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Fulfilling One's Destiny

The lovers sat alone together in the woods,  neither speaking for a time.  They had walked some distance from the clearing where the others were having their picnic before finding themselves a private little hideaway near the cliffs above the sea. Rosemary sat beside Marco, her head resting on his shoulders.

"I'm glad were were able to see each other again," she whispered.

"Can you stay?" Marco asked.

"Not for long," Rosemary replied, sighing. "It's not safe here."


"And others."

"Why are they after you, Rose?"

Rosemary glanced back the way they had come, her look pensive. "It's not me they're after. They want our child."

Marco grew agitated. "But Henry is an infant! He's no threat to anyone."

Rosemary shook her head. "You misunderstand, Marco," she said quietly, a cryptic smile forming on her lips.  She stood then and slowly removed her clothes.  Naked, she reached out for Marco's hand and helped him to his feet.

Wearing a confused expression, Marco stood up and allowed Rosemary to remove his own attire. She folded his pants and shirt and then sat them down in a neat little pile. Taking his hands, she kissed him gently on the lips.

"It's not Henry they're after," she said softly. "It's our second child."  Saying no more, she pulled herself away from Marco and lay down in the grass waiting for him...


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