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Entries in Flight (310)


Almost There

We've almost reached our destination, and since we're being followed by a police car flashing its lights, it's probably time to dump our vehicle and take advantage of a little shortcut:



Machines that Make Sense

Flights of fancy sometimes lead to more useful inventions, airplanes being a perfect example. The Douglas DC-3, which went into service in 1936, is one of the most successful aircraft ever to come off the drawing board, and many of them are still operational today.

Let's pay a visit to one of the passengers: seems he isn't saying much--perhaps he suffers from some flight phobia...



Go Fly a Kite

Spring time means the return kite flying, an endeavor to partake in with joyful enthusiasm.



Resourceful Fireman

Despite losing his way to the forest fire, Tom still managed to put his tank of flame retardants to good use:



Gravity Tales

The snow didn't stop this aircraft from taking off on time...

...but what goes up often must come down, much to the dismay of the pilot of this aircraft:



Keeping Fit

Our next video was shot out side the gymnasium, where this lone Spitfire works out alone, getting in some early exercise before the gym opens:



Hanging Out

It's not all work and no play for these Messerschmitt ME-109s. Our next clip shows the aircraft lolling about leisurely, taking flight only when the mood strikes them:




This guy probably wished he had a few rockets available to provide some thrust. But despite the lack, he made it back to Earth safely:



Instant Replay

Rather than continue to peer at flight artifacts, we leave the museum and remove the EZ-FOLD portable time manipulator from the car, using the device to take us back in time to observe the Wright Brothers historic flight unfold again in person:



Another Museum

We visit the art museum every Sunday,  but today we examine a museum of another sort in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina--one that focuses on two pioneers of flight, Wilbur and Orville Wright. For better or worse, we get stuck behind a rather talkative know-it-all, who describes for us each item on display...



Almost There

It took us most of the week, but we at last board a plane headed to Florida. We are short on airfare, however, so the crew, unhappy to be short-changed, bails out at the end of the flight, forcing us to land the plane ourselves...



Taking the Lingerie Liner

While waiting for the airport to re-open, we run into these ladies, who are headed to another nearby regional airfield to make their flight. They offer us a lift, and seeing their professional attire, we follow along, figuring we are in good hands...



Flight School

We had left off in New Orleans, which is some distance away, so rather than drive, we decide to catch a flight south. But, the airport is closed for a spell, having to deal with an airplane flown by a student pilot who isn't quite sure how to attain level forward flight.



Future Flight 

Modern Living - Day 4

Aircraft ownership is completely out of the question, at least for most of our future progeny, but the technology has moved forward anyway; the newer models appear to be reaching for new and impressive heights:



Quick Departures

Our next stop is San Francisco, but rather than drive, we shall pack our car into a waiting B-52 bomber and fly there instead, with Cliff Robertson and Rock Hudson looking on.

Well, in truth, this is a movie clip showing Strategic Air Command (SAC) bombers taking off, not knowing if they will drop atomic bombs on  the Soviet Union or just fly around in circles.  Seeing that the Soviet empire no longer exists, it quickly becomes apparent that our EZ-FOLD portable time manipulator is acting up again, because the aircraft lifting off from Edwards Air Force Base are doing so in the not-so-distant past. Here is another clip, sans famous personalities..



On Display

Jumping back into our automobile, we head north to Edwards Air Force base, hoping to catch the air show currently underway...



Special Flight

This was a flight that many of us males would have glady made, as the on-board show put on by the lovely stewardesses was a one-time thing:



Familiar Bird

The Northrup B-2 Spirit, which went operational in the late 1990s, was originally intended to be a deep-penetration nuclear bomber for use against the old Soviet Union.  Because it uses  stealth technology and would not have to worry about radar  detection,  the aircraft would be flexible in choosing its targets, a valuable capability in a nuclear conflict. However, when the Soviet empire imploded, the number of B-2's required was revised downwards, and only 21 were built.

The aircraft is instantly recognizable by its 'flying wing' shape:



Big Bear

The Russian Tupolev Tu-95 Bear first went operational in 1956 and oddly enough, traces its evolution back to the old WWII-era U.S. B-29. The Bear has a range of about 8,100 nautical miles and has a top speed of 575 miles per hour.



Bombs Away

The B-1 Lancer, a variable swept-wing bomber, has been operational since the 1980s. It has seen action over the skies of Iraq, Kosovo, and Afghanistan. The bomber has a rangle of about 6,478 nautical miles and a top speed of 830 miles per hour (Mach 1.25):