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Entries in Animation (176)


Friday Finale

After a fruitful night of trick-or-treating, little Amy is off to bed, wishing that Halloween lasted longer. But that wish (as well as Amy) is short-lived, as it seems the holiday is not quite over...



Overactive Imagination

Children often let the imaginations run wild, but little Ebola's imaginings got her locked up for a month in the local mental institution. After her return home, her mother encourages her to visit the neighbor girl and make friends, but the encounter is an experience that Ebola deems wiser to keep to herself:



Not One of the 31 Flavors

It is a day early for trick or treating, but there is no rule that says a kid can't have ice cream, so Hans and Greta chase after the truck, unaware that this vendor sells his own unique blend of icy treats...



Hiding the Evidence

The killer  drove to a secluded area in the woods,  hoping dispose of the body of his latest victim, but gets some unasked for assistance from a hungry denizen of the forest who not only gets rid of the body for him, but also works to assure that the killer is never caught:



Fairy Tale Psychotics

Little Red Riding Hood is off to see grandma today but unbeknownst to the little girl, an old drag queen has killed grandma and taken her place.  Any other girl might be in trouble, but this lass is the daughter of Norman Bates:



Friends in Strange Places

We will be looking at six short films this week, all of them animated and very loosely related to Halloween, which falls this Thursday. Our first film is about a scarecrow who has been thrown into prison for not doing his job. His plight would be hopeless if not for a chance friendship...

This is probably the only clip this week that has what could be seen as a happy ending...



No Subterfuge

The creator of this animated doll dropped the pretense of a storyline, eliminating the extraneous props and keeping the focus strictly on the protagonist...



Changing Storylines

Forget the traditional 'boy and his dog' adventures of times past--nowadays it's the scantily-clad warrior babe* accompanied by her faithful pet dragon.

* Not that I'm complaining, mind you...just making a simple observation.



Dealing with Toughs

This animated heroine uses her brains rather than brawn to defeat her much larger opponent:



Disregard for One's Own Safety

The super-heroine female has become a staple of modern storytelling, but long would a vampire-fighting vigilante expect to survive wearing what this girl has on?

Then again, perhaps the outfit is meant to stun her opponents, allowing her to pounce on them while they stand there, staring at her...



Animated Pinups and Robot Girls

Ah, the wonders of animation. This week we'll will allow reality to blur a little and examine some of the female denizens brought to life via computer graphics, starting with this young lady who is taking a bit of rest and relaxation from her day job:

We will also be peeking in on some robot girls...but we'll save that for the afternoons.



Animated Babes 

Not satisfied with creating fake accidents or playing with the minds of innocent passersby, this CGI team took animation to a different level, creating an animated dancing girl:

Have a nice weekend...



Higher Learning

Technical training has its benefits, but sometimes it's best to let instinct take over...



Running the Gauntlet

In the dance of life, one cannot avoid fate, even if the outcome is meaningless:



The Power of Zero

The narration is not in English, nor are there any subtitles, but I don't think either is necessary to get the drift of this film.



A Week of Short Films

It's short films  this week---one per day---most of them animated and embracing a steam punk science fiction theme. Our first clip symbolizes a Darwinian survival of the fittest idea...sort of:



Plant Horrors

These two fellows are unaware of the planned festivities, but are soon made painfully aware of their role in the coming event.



Saturday Cartoons

Steering clear of our normal animations this week, we'll instead pay a surrealistic visit to artist Cyriak's Cat City:



Celebrating Mass Production

To wrap up our week with extraterrestrial personal and mass transit vehicles, let us engage the EZ-FOLD portable time manipulator and drop a few months back into time to visit a star in the constellation of Draco to observe this manufacturer's New Year's bash celebrating one million unit sales.



Not Quite the Jetsons

Since our last animation (more than likely) did not whet the appetities of cartoon and animation fans, here is something more along the lines of a space-based cartoon.