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A Hero's Reward

(Continued from the previous Sunday)

Down,  down,  down  they went...Gaius tried to discern his surroundings and saw only blackness. As he pondered his approaching death, he was shocked out of this fatalistic line of thinking when he hit the icy water, the sudden chill causing him to release his hold on Marcy.  The coldness had revived her, however, and she began paddling water to stay afloat. She smiled at him.

"We're free!"  she whispered, wrapping both arms around him and kissing him.  She pulled away then and swam to shore, Gauis following.  As he stepped out of the water, Marcy grabbed him by the hand and led him towards a pinpoint of light that grew larger as they approached.

"Come, Gaius," she said excitedly, hurrying him along. "We're almost out!"

The two bedraggled refugees came to the cave mouth and stepped out into the light, both of them momentarily blinded by the intense rays of the sun. Marcy recovered first and ran toward a small grove of trees, laughing. Gaius ran after her, his sodden clothing sticking to his skin.

As she reached the grove, Marcy pulled off the flimsy gown she was wearing, and hung it upon a low hanging limb branching from a nearby tree.

"Marcy,  what are you doing?"  Gaius asked, shocked.  He stood staring at her delightfully naked body, dumbfounded.  Marcy noticed his attention and stepped closer, fumbling with the buttons of his shirt.

We need to let our clothes dry, silly," she whispered huskily, pulling his shirt away. Gaius started to step back,  but a baser part of his mind had no will to resist, eagerly allowing Marcy to remove his shoes and then his pants. He stood there, frozen, confused by this unexpected situation.

"What now?" he asked nervously, embarrassed by his body's reaction to Marcy's naked form.

"I'll show you," she said, pulling him close...


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