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Entries in Beatles (18)


Closing the Show

Well, I was planning to run a few songs today, but this little number by the Beatles probably says farewell best. Thank you again for visiting the BL Rag. This is Hello, Goodbye:



You Can't Do That

Although this one didn't make as much of an impact as some of their other tunes, this is one of my favorites from 'The Beatles.'


Abrupt Finish

The final John Lennon song of the day comes from the Beatles' last album, Abbey Road. The tune ends abruptly,  which is one of  the things that sets it apart from the standard.  It is titled  I Want You (She's So Heavy):



Darker Themes

John Lennon was rumored to be doing heroin while the White Album was being recorded, and this song seems heavy on the drug slang, but lyrically, I think it's one of his best songs. This is titled Happiness is a Warm Gun and is my pick of the day:



Meeting a Girl

The song  Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds was controversial for a time,  mainly because a popular drug acronym can be derived from its title, and the lyrics seemed to hint of a journey of sorts, but John Lennon maintained that the song was inspired by his son Julian's artwork.

This song also comes from the Sgt. Pepper's album.



A Spacier Mix

Our next John Lennon song comes from the Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album, which was released in 1967.  The version highlighted this morning has been modified slightly to include Monty Python, but if you have ever taken the 16 hour stroll with Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, you'll probably enjoy the correspondence. This is titled Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite:



Lesser Known Gem

Cry Baby Cry was written by John Lennon in 1967 and appeared on the Beatles' White Album a year later. It's not a song that gets much airplay, but it's still a favorite of mine.



Still Drifting Off

This John Lennon song Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) was the first rock and roll hit song that featured a sitar.  Some said the lyrics hinted at something illicit, but I think the song provided one of the first real glimpses of Lennon's lyrical talents.

This comes from the Beatles' Rubber Soul album, released in 1965:



Listening in on Lennon

We are going to put the artist focus on the late John Lennon this Saturday, playing a few songs he composed while with The Beatles.  We've already shown a number of  the band's tunes here in Music, so we'll stick with (for the most part) some of  the lesser known compositions.  Let's start with I'm Only Sleeping, which is probably appropriate for this time of day.

Songs will be posted today at 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 am, 12 noon, and 1 pm est.



Pay Late Playlist, Part VI

Finally, the classic complaint song of all time, but with a twist: a cover you may or may not remember. Here is Tom Petty covering the Beatles' Taxman.

May you finish your taxes on time, y'all!


Mr. Postman

When I was a teenager, I played in a band and this was one of my favorite 'Beatles' songs to perform. All the teeny chicks dug it.


Nowhere Man

The Beatles, live in Munich in 1966.


Rising to the Surface

Sailing the Past Tense - A Prelude

Good morning...we'll get Sunday started in the next hour with our main theme, but this song by The Beatles sets the proper mood for the day. It is titled I'm Only Sleeping:



Told in Confidence

Just about every Beatles tune seemed to be a love song, but this one was specifically so. To wrap up my Valentine's Day picks, here is Do You Want to Know a Secret?



The One Left Behind

What's a boy to do when he's in love with a girl who has given her heart to another, and worse, to a boy who will break that heart to pieces?  The Beatles provide us an emotional visualization of this dilemma with a performance of This Boy:



Lost in the City

The song, Blue Jay Way, is related to cars in a hazy sort of way. This Beatles tune was penned by George Harrison, and comes from the 1967 album, Magical Mystery Tour:



Sunday Oldies

We're going to stay with the car themes yet, though today we'll go with some different sounds rather than the country-rock and surf music of the past couple of weeks. So, to get started the morning, let's have a fan-video of The Beatles performing Drive My Car, from 1965:



Seeking the Future

The Beatles weren't actually known as a progressive-style band, but today's look at the genre just would not be complete without this song, Tomorrow Never Knows, from 1966: