Preparing for a Reunion
Sunday, June 8, 2014 at 09:00
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Clovis arrived alone,  telling Benedict that Marco, Rose, and Roger had made a side trip to meet up with Gaius and Marcy, who had also just returned from somewhere in Europe.

"Let's get these displays set up,"  Clovis said as he opened a crate containing  the artworks of the Belgian artist, Jan Frans De Boever (1872-1949). "Once everyone gets in, we are going out to the beach to have ourselves a little picnic."

"But who will overseee the museum while we're gone?" Benedict asked, wondering if he would be expected to remain behind.

Clovis put the painting he had just removed from the crate down and gave Benedict an odd look. "The museum can run itself," he said.

Note: I'm recharging the writing batteries, so some kind of storyline will emerge here again in the next couple of weeks...


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