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They're BAAAA-ack...

Oh, Planned Parenthood...  I'd feel bad relishing in your downfall if I didn't despise you so.

First there was this revealing video and now they're hit with a second damning video:


Yup... a Lamoborghini...  don't we all?

After somewhat agreeing on $100/organ Mary Gatter (Medical Director for Planned Parenthood) says she had to call the other California affilitiates of Planned Parenthood to see what they're getting, just to make sure they weren't getting substantially more....   which of course they'd just laugh at her, right?  Because Planned Parenthood doesn't profit from tissue "donations" in any way... right?

Now... Will the media talk about it or will we have to wait for the other videos to drop?

(Guess we'll see...)



How to Make a Donation to My Campaign Online - By Barack Obama

Because obviously you need an instructional video if you haven't already done so:

Figure he's just a month or so away from holding up a cardboard sign at the end of a highway offramp that reads "Homeless and Desperate - Will Work for Food Campaign Donations."