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Reassuring the Wife

His wife had complained about the engine knock in her car, so Eddie offered to take it it to the mechanic for her this morning on the way to work,  despite the fact that he knew nothing was wrong---he had the engine replaced only two weeks ago...



Why UFOs Prefer Flight

Put wheels on the damn things and they becoming annoying, slow-moving sources of congestion:



Really Late

After tailgating him for nearly ten miles, the impatient commuter behind Ted finally blew past, leaving him in his cosmic dust...

I plan on shutting the site down soon, so the next couple of weeks, I'll be posting odds and ends on topics that I enjoy.



Fulfilling One's Destiny

The lovers sat alone together in the woods,  neither speaking for a time.  They had walked some distance from the clearing where the others were having their picnic before finding themselves a private little hideaway near the cliffs above the sea. Rosemary sat beside Marco, her head resting on his shoulders.

"I'm glad were were able to see each other again," she whispered.

"Can you stay?" Marco asked.

"Not for long," Rosemary replied, sighing. "It's not safe here."


"And others."

"Why are they after you, Rose?"

Rosemary glanced back the way they had come, her look pensive. "It's not me they're after. They want our child."

Marco grew agitated. "But Henry is an infant! He's no threat to anyone."

Rosemary shook her head. "You misunderstand, Marco," she said quietly, a cryptic smile forming on her lips.  She stood then and slowly removed her clothes.  Naked, she reached out for Marco's hand and helped him to his feet.

Wearing a confused expression, Marco stood up and allowed Rosemary to remove his own attire. She folded his pants and shirt and then sat them down in a neat little pile. Taking his hands, she kissed him gently on the lips.

"It's not Henry they're after," she said softly. "It's our second child."  Saying no more, she pulled herself away from Marco and lay down in the grass waiting for him...



Better than Zelda

His parents allowed his sister to visit the home of Zelda, so they were put on the spot when Billy asked to visit a real-life version of Grand Theft Auto. Still, they only consented  after he assured them that he would not indulge in carjacking or violent crime---he was interested merely in the visual aspects of the game...

...and, of course, the hookers. Have a nice weekend.  


Don't Believe the Experts

A number of so-called experts often warn us about the dangers of gaming, claiming that overuse can make one blur the lines between reality and fantasy. However, these assumptions are simply preposterous, as this video makes plain:




Choosing the proper weapon for today's gaming is not an easy decision, so we'll test out a couple this morning, pitting the Gravity Gun against the Portal Gun to determine the best item:



No Longer a Game

Unlike the girl in yesterday's post, this young woman is trapped in a real-life version of the game of Half-Life2. However, she is not without resources, having the Gravity Gun in her possession:



Poor Fluffy

Despite assurances from the manufacturer that the Portal Gun is safe, kids still manage to find ways to test that claim:



Being There

Not content with playing the computer version of the game, The Legend of Zelda, Katy convinced her parents to send her to Hyrule to allow her a more realistic gaming experience:



Forget the Squirt Gun

Another toy that is favored by today's kids is the Portal Gun offered by Aperture Science:



At the Toy Store

We're going to spend this week looking at a few esoteric toy guns and indulge in a couple game-related activities, so let's head over to the toy store to see what's on the shelves:



Not for Grown Ups

Kids have a lot of fun with toy light sabers, but in the hands of adults, these playthings are often dangerous:



Packaged Goddess

Clovis, Gaius, and Roger joined Walter and his female friend, the three men delighted to see their old associate. As usual, Walter was a little tipsy, and his words a bit slurred.

"This is a friend of mine," he said, introducing the young woman with him. "Her name is Lilly."

Gaius, who was motioning to his wife,  Marcy, to join them,  turned with a start upon hearing the name of Walter's companion, staring at the girl increduously.  Lilly smiled at him and sat her box down while exchanging greetings with the others.

"Gaius told me you had a run-in with Circe, Walter," Clovis said. "To be honest, I didn't expect to see you again."

Walter laughed. "Circe won't be a problem anymore---she's in my power now. In fact,  I brought her with us."  He picked up the box his companion brought and opened it to reveal a dead tabby cat, its fur matted.

Marcy, who had joined Gaius, emitted a small, frightened squeak at the sight of the dead animal.

Walter peered down into the box and then slammed it shut. "Oops, one second." Re-opening the box revealed a large fat cat.  The feline leapt from the box and started to rub against Walter's leg. He bent over and picked up the animal, handing it to Clovis. "You remember Circe," Walter said.

Clovis took the cat and began to pet it. "So, you used her own magic against her. Very clever."

Marcy, fascinated, followed this interchange before speaking. "The cat was dead a moment ago! What happened?"

Walter shrugged. "I had no way to transport Circe, so I borrowed this box from a friend of mine. His name is Schrödinger."



Sporting Equipment

Our last entry of the week also features a brief glimpse of a blonde babe--the only one who will be featured this week...

Have a nice weekend.



Music Machine

Our next entry was created by the rock band, OK Go:



On Fire

The inventor of this device burned down his house (and those belonging to two of his neighbors) before perfecting his Rube Goldberg machine:



Child's Play

Unlike their mothers, who were content to just merely play house, these youngsters used a little inventiveness to make their day at home an adventure:




Next, we'll head on over to the photography lab to examine today's machine contestant:



Impartial Onlookers

There happens to be a competition this week, various machines vying for this year's award for the best Rube Goldberg-inspired device.  But,  before we examine more of these wondrous machines, let's meet those who are judging the competition:

I have a very busy week, so posting with be light on the commentary.