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Entries in Burlesque (29)


Forget About Bombs

...because it is clothing that gets dropped in our final video of the week.  This routine features the voluptous burlesque doll, Medianoche, shedding her clothes with a purpose, hoping to blow away those lingering post-nuclear blues.

NSFW Note: You're likely to see as much skin at the beach as you will in this clip, but most of us don't work near the ocean, so I would suggest watching this at home rather than at the workplace (and while the wife is in another room).

Have a happy Fourth of July and an a nice extended weekend.



Things to Do in the Rain

We can drive the rest of the way home over the weekend, but since we are temporarily rained-in, and because the lovely Medianoche is in town, we will wrap up our week now and head on over to the club to to catch her act:

Oh...a warning: this skirts very close to Not Safe for Work territory, and may just barely cross over into the danger zone. Use your discretion and have a nice weekend.


Bottoms Up

Well...we didn't get very far, landing a short time later just a few miles away. So, since we are here another day, we give a phone call to Skinnydipinacid (who lives nearby and is one of the BL Rag's editors),  and ask him  to show us the sights.  He is a rather perceptive fellow and knows just what tickles our fancy,  so, without a second thought,  he takes us to a club that houses the Quad Cities Burlesque:



Albuquerque Side Trip

Instead of following the normal tourist routine, let us instead head to the gym and watch the townsfolk exercise at Exotica in Motion...

...some of the ladies at the gym also work nights at the club down the street, so let's walk on over to see the show:

Hmm...the above is probably not safe for work.



End of the World Encore

In theory, we will all be gone by now, so this brief show, appropriately titled 'Nightmare',  and performed by the lovely Medianoche, is probably a wasted* effort :

* somehow I doubt that. Final note: since this is the end of the world, there will be no postings over the weekend.  The normal post-apocalyptic schedule will resume on Monday...


Popular Hangout

You might see Jefferson's statue standing there glumly at the memorial, but the former president spends most of his free study time here at the Good Guys club, a popular nightspot for numerous former chief executives:

Yes, this should be safe for work...oh, and this is dedicated to a certain poster at another site who came here looking for something to be offended by--hopefully this will suffice.



Forget the Flowers

It is Friday after all, so let us skip the garden party and walk over to the club instead, so that we might turn our focus away from the flora and admire the fauna:



Eastern Conservatory

Across the world from Amsterdam, another wildlife refuge awaits us, this one brimming with eye-pleasing female specimens:



Better than Flowers

While we are here in the world's tulip capital, lets amble on over to a different garden so that we might examine some of the native fauna...



Surprise for Santa

Hoping to catch old Saint Nick in the act of his wanton gift-giving, Amanda decided to wait up for him, reading a good book to pass the intervening time.

No, she's not really a film babe, but do you care?



Sure Beats Coal

I don't know about you guys, but I would be delighted to see this film babe, Gabriella Pession, filling the holiday stockings on Christmas morning:



Space Girl

She's not actually a film babe, but Trixi is one of the real reasons extraterrestrials visit our lowly planet. Let's head over to the Roswell Club to catch her act:

The above video is not quite unsafe for work, though it probably comes close. But I have posted it in the interest of science, so it should be okay.


Last Look

We're going to return to a somewhat normal routine tomorrow and highlight a couple film babes, so let's wrap up our look at lingerie with one final model, the lovely Sabina:



Horizontal View

The train's engineer is indisposed this morning, having had too much to drink on the previous evening. As he wakes and attempts to re-orient himself, the girls working at the club where he passed out prepare for another day's work, practicing their moves for tonight's entertainment.

The model above is Leggy Melly. While she keeps the train engineer occupied, we'll head on over to the photographer's studio to visit with our next lingerie girl of the day.


Still Getting Ready

Fortunately for us, the train passes nowhere near its intended destination so we have the farmer's daughter all to ourselves.  And since she is still busy trying to find something to wear, she doesn't seem to mind our tardiness.

Today's model is Skyla Reign.



Friday Moondance

A Trip to Space - part 9 (Conclusion)

Well...after a long swim...we are back on the surface of  the mother planet once more,  forced to content ourselves with a more mundane view of the Milky Way.

While we take in the starlight from Earth, the real reason for the earlier supernovae commotion in space becomes evident when an unknown film babe boards her rocket and heads to the moon to perform an even cheesier* act than the preceding Ninja Girls from Space, indulging in a space age burlesque number for the eager galactic audience.

*and sexist, but that's typical, considering the film comes from the 1950s.  This also ends our weeklong adventure in space (note: we'll have a real film babe at 1 pm).



Closing the Festivities

Gaia's Celebration - Why Volcanoes Erupt (Earth Day Finale)

Earth Day comes to a close when the Dior Dancers (featuring the red-hot Merian Ganjou as today's film babe) take to the dance floor as the final act in this week's celebration of the planet:



Not Exactly Science

Joey's mother,  Allison,  beamed with delight when he informed her that he was planning to visit the museum this morning to see a physics exhibit. Her young son spent all of his free time on the Internet or playing those awful computer games,  so Allision was delighted to see Joey taking an interest in something educational for a change.

"Maybe he'll want to become a scientist," she thought dreamily, kissing Joey goodbye and giving him a few dollars extra for spending money.



Dirigible Devotion

A Big Event Near Marietta, Ohio - Ending the Week

When blimp makers outsource...

Much like the bizarre cargo cults that sprang up in the Pacific after World War II, tribes living in the Ohio River Valley have also taken to mimicry and religious dance ceremonies in a vain effort to bring back the fabled airships that once dominated their skyline.

This comes from one of the movies that comprise artist Matthew Barney's Cremaster Cycle. This also wraps up the week's 'Titanic' theme. We will have a standard film babe drop by at 1 pm est.



Deceptive Naming

After making his bed, taking out the trash, and walking the dog, Billy asked his mother if he could watch the new  Gumby Girl  show on television.  Pleased that he had finished his chores early, his mother consented, thinking the program was just a spin off on the original series...