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Closing the Doors

"What do you mean, the museum is closed?" Gaius asked increduously after Clovis announced his plans. The others with him said nothing but their faces spoke for them. Benedict wore an anxious expression---he had been unemployed for close to a year before Clovis hired him. What would he do now?

Marco, who had been with the museum the longest, nodded but said nothing. He would miss his old friend, Clovis, but Marco was planning to depart the museum soon anyway and this made his decision easier. Marcy fidgeted with nervous anticipation, looking forward to having Gaius all to herself.  Lilly, the young woman who had accompanied Walter (and was a stranger here), merely seemed confused.  She bent down and picked up her cat, Circe, placing the tabby back in the box she had brought with her, and then turned to Walter in askance. Old Walter muttered something obscene under his breath, but he took Lilly gently by the arm and led her forward.

"We'll be off then," he said, stepping up and shaking Clovis' hand. A couple minutes later, Walter and Lilly were gone.

Roger, who sensed something was up before Clovis revealed his plans, was still caught by surprise by the announcement. "What do you plan to do now, Clovis?" he asked.

"Travel," Clovis replied. "But I could use some company. I would be honored to have you and Ben accompany me." Benedict, who stood close by, heaved an audible sigh of relief.

"Sure, why not?" Roger laughed. "I need to broaden my writing horizons anyway."

Rosemary, no longer the innocent administrative assistant, smiled sweetly and stepped up to kiss her mentor and friend goodbye. Having possessed Clovis' journal for a time, she already knew his plans, and was the only one not surprised by his announcement.

"I look forward to our next meeting, Clovis," she whispered, her son Henry in her arms. "By then, my son will be fully grown,  and you---you will be young again!"  She laughed merrily and kissed Clovis once more.

Clovis looked at her long before speaking. "I will miss you very much, Rosemary, and you will be in the forefront of my thoughts. Yours is the difficult road, and I pray you possess the strength to face it."

"I'll be fine. I have Marco with me."

"Only for a short time."

"Long enough. Take care of yourself, my wonderful friend." Rosemary stepped back to speak with Helga and allow Gaius and Marco some time with the old curator.

The three men spoke quietly a few moments before exchanging their farewells. Gaius rejoined his wife then, but Marco lingered a moment longer.

"I'm going to miss you, old man," he said, his emotions vying with his tongue, making it difficult to speak.

Clovis smiled. "And I shall miss you, my loyal friend. Perhaps we will meet again, you and I. And if that happens, you can return this to me."  The museum curator handed Marco a small esoteric device---the EZ-FOLD portable time manipulator. "You're going to need it."

Marco knew better than to protest, pocketing the device while wondering why Clovis thought he would require it. His attention returned to Rosemary.

"How much time will I have with her, Clovis?"

Clovis smiled again wistfully. "Long enough," he replied, reiterating Rosemary's earlier words.

The party split up shortly afterwards--Gaius and Marcy headed west; Marco, Rosemary, and their son, Henry, traveled north with Helga accompanying them. Clovis, Roger, and Benedict started a trek southward, stopping along the way to retrieve gear that Clovis had set aside earlier.

To the east, a massive volcano that had recently erupted collapsed in upon itself to form a caldera that would reawaken in a thousand years to destroy civilization.  Far off in the cosmos, a brilliant star went nova.

Meanwhile, in an indeterminate time and place, the museum, finally rid of its human occupants, slipped into a deep slumber, dreaming endless dreams while drifting in and out of existence. The museum would rest for a time and then, in some far away and impossible future, reawaken again to confuse others about its mysterious purpose.


Well...that's it. For those of you who have read this little series, I thank you, and hope it brought some measure of enjoyment.  I certainly enjoyed writing Morning in the Museum, and will miss working on it. But perhaps, someday and somewhere, I'll resume this story...

Goodbye and good fortune to you.




Party Pooper

The beach at last...time to check out the babes. seems we are not the only ones who have decided to visit--there is this joker walking ahead of us, breaking wind, as we make our way toward the sands:

Have a nice weekend. We will have one more posting on Sunday, and then the lights are probably going out. Thank you for taking the time to visit over the years.


Almost There

We've almost reached our destination, and since we're being followed by a police car flashing its lights, it's probably time to dump our vehicle and take advantage of a little shortcut:



Not the Only One

The woman nearly causing the pile-up was already having a bad day, and was actually on the way to the repair shop for her own restoration:



Close Call

Charlie was hoping to show his workmates the three-wheeler he had just finished restoring, so he drove it into work today, only to learn that more restoration would be required...



Poor Impression

Hoping to make an impression on the girl in the preceding video, this driver chose to show off his drifting skills:



Unusual Sight

A girl in the snow wearing nothing but a bikini is an unusual sight, but then again, so is snowfall in July...



A Turn for the Worse

After only a few miles, our trip to the beach was delayed when the driver ahead of us realized he was traveling in the wrong direction:



The Anti-Cop

Tired of the weekly traffic checkpoints set up by the police, this commuter took matters into his own hands today, and interrupted them before they could get started...



Traffic Enforcement

Mike inched his automobile out  into the crosswalk,  anxious to make a right turn.  Figuring that the approaching pedestrians could walk around him, he ignored them, his primary focus being on the still-red traffic light...



The Strange Turns of Luck

Alex was running late again, cursing his luck when he got caught behind a slow moving truck, but his tune changed a moment later as he followed the vehicle onto the main highway...

Seeing that this is likely the last week of postings here in Miscellanea, I thought it would be nice to visit the beach once more to do some girl-watching, so this week will be spent on the drive to get us there.




Marco and Rosemary returned to join the others; Rosemary looking a little flushed but wearing a satisfied smile.  Walter and Clovis were the first to notice the couple's return and, for a moment, a look of black, jealous hatred crossed Walter's face. But his expression changed immediately and if Clovis hadn't been looking in his direction,  this emotion might never have been detected.  Walter stepped away from Clovis then and joined the couple,  loudly congratulating them on the birth of their son.

"Under different circumstances,  I do believe our old drunken friend would have assaulted Marco for stealing what he sees as rightfully his," Roger said quietly from behind. "Walter had murder in his eyes there for a moment."

Clovis nodded. "You saw it too. Do you think there will trouble?"

"No, not today," Roger replied. "If Walter was sober perhaps, but when was the last time you saw him in such a state?

"At Rosemary's funeral," Clovis said with a frown. "He's still in love with her."

"And probably always will be. But he'll get over it, especially if that little filly with him has any say in the matter." Roger was gazing at Lilly, whose eyes followed Walter with pure adoration.

"I hope you're right. I'd hate to see today of all days ruined by emotional discord."

"Still plan on making that announcement?"

Clovis turned with a start. "I mentioned it to no one. How do you know this?"

Roger laughed. "I'm a writer. I can sense when a chapter is closing." His attention turned towards the picnic baskets, sitting unattended.  "I'm hungry.  Let's rejoin the others and eat the fine lunch old Helga has prepared for us."

Today's artwork was created by the French artist, Odilon Redon (1840-1916).



Forget About Bombs

...because it is clothing that gets dropped in our final video of the week.  This routine features the voluptous burlesque doll, Medianoche, shedding her clothes with a purpose, hoping to blow away those lingering post-nuclear blues.

NSFW Note: You're likely to see as much skin at the beach as you will in this clip, but most of us don't work near the ocean, so I would suggest watching this at home rather than at the workplace (and while the wife is in another room).

Have a happy Fourth of July and an a nice extended weekend.



Explosive Holiday

Not all machines are good for us human beings--even when they are dreamed up and designed by geniuses, and are constructed for a specific purpose:



Welcome to the Cookie Jar

Now that I caught your hand in it... it's time to snag your IP address!

Thanks... SUCKER!!!



Machines that Make Sense

Flights of fancy sometimes lead to more useful inventions, airplanes being a perfect example. The Douglas DC-3, which went into service in 1936, is one of the most successful aircraft ever to come off the drawing board, and many of them are still operational today.

Let's pay a visit to one of the passengers: seems he isn't saying much--perhaps he suffers from some flight phobia...



Unusual Technology

Esoteric machinery with no real purpose (i.e. devices constructed while on a flight of fancy) have often taken up space here in Miscellanea,  this self-replicating piece of equipment being an ideal specimen:



On the Topic of Felines...

Felix the Cat has been away from the site for months now, most likely going feral, but since he is my favorite cartoon character, he makes a heroic return this week in this 1922 animated short, titled Felix Saves the Day:



What Cats Do

The world would be a much poorer place without cats despite their knack for being nuisances:



Not Quite Cat and Mouse

On the topic of automobiles, car chases can be very exciting, especially the high speed variety that lacks any human drivers: