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Saturday Cartoons

Warning: Felix interacts with his human creator: he then proceeds to have his girlfriend redesigned; goes pearl diving and  contributes to an ecological disaster; heads to the poles to threaten the polar bears, stripping one of its fur in a most horrible manner; and then finally has his girlfriend shredded in a Saddam Hussein moment of anger.'s not nearly so bad as that but with helicopter parents a big news topic of late the warning seemed silly but somehow appropriate. This flick is from 1928 and is titled Comicalamities:


Yet Here We Sit Debating Global Warming

I'll bet it was George Bush who created this whole black hole epidemic:


Friday Night Poetry Reading cyberspace. This is When We Two Parted and is actually quite good:



Another Conspiracy Theory

Youtube is full of them. This particular theory has to do with dinosaur extinction and is appropriately titled How the Dinosaurs Really Died:


Recent UFO Sightings Explained

See below:




Lost Film Clip

...since the current subject is horror and monsters, here's a long-lost cut scene from Alfred Hitchcock's scary animal flick*, The Birds:


*Not really. This is a fan tribute found on youtube


Top Ten Giant Monsters

The title speaks for itself. This is a video from a youtubeian by the handle of JamesNinetendoNerd. I don't agree with all of his picks, but enjoyed seeing the monsters:



Note: There is some harsh language here and there in the clip.

Bill O'Reilly Interview

I don't watch the show very often, but this clip was interesting:


(this is the kind of thing you find using keyword searches like 'turtles' on youtube)

Nuclear Storage Site Blamed for Earth's Pending Destruction

"Bush, Cheney, Halliburton, and Karl Rove Also to Blame" screams Howard Dean...


Yucca Flats, Nevada. The highly-unusual blizzard (caused by climate change) that hit Las Vegas two weeks ago apparently has caused a number of nuclear storage units at Yucca Flats to leak into the underground water table, putting a severely-endangered species of  Formicidae at risk. In addition, due to the enormous levels of radiation, these creatures are growing to unusual size and are breeding like ants.


Unfortunately, these insects are now migrating into urban areas, creating risks to both themselves and their human counterparts. To compound matters, these six-legged lifeforms are reportedly consuming large supplies of sucrose, lactose, and fructose meant exclusively for human consumption, making sugar scarce to all but the most affluent in society.


Strategic Reserve Stockpiles are also running low, according to unnamed Agriculture specialists. As a consequence of the shortages, candy riots have hit New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles in recent days.


One of the more courageous RAG Reporters was on the scene at Yucca Flats. She interviewed some of the locals:


"Those critters are bigger than houses," claimed an old-timer named Cletus Young, who lives on the outskirts of Yucca Flats. "Once the sugar runs out, those ants will be eating us."


His friend, a former CIA agent, scoffed at his friend's concerns.


"Nothing a can of Raid can't solve," he said.


Meanwhile, after an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council, a press statement was issued declaring that '...Human overreaction in combating Formicidae immigration has now put the Earth (gaia) at risk, due to indiscriminate use of DDT and other chemical elements that are harmful to the environment. Because of this, the Earth  is suffocating in flatulent mists and will soon become uninhabitable...'


"Gaia will become a gas world," one expert confided.


Here's the latest coming over the wires:

(The clips above are from the movie Them).


Saturday Cartoons

This sure the Hell beats the Teletubbies: Felix gets drunk, while the wife awaits...

This is from Felix the Cat in 'Woos Whoopee.'


And You Wonder Why Some of Our Leaders Have Strange Views?

Speaking of Lysergic acid diethylamide, here is an old clip of two future U.S. leaders discussing their experiences with the drug:


Ban Children's Television?

After forcing to kids to watch this drivel it's no wonder so many are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder.


Warning: This video portrays former hippies, now in recovery,who have spent most of their adulthood ingesting LSD and listening to Joan Baez.


Want All the Attention?



CMN Headline News

More over Hillary Clinton...    you were so 10 years ago!

The 'Clinton News Network' is gone, dead and buried. No word yet as to whether anybody's had to resort to cannibalism because of it (and Ted Turner won't return my phone calls). Clean out the offices, clear out the henchmen and hide your favorite silverware...  because we have to make way for...  

(drum roll please...  my link to one wasn't working!)

 " Crystal Meth News  "

Now according to CMN there's no immediate comment (but I'm sure they're hitting the whiteboard). CMN calls Mr. Quest, who is British, one of the network’s most instantly recognizable members.” He hosts “CNN Business Traveler” and a feature program titled “Quest” for the news network.


 Now, according to the post by RamboLiberal at the Democratic Underground (which he may or may not have stolen this quote from the Huffington Post...   who took it from the NY Times),  the police noticed Mr. Quest at 64th Street and West Drive at about 3:40 a.m., the official said. As he was being escorted out, he volunteered, “I have meth in my pocket,” according to an official briefed on the case. The police searched him and recovered a small amount of methamphetamine in a Ziploc bag. 

If anybody here is unfamiliar with  ::snort::  Mr. Quest,   you'll know he came off as a bit more-hyper-than-the-average-reporter.   In fact,  he was so flaky  I always just considered him a big nerd,  and I doubt that being cranked out at 3:40 am erases that moniker, but instead simply adds a few additional ones. 

Unfortunately, CMN will be jumping around like a meth head at a Slayer concert in a failed attempt and duck, dive and dodge this story.   There really is no way they'll be able to shake the CMN moniker, which I may or may not have had the privelage of inventing, anytime soon.   Does this make CMN a "Schedule II" cable news network?   There is of course the bright side.   Think of the draw this will have on the late night audience!   Good-bye Red Eye, HELLO CMN 'All Jacked UP!'   Not to mention the advertising route they can take:   Sudafed, Clariton D, Interstate Battery (best battery acid in the industry) and Efferdent Denture Cleaner. (trust me crankers, you'll need it!)

What you may or may not hear:

"Still to come on 'Quest',  is the Patriot Act bad for America?   And did the  Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act actually hurt its' citizen more than it helped,  causing people such as myself to crave it even more.    Stay tuned after this message (which may or may not be a secret recipe to cooking crank) from our sponsors!"




Rumors of War in Wingnoosha

It's Not Just Awful (It's kind of scary)


...when Left and Right get to the class struggle phase.


Conflict has once again broken out on the Internet. As of this moment, it hasn't yet come to a verbal nuclear exchange, but tense and jittery diplomats everywhere are wetting themselves in terror at the prospect of Winston and Redbeard pre-empting each other with dirty bombs of fiery rhetoric.  

The Man from Plains was busy stirring up mayhem elsewhere, or he might have been of help in resolving this crisis. However, another illuminary--the Ed Sullivan of Politics--was available to greet the combatants and attempt to moderate.


Film (below): IN the left corner stands the Walloping Winston; in the right awaits Redbeard the Rock.  

 Note: Redbeard and Winston are actually great pals and blogging comrades-in-arms. They, and their drinking buddy the Straw Man, often shoot pool and drink cheap wine in the BL RAG Cantina. The three of them hope to one day debate before a much wider audience (if you really want to know: on Winston's favorite television show, Fox & Friends).


Animal Control Conspiracy Theory

 Speaking of suburban lawns*, here is video proof that the wildlife actually controls us (rather than the other way around).


Forget the 'oohs' and 'ahs' escaping the lips of the nitwits who filmed this, as most of you already know that the sight of deer makes average suburbanites act like idiots.

But note that as the doe passes, she emits mysterious inaudible sound waves that allow her to travel backward in time and exhale invisible energy beams that cause the nearby humans to slur their words and speak much slower, verbalizing in noticably lower vocal tones. 

Eventually the video stops, because the daring souls who witnessed this event (and captured it on film for the rest of us) stopped external motion altogether and turned into living statues. Fortunately for us viewers, a neighbor thought to call the fire department, and after a good hosing down, the makers of this video recovered. They are now resting comfortably in undisclosed area hospitals.



* See here.
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