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The BL RAG is dedicated to the idea of free expression, thus we welcome and encourage reader  commentary on current events and issues, music, sports, or other topics of interest, no matter what one's political leanings or worldview.


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Fiction, Poetry, Art & Other Scribblings


Saturday Poetry

     The Un-Professor

     Leonard Samuel Goldberg © 2008

     William H. Bentley, IV was a distinguished Un-Professor,
     Unlearning his students of their years of bad thinking habits.
     He taught at the Un-iversity of Wisconsin, 
     Peeling off layer upon layer of incorrect and downright harmful learning by his students.
     The students had grown up under many illusions,
     Taught that "life was  bowl of cherries",
     Taught that "it was a dog eat dog world",
     Taught that "people are fundamentally selfish",
     In fact, the Un-Professor had a daunting task ahead of him:
     How to help his students unlearn the illusions and misconceptions
     That they carried around in their minds as the absolute truths.
     Taught that nice guys finish last,
     The boys became mean men.
     Taught that might made right, 
     The boys grew up to own weapons.
     Taught that successful politicians deceived their constituents with lies,
     They grew up to learn how to succeed in politics by lying.
     Taught that their worth was the sum of their wealth,
     The grew up to worship the power of the dollar and all the goodies it could buy.   
     And this and much more had to be unlearned-it was poison and it needed an antidote.
     And what the Un-Professor's students had to learn was really this:
     Live your life as a kind person with a solid set of moral values.
     Listen to your heart as it gives you messages throughout the day,
     Listen to the quietness in your mind as it calmly guides you along.
     Listen to the pain in others and come to ease it and make it less.
     Listen to the sounds and sights and smells of nature.
     And these are the kind of things that must be learned,
     After your unlearning has taken place.


[used by permission]

Welcome to the Ego Store

Welcome to the Ego Store
Leonard Samuel Goldberg © 2006    
     Everyone needs a strong ego,
     So I opened the Ego Store.
     The people came, the young, the old,
     The fearful, the bold.

     A small black wand to shrink those annoyingly large egos,
     And a large white wand to enlarge those too small egos.
     When the customer leaves the store,
     Their ego is precisely the right size.
     And we never run out of excess ego.
     U.S. Senators, actors, and business tycoons,
     All regularly deposit excess ego
     Into our Ego Bank, right opposite the Ego Store.         
[used by permission]
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