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Entries in Cars (240)


Poor Impression

Hoping to make an impression on the girl in the preceding video, this driver chose to show off his drifting skills:



A Turn for the Worse

After only a few miles, our trip to the beach was delayed when the driver ahead of us realized he was traveling in the wrong direction:



Traffic Enforcement

Mike inched his automobile out  into the crosswalk,  anxious to make a right turn.  Figuring that the approaching pedestrians could walk around him, he ignored them, his primary focus being on the still-red traffic light...



Not Quite Cat and Mouse

On the topic of automobiles, car chases can be very exciting, especially the high speed variety that lacks any human drivers:



Reassuring the Wife

His wife had complained about the engine knock in her car, so Eddie offered to take it it to the mechanic for her this morning on the way to work,  despite the fact that he knew nothing was wrong---he had the engine replaced only two weeks ago...



Wash and Wear in the Twenty-First Century

Keeping one's car clean is an adventure in eye candy at this modern local car wash:



Better Models

The car search forgotten, I pay a final visit to a classic car show, not to admire the metal beauties, but the flesh and blood variety--as any model suits me just fine:

Have a nice weekend. I have no idea what next week will bring here in Miscellanea...


Give it Up car search parallels the path of the old Ford Edsel: it is going nowhere. Maybe I should forget about automobiles and just buy a bicycle...



Just Browsing

After seeing the sixty-nine thousand dollar price tag on  the preceding Chevy,  I head over to the Ford dealer to look at automobiles that Henry Ford built for the average person with an average budget.  Henry is long dead, however, and so are his low-cost cars,  as this classic Victoria has a hefty price tag:



Visiting the Dealer

The dealer arrives shortly after I do and promptly introduces me to his mechanics before showing off a car every American man dreams about--a beautiful 1955 Chevy Nomad:



Buy a Buick

Here's another real beauty--the 1954 Buick Eight Special--also in my favorite color:



Backwards Into Time

I've always liked the body style of the '52 Chevy, so for a moment, I'll step back into time and see the car when it was still new:



Still Looking

My little red car, perhaps knowing its days are numbered, has been a model of reliability lately, perhaps trying to beguile me into forgetting my search for a replacement.  Nevertheless, I have still been looking--limiting my search to vehicles previously owned. I stumbled across this 1952 Chevy in my favorite color this morning:


What Dreams Are Made Of

I may have come to the car show to look at the autombiles,  but after wandering about and seeing the pretty girls, my dreams take a break from cars and focus on much more important things. Out of respect for such beauty,  the world goes silent around me, and my sense of sight grows sharper, allowing me a much fuller appreciation of what I'm seeing:

I'm still without a replacement car, so I guess the car search will have to resume next week. Have a nice weekend...


Taking a Break

I'm not getting anywhere in my search, so seeing that it is Friday, I think I'll just wander on over to the classic car show and spend a few hours daydreaming while I admire the cars.



Within the Budget

Today I finally found a vehicle I could afford--a 1950 Buick--but the car was anything but a sight for sore eyes:



The Radio Works

The next car I had a chance to examine was a 1947 Studebaker, but seeing the seller busy working on it when I arrived filled me with a sense of unease, my wallet growing thinner at the thought of future repairs.  Nevertheless,  I listened respectfully as he lovingly described the automobile, and later went with him for a test drive:



Talking to the Mechanic

Well, if I can afford a classic. That said, the saleswoman wooing me is oblivious to this fact, taking me to see the mechanic, before we step into the car and embark on a test drive...



Back to Automobiles

After a week off attending to the needs of a friend, I return home to face my earlier predicament--the need for a replacement car to succeed the one I own now, a mostly reliable little vehicle which is, sadly, on its last legs (okay...wheels). Heading to the dealer, I find this beauty--a 1940 Ford:



Week-Ending Look

I can't afford this one either, but since I've examined the others, I may as well take a few minutes to admire this 1939 Packard: