A Primitive Evolution Puts Canada Back On The Rock Map
Monday, March 11, 2013 at 16:57
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Toronto's alternative rock kings A Primitive Evolution have been carving out their own unique niche, not only with their authentic take on "alternative blues rock", but with their intensely creative, high budget videos that look inspired by both Lewis Carroll and Tim Burton. The "Lord of Reason" music video was directed by Peter J Arvidsson, and features some fantastic imagery, but it's really the song itself that is something to get excited about. Canada is not overly known for it's rock exports, besides, of course, Rush, and the lesser known but very great, The Tea Party. In fact, the country is mainly known for it's rock mishaps (Nickelback, Theory of a Dead Man, etc) A Primitive Evolution could be a part of changing that very soon with their recent release "The Prize", which shows a modern interpretation of 90's alternative, 60's psychedelic rock, hard rock and blues.

The band are best compared to The Dead Weather and Queens of the Stone Age. Check out "Lord of Reason" and stream "The Prize" below.

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