A Time of Learning
Sunday, March 23, 2014 at 09:00
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The two men followed the dragon at a leisurely pace, Gaius the Archivist behind drunken Walter. They stayed toward the middle of the cavernous passage,  hoping to afford themselves a measure of protection from the rocks that tumbled down from the walls in the dragon's wake. The gigantic beast waddled forward, heedless of the small earthquakes it was creating with each footfall.

Walter hummed tunelessly while Gaius followed, his thoughts confused. Why was Marcy encased in ice? And if she truly was in such a state, why hadn't she froze to death? She was as human as he was, wasn't she? Gaius refrained from airing those questions, instead asking his old friend Walter where he went after leaving the museum.

"Hmm," Walter started, unsure if he could still trust his former associate. "I caught a flight to the coast and then took ship to Europe on a freighter. Once in Hispania, I was able to hire a smuggler to take me through the Pillars of Hercules and around the boot of Italia towards Colchis, where I encountered the agents of Circe."

"How did you know Circe would be there, and why seek her out?" asked Gaius, who hadn't heard the full story of his friend's departure.

"You're the museum archivist and a student of both history and myth---surely you know the story of Circe.  I went searching for Rosemary,"  Walter replied.  "After a brief  struggle with Clovis, he told me that it was Circe behind Rosemary's disappearance."

Gaius looked confused. "Why would Circe bother with Rose? And what do you mean by struggle? Did you fight Clovis?"

Walter laughed.  "Yes, I fought the old bastard, if you want to call it a fight---he refused to tell me anything at first,  so I threw a punch in his direction. The next thing I knew I was flat on my back with Clovis looking down on me.  I would have never guessed the old man had it in him. After he was sure I had calmed down, he told me what happened."

"And what happened?" Gaius asked. "And why was Circe involved?"

Walter did not answer for a time, returning his attention to the dragon ahead of them. The beast had stopped, eyeing the walls of the passage. "Too narrow, Lilli?" Walter asked.

"Yes," the dragon replied. "I'll need to use my inner fires to widen the way. It would be best if you two moved back some."

Walter nodded, and started back the way they came, stopping when he was a safe distance away. Gaius followed.

You didn't answer my question," Gaius said. "Why would Circe be interested in Rosemary?"

Walter sighed. "Circe saw her as a threat. According to Clovis, it was me the goddess wanted, and Rosemary was in the way. You see, my friend, I am the last surviving son of Odysseus. So I am to blame for Rose's abduction."

The dragon released its fires at that moment with a loud roar, halting any further conversation...


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