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Entries in funk (4)


Jason Bonthron Conducts Post-Punk Experiment With "Cyclops"

New Jersey post-punk artist Jason Bonthron has recently released his new full-length CD "Cyclops". While the release was written by Bonthron, it features a number of musicians and instruments, ranging from two vocalists and two drummers two guitars to violin, saxophone and dulcimer. Musically, they take cues from acts such as The Talking Heads, Joy Division, and The Flaming Lips, although I recommend listening to "Skate Rat", "Not Today" and "Liquid Metal Hydrogen" to get a sense of the variety on "Cyclops". Cold, electronic meanderings meet up with upbeat funk and rock n' roll to create a hybrid sound. 

Uniquely, Jason is offering "Cyclops" as a zip download for free at his official website. Check out "Skate Rat" below courtesy of Youtube.


Cata9tales "Ghettotron" music video

Heard of hypecore? How about alternative mixed with electronica, funk, rock,  dubstep and hip hop? As much as the description may make you cringe, listeners will be greatly rewarded for delving into Cata9tales, who are catchier and more talented than you'd expect. With thick production similar to Rick Ross or Lil Wayne as far as the beats go, they use well-chosen samples, distorted guitars, warm keys, heavy bass lines and smart production choices to fill out the mix. Vocalist Berkley Priest sits somewhere between Anthony Kiedis and Ad Rock, bringing rock influence to his rhymes, which are technically solid and on point. 

Visit the band, who have managed to generate quite a huge following thus far, at and The music video for "Ghettotron" is below and it's taken from the EP "A Chameleon's Dream". Keep an eye out.


Ill Funk Ensemble - The Roots meets Bobby Brown

Enjoy your hip hop positive with hefty doses of funk, soul and smooth r&b? Ill Funk Ensemble have been spreading the word on their brand new album "The Duality", which can be streamed through the band's Bandcamp page below. The release blends a variety of influences seamlessly, sounding at times like a cross between The Roots and Bobby Brown, and that's not at all a bad thing. When was the last time you heard a hip hop group who could rap AND sing well? Ill Funk Ensembles is recommended listening for fans of: The Roots, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, OutKast, Bobby Brown, Run DMC


Seattle's Gumshen "Jag It Up" on new prog/pop/funk/rock release

Call it geek prog, power pop - call it what you will, but one thing is for certain. You'll probably be surprised when you hear Seattle's Gumshen, mostly the fact that the band is relatively unknown outside of their local music scene. Since their origin as "Menthol James" in 2007, the band have been well-reviewed and respected by their peers, but, much like the Canadian prog/alternative group Chore, are possibly "too smart" to reach more than cult status. I do think, however, that Gumshen will reach more ears than they originally planned, though, with their new release "Everything What We Recorded", and it's primarily because of the standout track "Jag It Up", which recalls both Devo and Pink Floyd in the strangest and most addictive of ways, warping each influence with funk and electronic music. Sometimes a band stumbles upon something that is so brilliant, people can't get it out of their heads, and such has been the case with this song for me. Don't get me wrong - there isn't a bad track on the album. Gumshen serve up everything from synth pop to heavy prog rock, with healthy doses of funk and even rap for good measure.

Quite a creative video for the track can be seen below:

Their newest video for the also stellar track "Hammer and Nails" is below: