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The BL RAG is dedicated to the idea of free expression, thus we welcome and encourage reader  commentary on current events and issues, music, sports, or other topics of interest, no matter what one's political leanings or worldview.


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Fiction, Poetry, Art & Other Scribblings


What if I Don't

What if I don't text you every silly little thought I have.

Or call you immediately on my cell phone every time I have a feeling.

Or send you an instant message about every fifth idea I have.

Or send you an email because we had doughnuts at the office meeting.


My silly little thought just might stay inside my head,  

And that feeling just might evaporate into thin air.

And that idea might just incubate a while to become more robust. 

And can I truly enjoy a vicarious chocolate doughnut from your office meeting? 


You know, my world could be a little less frantic,

And I could save my words for when they really had some meaning.


                                                                                                        Leonard Samuel Goldberg (c)

                                                                                                              February 24, 2010         



We are all handicapped to the degree that we do not love each other.

                                                                Leonard Samuel Goldberg

                                                                        (c)  02/10/2010                 


Human Nature

The first law of human nature:  Every single person thinks that the laws of human nature apply to everyone but themselves.


                                                                     Leonard Samuel Goldberg 

                                                                              (c) 02/10/2010   


The Snow Dream

Weeyiew, weeyiew, weeyiew.

The wind howled and whistled, 

The snow fell and whirled around,

The blizzard covering everything in a white frosting. 


No one left on the streets but the homeless

And the adventurers who roamed around .

When the blizzard finally ended at midnight,

A deep silence could be heard for many miles.


But a week later,

With the ice melting and the snow sinking down,

I looked around and saw only green grass and bare trees.

Like a dream, it had melted away. 


                                                                 Leonard Samuel Goldberg (c)






A Poet

A poet expresses what we all feel and makes us feel less alone.

                                                                       Leonard Samuel Goldberg (c)

                                                                                   ca. 1977-'78