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Unknown Benefactor

Gaius the Archivist awoke from a troubled sleep, the dream he had upon awakening still swirling about in his head. Why, after all this time, was he thinking about Marcy? He stood and stretched, and looked around the chamber, lit from above some unseen source. Odd--this room did not look like the same one he laid down to sleep in.

Having no other recourse but to go onward, Gaius did his best trying to reorient himself before he resumed walking. His stomach began making noisy complaints.  Gaius strove to ignore its hungry protests, although his mind wandered and his thoughts focused on a hot breakfast. How long had it been since he last ate?

Fortunately,  the illumination remained constant,  and Gaius was able to move forward at a good pace.  Coming to another intersection, he paused and debated his choices.  His nose decided him, detecting an all too familiar scent.  It took a few moments  to recognize the smell but Gaius' pace had already increased and his stomach redoubled its complaints. The passage he followed turned then to reveal a small room furnished with a small table and a single chair. Upon the table waited his favorite breakfast--bacon, eggs, and wheat toast. A glass of milk stood off to the side.

Too hungry to wonder about the incongruity of breakfast here in this dreary cave, Gaius sat down and began eating, his thoughts turning once again towards Marcy...

Today's artwork was created by the Parisian impressionist, Berthe Morisot (1841-1895).


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