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Going Mythical

Upon finishing off his breakfast,  Gaius belched loudly, saying "excuse me" out of habit, as no one was close by to be offended by his stomach's satisfied remarks.  Standing up,  he looked about the chamber, seeing that the only exit was the way he had come.  Retracing his steps,  he walked back to the four-way intersection and resumed walking along his original path. The light had increased significantly, which raised Gaius' spirits---perhaps he was nearing a way out of this underground maze.

After an indetermine time, he came to a well-lit, cavernous room. A skylight above let in the rays of the noontime sun. As he stood there examining the opening above, seeking a way up the sheer walls, the light suddenly winked out followed by a rush of superheated air.

Gaius stepped back involuntarily, which saved him from being crushed by the massive beast that dropped down from above. Landing with a loud, earth-shaking crash, a dragon came to rest a few away from where Gaius stood, eyeing him hungrily.

"Lunchtime!" the dragon exclaimed, inhaling deeply to feed the raging fire burning within its gut, gauging the flames' temperature before readying itself to exhale and roast this human morsel...


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