The Poetry Torture Workshop
Monday, March 5, 2012 at 13:40

We're not comfortable with the last word in line three of stanza two,

We think your images are concrete, but perhaps too concrete.

We all felt sad as we read your poem,

We think the tone was just too dark!


We prefer poetry that is a tad more subtle,

And please, no tears allowed for the poet.

We want to be shown, not told;

And for Pete's sake, romantic poetry has been dead since Wordsworth--

You really think you can top his masterpieces?


Frankly, we were not moved by your poem,

We feel your poem was too simple, too comprehendable!

We all agree that you should take up carpentry,

We're convinced that what you write is not poetry!


                                           Leonard Goldberg

                                              10/26/11 (c)




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