nightmare...

It is going to be all miscellaneous things this week in Miscellanea.



Perils of Persistence

The fellow in this video is dedicated, having never missed a day of work in almost twenty years of employment. Unfortunately, dedication is not always enough to reach one's goal, however:



Moment of Decision

A good part of the nation got hit with snow this past weekend, but now that Monday has arrived, one is faced with a choice--drive in to work or call in sick?



The Year Ahead

Since we're coming into the new year, I thought it might be worthwhile to look at bad things that could happen in 2014 but probably won't.  As an example,  our lovely Earth, Gaia, could one day decide life isn't worth living anymore and kill herself...

My guess is that most people would prefer this to happen on a Monday so they don't have to get up and go to work.



Driving to Work Made Easy

You have a horribly long commute---San Francisco  to New York---and still have  to be home in time for dinner.  What do you do?  If you're a wise commuter, you had the sense to install an EZ FOLD portable time manipulator on the dash next to the GPS, using the time distortion function to speed up the commute:



Short Break

I'm a bit pressed for time this week, so we are going to pause in our cross-country journey, and do some short movie watching instead, courtesy of Five Second films, one per day.  We'll start out with a theme that's familiar to Miscellanea, being late for work:



On Life's Treadmill

Steve pulled out of the garage and headed to work, lost in thought, wondering why he was going nowhere in his career...

We're going to stick closer to home this week, and have a look at the offball denizons living in the neighborhood.




Ignoring the inclement weather, Mark started forward at his normal speed, knowing his car was ranked number one last year in safety.



Beating Traffic

Despite the heavier than normal traffic, Mike still managed to make it to work on time this morning...



Making the Commute Fun

Hoping to promote their city as the 'fun capital' of the state, local leaders recently voted to add water slides to the highways leading into their community.

I found this nifty little channel called Five Second Films on youtube, so we will be highlighting some of their films later today and throughout the week (as well as the usual miscellanea).



An Open Spot

Wanda pulled into the lot, and quickly found an empty space, feeling a sense of relief. At least now she wouldn't have to spend 30 minutes trying to parallel park out on the street.



No Parking

She was already late, and to make matters worse, Laurie scraped the wall while parking, knocking off one of her side indicator lights. Putting the vehicle into PARK, she stepped out to retrieve the missing part, all the while wondering what else might go wrong this morning.



Out of My Way

Derrick took his job seriously, refusing to let rain or sleet, or hail or snow (or any other vehicle out on the highway) interfere with his morning mail run...

I won't have access to my computer for most of the week, so posting will light. And, once again, it will be a bit of randomness this week.