Mysteries in Idle Conversation
Sunday, May 18, 2014 at 09:00
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It was just Clovis and Roger in the museum gallery this morning---Marco had been given the day off to make preparations for Rosemary's arrival, and Gaius had not yet returned from his strange ordeal in the doppelgänger museum. Benedict, the newest employee, was downstairs loading the artwork for today's display into the small elevator used to move paintings between floors.

"Marco is pretty excited about seeing Rose and his son," said Roger, who cared little for children, and had no interest in settling down. "Do you think she will remain here?"

"For a time," Clovis replied. "Although I imagine she'll depart here in a couple of months. This is not a safe place for her."

"Because of Circe?"

 "No, I don't believe the goddess will cause our Rosemanry any future problems." Clovis paused. "But there are others who would prefer she meet an untimely end."

Roger frowned. "I don't understand how such a sweet girl can have enemies."

"There are many bad people in this world who care little about sweetness, Roger. They see her as a threat."

"But why?" Roger asked, intrigued. He watched Clovis' expression change then, as if the man was having some internal debate. He apparently came to a decision, however, and started to reply but at that moment the phone upstairs began to ring.

"I need to take that call," Clovis said instead, relief washing over his face. He departed the gallery, leaving Roger standing there, perplexed.

Today's artwork comes from Domenico di Pace Beccafumi (1486-1551).


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