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When the Cat's Away

...the mice normally play, but Benedict was a conscientious employee, so he diligently got to work setting out the paintings of the French artist, Rosa Bonheur (1822-1899), while Clovis and Roger drove out to  the airport in town to pick up Rosemary.  Benedict was not normally a social person, usually keeping  to himself,  but he was anxious  to meet this mystery woman that everyone at the museum was so enraptured with,  if only to appease his curiosity.  He himself was not overly fond of females, so the excitement at the news of her return baffled him somewhat. Benedict had work to do, however,  so he pushed these musings away and resumed arranging the artwork for today's display.



Small Packages

According the videomaker, this woman is wearing the smallest bikini ever. I'm not sure if that is, in fact, true,  but I suspect that most guys inspecting  this tiny garment will care very little about the packaging, most of their attention being on the babe wearing it:

Have a nice weekend.



Bikini Collage

Before we wrap up the week, let's look at one more collection of 21st century women's swimwear on this delightful assortment of models:



Wash and Wear in the Twenty-First Century

Keeping one's car clean is an adventure in eye candy at this modern local car wash:



Skipping the Sun and Sand

It would seem that the most likely place to observe beautiful women in swimwear is at the beach, but some aficionados prefer to make observations along the catwalk instead:



Nervous Cop 

Surely it takes more than a scantily-clad girl to unnerve a police officer. Maybe it's his first day on the job...



Attired for the Future

We busied ourselves examining  the history of women's bathing  suits last week,  beginning at the turn of the 20th century and ending at the century's close.  That leaves us five days to look at just two decades of the 21st---a rather short interval to cover in that extended time span. keep boredom from setting in, I'm going to limit the posts mainly to one per day this week until Friday.

Now, let us resume our look at the 21st century beachwear,  and more importantly,  the beautiful women wearing them:



Unsafe for Work Week

Well, okay, not quite unsafe...but close. Make sure you are not driving or handling dangerous instruments while browsing the content shown this week...



Mysteries in Idle Conversation

It was just Clovis and Roger in the museum gallery this morning---Marco had been given the day off to make preparations for Rosemary's arrival, and Gaius had not yet returned from his strange ordeal in the doppelgänger museum. Benedict, the newest employee, was downstairs loading the artwork for today's display into the small elevator used to move paintings between floors.

"Marco is pretty excited about seeing Rose and his son," said Roger, who cared little for children, and had no interest in settling down. "Do you think she will remain here?"

"For a time," Clovis replied. "Although I imagine she'll depart here in a couple of months. This is not a safe place for her."

"Because of Circe?"

 "No, I don't believe the goddess will cause our Rosemanry any future problems." Clovis paused. "But there are others who would prefer she meet an untimely end."

Roger frowned. "I don't understand how such a sweet girl can have enemies."

"There are many bad people in this world who care little about sweetness, Roger. They see her as a threat."

"But why?" Roger asked, intrigued. He watched Clovis' expression change then, as if the man was having some internal debate. He apparently came to a decision, however, and started to reply but at that moment the phone upstairs began to ring.

"I need to take that call," Clovis said instead, relief washing over his face. He departed the gallery, leaving Roger standing there, perplexed.

Today's artwork comes from Domenico di Pace Beccafumi (1486-1551).



Pool Party

Well, the week has run out and we're still in the 1990's. I suppose we'll have to continue this topic next week...

...have a nice weekend.



Wave of the Future

By the 1980's,  a woman's bathing suit had shrunken considerably,  and because we do  exist in a post-atomic world rather than a nuke-free zone we speculated about on Thursday, the bikini was invented, much to the delight of men everywhere:




That Seventies Look

By the end of the 1960's, women's bathing suits looked much like their intimate apparel, and with the energy crisis looming,  no doubt more  than a few economy-minded women simply wore their underclothes to the beach, not bothering with paying more money for the same articles labeled as 'swimwear':



What If...

People often ask how the world might be different if the atomic bomb had not been invented, but in the fashion world, that question is easily answered--there would be no two-piece bikini:



A Boom in Pin-Up Girls 

The post-war era heralded a renaissance in the fashion world, with designers vying for a premier spot in the swimsuit industry. Pin-up girls from the war years influenced the designs that hit the runways (and beaches) in the 1950s, so now the average woman could look like Betty Grable:



Swimsuits of War

Material shortages in World War II put a damper on fashion, but bathing suits unfortunately were unaffected, and it would be some time yet in the future before these outfits got skimpier:



Pre-War Bathing

The world may have been experiencing a depression in the 1930's, but these bathing beauties seem anything but depressed:



Raising a Flap

Flappers took over America in the 1920s, and not satisfied with shocking the public in civic life, took their outfits to the beach as well:



The Teens

In the preceding video, the women were attired in more clothing for sunbathing than many young women wear nowadays in everyday life. Things improved for girl watchers in 1910--the ladies got to ditch the tights and show their bare legs:




Swimsuit Week

Thanks to government-mandated Climate ChangeTM, winter was exceedingly long and spring has almost ended before it has had a chance to get started. So, with summer just around the corner, I figured this week we might visit a subject that goes quite well with the increasing temperatures--women in bathing suits, starting with babes, circa 1900:



Mother's Day

Marco was in the main gallery of the museum, having just given directions to Roger about today's display, which featured the French artist and educator, Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824-1904), and thus he did not notice the old museum curator's approach.

"Have a cigar," Clovis said jovially, startling his assistant.

Marco recovered quickly. He turned to face his boss and friend, taking the offered cigar.

"What's the occasion?" he asked.

Clovis grinned and struck a match, offering Marco a light. "Actually, you should be the one who is handing these out. You're a father."

Marco leaned forward to accept the light but then froze. "When?" he asked, cigar forgotten.

"This morning. Rosemary has given you a son."

"I need to see her," Marco said anxiously. "Where is she?"

"Far away from here, old friend. You cannot see her now regardless. It was a difficult birth--she'll need time to recover." Clovis started to call Roger over to share the news, but Marco grabbed him by the elbow.

"Is she all right?"

"Rosemary is fine. Just worn out." Clovis reached out and removed Marco's hand from his elbow. "Calm down, will you, Marco? She will be traveling here in a couple of weeks. You'll be able to see her and your son." Clovis started away then to talk to Roger, but once again, Marco stopped him.

"Wait! My son...what is his name?"

"Henry," replied Clovis, smiling. He turned then and walked towards Roger, pulling another cigar from his coat pocket.


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