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Entries in Politics (14)


The Political Leanings of the Internet

Interesting piece over Engage mapping the political leanings of various social networking sites.   They also put up a graphic briefly breaking down which websites cater to likely Obama voters, Romney voters, highly engaged politically and those that really couldn't care less this election season.   


Show Your Papers Open

So...we have one chamber of  Congress seeking papers from  the Justice Department,  hoping to shed light on  the Fast and Furious gun-running program, while another chamber is focusing on Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, to shed light on his finances.  Seriously, which one of these fact-finding missions is important to the well-being of this country?

Image courtesy of Pendaflex


Have a nice weekend and post what you like.


Jesse Jackson Jr. Found in Arizona Rehab; Undergoing "Not Rehab"

Oh, the sweet Chicagoland drama of 'Where in the World is Jesse Jackson Jr' continues:

The best part was seeing Roland Burris tell the media they should stop talking about this, that they should put their cameras away and just go home...   because that's what the left would be doing if Jackson Jr was a Republican, in rehab, facing legal troubles and being questioned over his ethics.

(Oh, did I mention cheated on his wife?)


Presidential Comparison Open

Hmm. President Obama has been compared to a number of past U.S. Presidents, including both the Roosevelts and Lincoln, but, if you ask me, the one he is becoming closest to in demeanor is this fellow:

Have a nice weekend and post what you like.


Friday Open seems we've entered the dog days of the Presidential campaign season---we have one candidate (Romney) saving a dog from drowning, while the incumbent (Obama) appears to be saving the dog for the second course at the dinner table. Go figure...

Have a nice weekend and feel free to post what you like.


Take Your Pick

Well...the primary season is underway for the GOP.  Have you made a choice yet?  If so,  is it the front-runner, Mitt Romney? Or one of those running in the pack (Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, or Buddy Roemer)?

If you have made a choice, feel free to share it and the reasoning behind it. Or, go ahead and post about anything else you like--it is the weekend, so this will also serve as an open thread.

Artwork courtesy of Paul Sherman (click image for link)


Weekend Open

Today, our great nation appears to be caught in a state of constant turmoil, with dissent, unrest, and protest becoming the new normal--the current status quo. And with this latest 'Occupy Wall Street' movement, we're even seeing zombies roaming the streets. What on earth is happening to America? And why do all these zombies seem so familiar? Perhaps the late, great Bobe Hope can shed some light on matter.

Have a nice weekend, and feel free to post what you like--this is an open thread, after all.



A Small Scheduling Conflict

President Obama,  our supposed post-partisan President,  has once again acted contrary to that label,  announcing a  'major'  speech before both houses of  Congress on the same evening as the scheduled Republican presidential debate. The President insists that the scheduling conflict was inadvertent, but at the same time he is calling on the Republican Party to reschedule their event.  

The Republicans should reschedule, out of respect for the office, but hold their debate right after the speech, to allow them to rebut what is likely going to be a rehash of Obama's earlier speeches.

I doubt Obama  will offer any new ideas---instead he will call for additional government spending and increased taxes, and likely harangue the opposition. So, the Republicans should take the high ground and give  the man his time behind the podium,  if for no other reason than to allow Obama another opportunity to reveal just how petty he is. If his past conduct is any indicator, he will not be able to resist attacking his opposition. This will make the President look doubly foolish--going on the attack  after the opposition was gracious enough  to allow him to cancel a major event that they had already scheduled in advance.

And afterwards, John Boehner should send the President a reminder calendar...

This comes from a report filed earlier today by Fox News.


Have You Made a Choice Yet?

Do you have one?  Now that Rick Perry has entered the Presidential race,  I figured it might be time to ask----who do you support in  the coming  2012 contest?  Are you a Romney,  Palin,  or Bachmann supporter, or are you still a fan of the sitting President, Barack Obama?  Feel free to add your two cents; the floor is open.


Lullaby Open

According to Reuters, it seems our poor, overworked President is getting no sleep because of the debt crisis.  So...for this week's open, perhaps a few of you can dig up an old lullaby for the poor man. Even some old nursery rhymes might help.

Have a nice weekend, and post what you like.



What A Difference A Follow-Up Question Makes...

Harvard's Nieman Watchdog reports:

Comes now (Feb. 26-28) a McClatchy/Ipsos poll of 1,076 people that on first glance offers rocks to sling at Obama. The lead question asks, “As of right now, do you favor or oppose the health care reform proposals presently being discussed?” Forty-one percent said they favored them, 47 percent said they were opposed, and the rest said they were unsure. Those are numbers the Republican leaders could work with.
But the pollsters went a step further, asking those opposed – 509 people in all – if they were against the proposals because they “don’t go far enough to reform health care” or because they go too far. Thirty-seven percent said it was because the proposals don’t go far enough. Thus – are you ready for this? – the addition of an obvious, simple follow-up question completely turns the tables. The overall numbers switch to 59 percent in favor of health care reform, 30 percent against. Putting aside those with no opinion, it becomes 66 percent in favor of health care reform, 34 percent against. Some would call that a consensus, or these days, a super majority.
Is that the sound of a talking point dying?  Why, it might be exactly that!  All along, folks point to polls and say, "the American people don't want this."  However, those polls that actually ask WHY respondents are "against" the proposal are consistently finding that a sizable chunk of people (37% in this poll) believe that it's too weak!  As Nieman notes, that simple question completely reverses the field on the question at hand.  To be fair, there are some specific points that majorities oppose, such as the coverage mandate and the proposed tax on gold-plated policies, but it seems to me that the opposition to those points will be diluted as people realize what does (and doesn't) apply to their individual situation.

It's also worth noting that a clear majority of those surveyed see the Republican position for what it is:
One thing the people interviewed do get is what game the Republican leaders are playing.
A question in the survey asked if the “Republicans in Congress are working hard to find a compromise with the Democrats on the health care bill," or if they are “deliberately avoiding compromise in order to obstruct the bill in any form.” Thirty-six percent said the Republicans are trying to find a compromise; 57 percent said obstructing the bill. Fifty-seven percent isn't a super majority but it’s close.
All those folks claiming that the passage of health care reform is going to be a ballot buster for the Democrats in 2010 and 2012 might want to hedge their bets on that position...

The New Attack Ad on Doug Hoffman 

Check out the newest ad being run by the Democrats against Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman in the popular NY-23 race.  Much of the attacks are coming off the recent support he has received from former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin.   If this is the best they can come up with, expect more mudflinging in the near future.

In short the video points out that he's rich, he has nice things, he has a nice home, hence he's bad.  They also smear his stance on tax cuts, as only including the notion of tax cuts for the rich, and not simply tax cuts... period.

Courtesy of the DCCC:

I like how Ben Smith at Politico summed it up...

There are, as is widely known, no rich Democrats in Congress.

Considering that back on the 16th the poll numbers were looking like this:

Bill Owens (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33%
Dede Scozzafava (R) . . . . . . . . . . . 29%
Doug Hoffman (Conservative) . . . . 23%

And have since gone on to looking like this:

Doug Hoffman (Conservative) . . 31.7%
Bill Owens (D) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27.0%
Dede Scozzafava (R) . . . . . . . . . . 19.7%

It appears that with just 8 days left, it's only gonna get ugly.


A Pitiful Excuse at Best

Take a listen to Congressman John Conyers (D-Mich.), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, wondering what's the point of lawmakers reading an entire 1000-page health care bill a National Press Club luncheon.  A preposterous notion.  READING... bills?  Crazy talk I say.

Better yet, as a shining example of how stupid this comment is...  try commenting on the details of this video without ever clicking play.   It's similar, only less detrimental to the future of our nation.

Notable Quotables:

“I love these members, they get up and say, ‘Read the bill,’” joked Conyers.

“What good is reading the bill if it’s a thousand pages and you don’t have two days and two lawyers to find out what it means after you read the bill?”

Check it out:


Oh, Puh-LEEZ......

Courtesy Pajamas Media:

On the heels of her recent history lecture concerning FDR's Hoot-Smalley tariff (it was Smoot-Hawley, authored by two GOPers and signed by President Hoover), Representative Michelle Bachmann had this to say on the swine flu pandemic:

"I find it interesting that it was back in the 1970s that the swine flu broke out then under another Democrat president Jimmy Carter. And I'm not blaming this on President Obama, I just think it's an interesting coincidence."

For starters, she's wrong on the facts - again.  The last swine flu scare began in 1976, under President Gerald Ford (if memory serves, the initial cases were soldiers at FT Dix, NJ); the vaccination program Ford initiated was continued under President Carter after the latter took office in 1977.

Even beyond that, though, what's the point of this comment? Is Bachmann so lacking in substantive contributions that she has to resort to this kind of Bugs Bunny "I just think that's so INNNNNNteresting" political innuendo?  Presidents control the mutation/spread of a virus?  Wowzers, talk about executive power!  Sheesh.  Her passport must carry a permanent visa for Wackyland, because they sure aren't checking her at the border.

Is this a Minnesota thing?  The Land of 10,000 Lakes seems to have produced more than its share of...unusual political representatives.  Unbelievable.