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Fiction, Poetry, Art & Other Scribblings


To Be Young Forever 

To be young forever,

That was my goal.

To wake up each morning,

With a sparkle in my eye,

And a smile on my face.


A rushing in my heart,

A mind of fresh, new ideas.

Adventure and discovery always near.

And now at 60, in my second youth.

I'm younger than before, and wiser to boot.


                                                               Lenny Goldberg (c) 2010  


The Boy Who Tried To Save Time

     Once there was a short, ten year old boy named Stuart who lived in a big city.  He never had the time to do all the things he wanted.  And Stuart came up with an idea to give himself more time.  He would finish up his errands in a very short time, and then put the time he had saved into a piggy bank.  And it was quite an effort for him to lift up the minutes and hours he had saved and put the time into the narrow slot of the piggy bank. 

     One day, Stuart decided that he needed more time to read some books.  So he put his hand into the piggy bank, but all the time had disappeared.  Stuart realized that even if he saved time and put it into a piggy bank, it would not wait for him.  And from that moment on, Stuart no longer worried about having enough time.        

                                                                                                           Lenny Goldberg

                                                                                                                (c) 2010


Maybe Serious is Silly

Maybe, serious is silly.

That low, low voice,

The clearing of the throat,

That furrowed brow.

The yes Sir,

The yes Ma'am.

Humor is forgotten, thrown into the river,

Fun is out the door,

And joy is in another galaxy.

Huffy, puffy, very stuffy.

Let the air out of those serious balloons.

Out with the lean and mean,

In with fat and jolly fellows.


                                                              Leonard S. Goldberg (c)



How the Cinammon Sugar Pretzel Was Born

     A long, long, long time ago in a tiny village in northern France, there was a small bakery.  The bakery was built with stone and wood, handcrafted like a work of art.  And late one evening in the dead of winter, one of the helpers was working the night shift.  He was frying doughnuts, baking cookies, baking cakes, and working the dough to make bread.

    Girard, the night shift man, suddenly felt very tired and his head fell right into the dough!  And without Girard to supervise the baking, the ingredients suddenly came to life.  The dough separated and became a nation of little dough men.  One of the dough men, Jacque, started arguing with another dough man, Pierre.  And before you knew it, the dough men were wrestling with each other.  And the spices leaped out of the spice rack.  The cinammon bottle lost its top, and sprinkled cinammon on the dough men.  The cannister of sugar looked on, threw off its top, and sprinkled sugar on the dough men.  Before you could blink, the dough men were wrapped aound each other, covered in cinammon and sugar and frying in the pan. 

     Ten minutes later, out came the first cinammon sugar pretzel on earth.  Girard suddenly awoke, looked around, and saw the pretzel.  It looked like someone had created that pretzel.  But no one was in sight.  The dough and the ingredients and the spices were all scattered about.  "I must have been dreaming, thought Girard."  And to this day, no one in that tiny village has ever found out who created the first cinammon sugar pretzel.


                                                                                           Leonard S .Goldberg (c)

                                                                                                April 29, 2010                    


If Yellow Were Blue

For just one day,

If yellow were blue,

And blue were yellow,

Look at the world again.


People who felt blue, would feel sunny!

We'd have yellow oceans and skies.

And people would sing the yellows!

And there'd be a yellowbird of happiness.


We'd slow up at blue traffic lights,

And suck the juice from blue lemons.

We'd follow the blue brick road to Oz,

And spread blue butter on our bread.


                                                                                                         Leonard S. Goldberg