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An Otherworld Walk

The museum curator had given them both  the day off,  so Marcy asked Gaius if he would like to take a walk by the seaside.  Nervous at the prospect but eager to spend time with the girl,  Gaius accepted her invitation, the two of them heading into the woods a short time later.

After walking for an indeterminate time, the two at last reached the shoreline, coming to a locale Gaius had never seen before, a vista providing a breath-taking panorama that filled him with awe.

"Where are we?"  he asked quietly, nearly jumping when Marcy reached out and took his hand in hers, linking her fingers with his.

"A place that no longer exists," she replied, her smile radiant. Leading him away from the woods, Marcy started down a winding path that led to the beach. "Come," she urged, "Let's explore."

Today's music was composed by Frédéric François Chopin and is titled Nocturne in B Minor.


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