Chords of Truth shows brilliant lyrics on "Reflections of Reality"
Monday, April 16, 2012 at 12:48
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Not all independent artists play indie pop or dubstep. I know that's difficult to believe if you frequent popular music blogs often, but some stick to the tried-and-true expression of good lyrics and an acoustic guitar. I'm not saying this is a more valid form of expression than the aforementioned genres. It's just nice to hear some music with substance and wisdom.

Jason Garriotte goes by the name Chords of Truth. He is an up-and-coming acoustic/folk singer/songwriter who I believe is striking some deep truths (or "pointing at them", since words can only point) with his lyrics and music. I hear a lot of artists making an effort to be hip, and some of them are good, but I do have a soft spot for a master wordsmith. After all, artists like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits put a heavy focus on poetry. Chords of Truth's debut album is "Reflections of Reality", and while the music is restrained acoustic material, the lyrics are closest to the spiritual output of Tool's Maynard James Keenan. His voice sounds wise and knowing. Take a listen below.

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