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Entries in Babes (304)


Party Pooper

The beach at last...time to check out the babes. seems we are not the only ones who have decided to visit--there is this joker walking ahead of us, breaking wind, as we make our way toward the sands:

Have a nice weekend. We will have one more posting on Sunday, and then the lights are probably going out. Thank you for taking the time to visit over the years.


Unusual Sight

A girl in the snow wearing nothing but a bikini is an unusual sight, but then again, so is snowfall in July...



Forget About Bombs

...because it is clothing that gets dropped in our final video of the week.  This routine features the voluptous burlesque doll, Medianoche, shedding her clothes with a purpose, hoping to blow away those lingering post-nuclear blues.

NSFW Note: You're likely to see as much skin at the beach as you will in this clip, but most of us don't work near the ocean, so I would suggest watching this at home rather than at the workplace (and while the wife is in another room).

Have a happy Fourth of July and an a nice extended weekend.



Saturday Show

Better late than never...

...have a nice weekend.


A Matter of Taste

After that eye-opening encounter at the beach, it's time for a strong drink, so let's head on over to the bar, and toss a few down with a prayer that the drinks will wash away the memory.

Inside the club,  an all-girl band is performing a less-than polished musical number about aliens, their instruments out of tune and their singing off-key.  The cacophony the band creates may be hard on the ears, but at least the singers are easy on the eyes:

Have a nice weekend.



Sticking with the 'Now'

Seeing what lies ahead, we'll wrap up the week in the present tense, visiting the technology fair to admire a number of babes from our own time:

Have a nice weekend...



Small Packages

According the videomaker, this woman is wearing the smallest bikini ever. I'm not sure if that is, in fact, true,  but I suspect that most guys inspecting  this tiny garment will care very little about the packaging, most of their attention being on the babe wearing it:

Have a nice weekend.



Bikini Collage

Before we wrap up the week, let's look at one more collection of 21st century women's swimwear on this delightful assortment of models:



Wash and Wear in the Twenty-First Century

Keeping one's car clean is an adventure in eye candy at this modern local car wash:



Skipping the Sun and Sand

It would seem that the most likely place to observe beautiful women in swimwear is at the beach, but some aficionados prefer to make observations along the catwalk instead:



Nervous Cop 

Surely it takes more than a scantily-clad girl to unnerve a police officer. Maybe it's his first day on the job...



Attired for the Future

We busied ourselves examining  the history of women's bathing  suits last week,  beginning at the turn of the 20th century and ending at the century's close.  That leaves us five days to look at just two decades of the 21st---a rather short interval to cover in that extended time span. keep boredom from setting in, I'm going to limit the posts mainly to one per day this week until Friday.

Now, let us resume our look at the 21st century beachwear,  and more importantly,  the beautiful women wearing them:



Unsafe for Work Week

Well, okay, not quite unsafe...but close. Make sure you are not driving or handling dangerous instruments while browsing the content shown this week...



Pool Party

Well, the week has run out and we're still in the 1990's. I suppose we'll have to continue this topic next week...

...have a nice weekend.



Wave of the Future

By the 1980's,  a woman's bathing suit had shrunken considerably,  and because we do  exist in a post-atomic world rather than a nuke-free zone we speculated about on Thursday, the bikini was invented, much to the delight of men everywhere:




That Seventies Look

By the end of the 1960's, women's bathing suits looked much like their intimate apparel, and with the energy crisis looming,  no doubt more  than a few economy-minded women simply wore their underclothes to the beach, not bothering with paying more money for the same articles labeled as 'swimwear':



What If...

People often ask how the world might be different if the atomic bomb had not been invented, but in the fashion world, that question is easily answered--there would be no two-piece bikini:



A Boom in Pin-Up Girls 

The post-war era heralded a renaissance in the fashion world, with designers vying for a premier spot in the swimsuit industry. Pin-up girls from the war years influenced the designs that hit the runways (and beaches) in the 1950s, so now the average woman could look like Betty Grable:



Swimsuits of War

Material shortages in World War II put a damper on fashion, but bathing suits unfortunately were unaffected, and it would be some time yet in the future before these outfits got skimpier:



Pre-War Bathing

The world may have been experiencing a depression in the 1930's, but these bathing beauties seem anything but depressed: