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Entries in Holidays (53)


Forget About Bombs

...because it is clothing that gets dropped in our final video of the week.  This routine features the voluptous burlesque doll, Medianoche, shedding her clothes with a purpose, hoping to blow away those lingering post-nuclear blues.

NSFW Note: You're likely to see as much skin at the beach as you will in this clip, but most of us don't work near the ocean, so I would suggest watching this at home rather than at the workplace (and while the wife is in another room).

Have a happy Fourth of July and an a nice extended weekend.



The National Anthem

Since it is the Fourth, let's pause with the rockets and have a listen to some music. This little lass, Athena Cresse, puts the big names to shame with her classy interpretation of the Star Spangled Banner:

Happy 4th of July.


Holiday Rockets

Rockets are used in fireworks production, which makes celebrating a holiday like Independence Day much more colorful:



Closed for the Resurrection

The museum is closed this morning and the staff has joined their friends and families for the day. Happy Easter.



Happy Cat

This little fellow is also quite pleased with his Christmas present:



Don't Piss Off Santa

Bad Christmas - part 1

After a year of hellraising and exhuberant misbehavior, Billy and his big brother, Ben, saw their hopes for a high-toy-yield Christmas take a nasty turn:



Musical Morning

Merry Christmas.  While you open up your gifts or watch your kids do so,  here is some cheerful music to lend some accompaniment:



We're Still Here

We didn't see the world end last Friday---not that most of us expected to---and happily, we get to look forward to yet another Christmas and New Year's holiday. Some of you will have or already have snow,  but the Washington DC metro area is due for a dreary rainfall, so we'll provide some whiteness here along with some wonderful music by Vivaldi.



After Dinner Treats

Happy Thanksgiving! To commemorate the day, we'll wrap up with a visit from a gaggle of girls cheerleading for the NFL:



A Turkey-Free Thanksgiving

Things will never be the same at the Smith residence...



Last Minute Holiday Thoughts

First...a brief message from Five Second Films...



Thanksgiving Terror

A long-dead President issues a pardon to the wrong jailbird...'s probably a good thing that old Ted is departed, or that turkey might be getting a call from the Secret Service... 



Turning the Tables

It seems our feathered friends are not going quietly to the dinner table this holiday season, and this particular bird has imprisoned a woman in her own home...

...perhaps to make a meal of her?



Modern Day Doctor Doolittles

Passing a small tribal group of Meleagris gallopavo, this motorist tries to get in touch with his inner turkey, and does a little talking to the animals in their own native tongue:




Small Surprise

With Thanksgiving approaching, Harold decides to head to the turkey farm to find the perfect bird (perhaps this one that's come out to greet him)...

It's a holiday week, obviously, so the posts will be (mostly) limited to one per day, and I'm taking the weekend off.



Song of a Dying Republic

Well, despite the legalization of tyranny and the Affordable Care Act, I want to wish everyone a happy Fourth of July. W'll take a break from this week's classical music interlude to have a listen to Catina Mack perform The Star-Spangled Banner:



Everyone Likes Turkey

Humans aren't the only ones who enjoy feasting on turkey during the Thanksgiving holiday, as this turtle, who has probably bit off more than he can chew, makes plain:

This praying mantis is a little fussier about its diet, and insists on white meat:

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your meal.



Cosmic Fireworks

The sun has brought its own fireworks to this year's Fourth of July celebration, providing us with an intense but natural light show:

I'm taking the day off to celebrate--back tomorrow.



Music of Decoration Day

Decoration Day--a solemn occasion set aside to visit a soldier's grave and decorate the memorial with flowers or other tokens of love--was first observed towards the close of  the American Civil War. The first national recognition of the date came about 143 years ago today.  It is now better known to us as Memorial Day.

Taps, the American bugle call sounded at the end of the day, or as a farewell to the fallen soldier, is often heard on this holiday.  But where did the call originate? Let's examine a brief history this morning.



Honoring Their Memory

It's a dangerous world out there, but many of us here in America, focused more our own personal worldviews, tend to forget the sacrifices that others make so that the U.S. citizen's day-to-day life doesn't include a sack,  pillage, or the prospect of  invading armies.  We often take for granted the privileges we demand as freedoms today, forgetting that those boons were won with blood.

Let's take a moment now to rectify that oversight, and pay tribute to those U.S. soldiers who gave their lives to preserve our often unappreciated freedoms: