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A Week with Machines

We're going to spend the week examining machinery, specifically Rube Goldberg machines, but first, let's have a cup of coffee:



Surprise Guests

It was a reunion of sorts--almost the entire museum staff attended today's picnic lunch, even the crotchety old Helga, the maid. Only Walter was absent. Clovis watched the group, smiling. Roger, who was standing nearby, joined him.

"It's a bit surprising to learn that Gaius and Marcy married," he said, looking at the young couple, who were holding hands, exchanging whispered words.

"Yes, but they fit well together," Clovis replied.

"Two redheads...I bet there'll be fireworks if they ever have a disagreement."

"I doubt they'll fight much," Clovis said with a laugh. "Gaius will most likely do everything Marcy tells him to."

At that moment, Rosemary,  who sat with Marco a few feet away from her sister,  stood abruptly and spoke to Helga, handing her son over to the woman's care before starting towards the woods. Marco rose and followed her.

"What about those two?" Roger asked. "Do you think they'll marry as well?"

Clovis, who was watching Helga with Rosemary's infant boy, Henry, intently, didn't reply at once. A moment later, he turned his attention back to Roger. "Anything is possible," he said.

"But you don't think so."

"No, their fates follow different courses." Clovis started to say more, but then stopped. "Well, I'll be damned," he said abruptly, as old drunken Walter and a woman carrying a small box entered the clearing.

"The gang's all here," Roger said as Clovis stepped away to greet his old friend.

Today's artwotk was created by Claude Monet (1840-1926).



Saturday Show

Better late than never...

...have a nice weekend.


Friday Matinee

Today we have this recently released comedy, starring Doctor Tran as a street vendor. The movie did poorly at the box office, so we can showcase the entire film today without charging admission:

Note: I was told it was rather sexist to showcase girls in bikinis every Friday, so this week, I am going to give it a rest, and highlight them on Saturday instead...



Meet the Supporting Cast

In this morning's up close and personal moment with Doctor Tran, we have a chance to meet with one of his fellow co-stars:



Other Controversies

The preceding scandal is not the first time controversy has surrounded Doctor Tran. For years, unsavory stories have swirled about, related to the young superhero's uneasy relationship with his mother:



New Revelations

These scandalous allegations about Doctor Tran's past were revealed during a recently broadcast mail reading:



Enemies for Life

Some of you might be wondering why the good doctor feels such hatred for his long-time enemy. To find the answer to that question, one must travel back into time to Doctor Tran's childhood to witness their first encounter:



Working with the Master

Alfred Hitchcock was brought back from the dead to work on this recent suspense thriller, featuring Doctor Tran, and old fat woman, and the doctor's most feared nemesis...



And Still More Fan Mail

With all the fan mail he receives, it's a wonder that Doctor Tran has time to be a superhero, or for that matter, a superhero that saves America. Perhaps the nail gun helps...



More Fan Mail

As mentioned yesterday, Doctor Tran receives bags and bags of fan mail. It's just too bad he is still too young to read:



Reluctant Role Model

Despite being a superhero, Doctor Tran prefers to spend his free time at home, catching up on correspondence from friends and family. But with his new found fame, his mail box is filled to overflowing and he now spends most of his time responding to fans rather than family:



A Week with a Superhero

With a big summer film release approaching, I thought we might visit with a real movie star this week, and look in on Doctor Tran, America's favorite  superhero, in his day-to-day life. And who is Doctor Tran, you ask? Well, let's find out:

It's going to be a week of crude and vulgar cartoons...if you're at work, use headphones.



Preparing for a Reunion

Clovis arrived alone,  telling Benedict that Marco, Rose, and Roger had made a side trip to meet up with Gaius and Marcy, who had also just returned from somewhere in Europe.

"Let's get these displays set up,"  Clovis said as he opened a crate containing  the artworks of the Belgian artist, Jan Frans De Boever (1872-1949). "Once everyone gets in, we are going out to the beach to have ourselves a little picnic."

"But who will overseee the museum while we're gone?" Benedict asked, wondering if he would be expected to remain behind.

Clovis put the painting he had just removed from the crate down and gave Benedict an odd look. "The museum can run itself," he said.

Note: I'm recharging the writing batteries, so some kind of storyline will emerge here again in the next couple of weeks...



A Matter of Taste

After that eye-opening encounter at the beach, it's time for a strong drink, so let's head on over to the bar, and toss a few down with a prayer that the drinks will wash away the memory.

Inside the club,  an all-girl band is performing a less-than polished musical number about aliens, their instruments out of tune and their singing off-key.  The cacophony the band creates may be hard on the ears, but at least the singers are easy on the eyes:

Have a nice weekend.



Once is More than Enough

Let's step into the shade of that monstrous beach umbrella a moment to have a lingering look at one of the visiting alien bathing beauties:



Alien Sunblock

An large influx of tourists from the neighborhood of Beta Carinae,  many of whom are allergic to the over-the-counter sunscreens offered at local drugstores and supermarkets,  forced the locals hosting the visitors to devise this continent-sized parasol to shield them from the sun's ultraviolet rays:



Working Together

We have depicted our  alien neighbors in a less-than-complimentary light thus far this week, but extraterrestrials and humans have cooperated in numerous endeavors in recent years,  and have gradually established a relationship based on mutual trust. The next video highlights the friendly relationship,  showing a ship manned by Orion auxilaries performing maneuvers with aircraft of the U.S. military:



Inconsiderate Traveler

This extraterrestrial motorist demonstrates a callous disregard for the scenery, disposing of his litter along the highway rather than depositing it a proper trash receptacle, marring the pristine view for later visitors:



Social Rebels

Much like us humans, some extraterrestrials indulge in less-than-dignified activities, such as the taggers in this video spray painting graffiti across the morning sky: