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Packaged Goddess

Clovis, Gaius, and Roger joined Walter and his female friend, the three men delighted to see their old associate. As usual, Walter was a little tipsy, and his words a bit slurred.

"This is a friend of mine," he said, introducing the young woman with him. "Her name is Lilly."

Gaius, who was motioning to his wife,  Marcy, to join them,  turned with a start upon hearing the name of Walter's companion, staring at the girl increduously.  Lilly smiled at him and sat her box down while exchanging greetings with the others.

"Gaius told me you had a run-in with Circe, Walter," Clovis said. "To be honest, I didn't expect to see you again."

Walter laughed. "Circe won't be a problem anymore---she's in my power now. In fact,  I brought her with us."  He picked up the box his companion brought and opened it to reveal a dead tabby cat, its fur matted.

Marcy, who had joined Gaius, emitted a small, frightened squeak at the sight of the dead animal.

Walter peered down into the box and then slammed it shut. "Oops, one second." Re-opening the box revealed a large fat cat.  The feline leapt from the box and started to rub against Walter's leg. He bent over and picked up the animal, handing it to Clovis. "You remember Circe," Walter said.

Clovis took the cat and began to pet it. "So, you used her own magic against her. Very clever."

Marcy, fascinated, followed this interchange before speaking. "The cat was dead a moment ago! What happened?"

Walter shrugged. "I had no way to transport Circe, so I borrowed this box from a friend of mine. His name is Schrödinger."


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