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Entries in Animals (240)


Machines that Make Sense

Flights of fancy sometimes lead to more useful inventions, airplanes being a perfect example. The Douglas DC-3, which went into service in 1936, is one of the most successful aircraft ever to come off the drawing board, and many of them are still operational today.

Let's pay a visit to one of the passengers: seems he isn't saying much--perhaps he suffers from some flight phobia...



What Cats Do

The world would be a much poorer place without cats despite their knack for being nuisances:



Not Quite Cat and Mouse

On the topic of automobiles, car chases can be very exciting, especially the high speed variety that lacks any human drivers:



Animal Warnings

I confess--I did have a premonition of sorts about the coming catastrophe when I visited my next door neighbor last week and saw her cat acting rather strangely... neighbor laughed it off at the time, but now she is just as scared as everyone else.


The Return of Old Friends

Many birds fly south for the winter, to return in spring in a noisy cacophony. This avian air force of geese has just begun to arrive, darkening the skies above with increasing numbers:



Preparing for the Club Tryouts

Her owner is away at work, so this brazen kitten practices a little pole dancing:



Living Toy

Fluffy thought the ball of fur standing across from him was another silly stuffed toy that his owner, Mary, had brought home for him. Thus, he was taken off-guard when the little beast returned one of his slaps...



Cat Toys

Fortunately for cat owners, toys are easy to come by and are usually quite inexpensive:



Armed and Dangerous

Cat fights are a common occurrence when two felines cross paths, however, since the advent of light saber technology, these encounters usually conclude now with fatal outcomes.



Little Thug

When he is not out mugging passerby's and terrorizing mice, this little hoodlum passes the time harassing his owner:



Sort of Like a Scarlet Letter

Cats are generally illiterate, so rather than brand their social outcasts with colored letters from the alphabet, they tend to rely on more humiliating punishments, such as this device, known as the 'cone of shame':



To Catch a Thief

Much like their human cousins, some cats tend towards criminal lifestyles, this outlaw choosing thievery to get what he wants from life:



Making Life Interesting

It takes a special kind of person to like cats, an individual who doesn't mind cleaning up after the little predators when they drag in the headless carcasses of a few of last week's birds, or provide a nasty rejoinder on the carpet when one forgets to empty the cat box---in truth, a cat owner is the kind of person that doesn't mind living with a general nuisance:



Catching a Lift

Rather than commute to work each morning alone, this eco-conscious cat ride-shares with a friend:

I'm feeling incredibly lazy this week, so the commentary will be minimal. Oh, and the subject is cats...



In the Bedroom

As was made evident on Wednesday, our avian friends enjoy movies, and especially those risqué moments in the bedroom, but rather than a steamy love scene, most of them prefer intervals like this one:



Guarding the Nest

I mentioned that birds are often territorial--these pedestrians learned that lesson firsthand... did these equestrians, who had hoped to take their horses out for a leisurely ride:



Quick Matinee

The theater owner heaved a big sigh of relief: the birds in the preceding video who milled about outside were merely waiting for the theater to open so that they might catch the premiere of this recently re-released masterpiece:



Avian Anticipation

The theater owner looked out his window, feeling a dark sense of foreboding this morning. Was there a reason for it, or was it just something in the air?



Music Critics

Humans may love the sound of a bird singing, but most of them don't care at all for our attempts at musical verse,  as this troubadour  discovered when he  took a break between sets at the local cantina and stepped outside...

Perhaps it is a territorial thing with our flying friends (or maybe they just can't stand country music--some things in nature are truly a mystery).



Rockin' Out

Birds are known for their songs, but this fellow is looking to achieve super-stardom in the avian world: