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Petraeus Testifies; Pokes Holes in Administration's Story


The following YouTube video is not to blame for Muslim extremists attacking anybody today



War in Israel - UPDATED

Rockets are now being fired on Jerusalem, setting off air raid sirens in the holy city.   This coming off the heels of incoming attacks in Tel Aviv while Egypt's PM Hishal Kandil visits with Hamas in Gaza (apparently breaking a truce in doing so).   If so, very bad call on Hamas' part (although, I never took them as thoughful planners).

There have now been close to 350 rockets fired into Israel since the attacks began on Wednesday.

As a response, Defense Minister Ehud Barak has approved an IDF to increase the number of reservists being called up, beyond the 30,000 already approved.   

It's only getting uglier.

- - - - - -

previously on the BL Rag:

Leaders are deadbombs are landing, sirens are blaring, Twitter is raging and reservists are being called up as Iran ramps up the training and rhetoric:



Does Obama Fear Petraeus As Romney's VP?

Well, that's the rumor. 
Drudge quotes an anonymous Democratic fundraiser, who says he overheard the president whispering this week about Romney courting Petreaus for the number two spot on the Republican ticket. 
The current CIA Director claims to have no political ambitions, but it appears that apparent Republican Presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, may be considering the former General as his VP pick.
Romney is said to have met with Petraeus in New Hampshire, where both men have homes.
The Obama-Petraeus relationship has been strained, to say the least.
The president is said to be nervous about giving Petreaus too much political power in his administration -- while at the same time worry about the damage he could mete out if he becomes an administration critic.
The White House denies having made any such assertions. Of, course we're waiting for Harry Reid to confirm the rumor.

GEN Petraeus Supports Closing Gitmo

Courtesy Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty:

RFE/RL: As you know, General, the debate over Guantanamo and enhanced interrogation techniques has become "Topic A" in Washington. In your view, does the closing of "Gitmo" and the abandonment of those techniques complicate the U.S. mission in Iraq, Afghanistan, and in the overall struggle against violent transnational extremist groups or does it help it?

Petraeus: I think, on balance, that those moves help it. In fact, I have long been on record as having testified and also in helping write doctrine for interrogation techniques that are completely in line with the Geneva Convention. And as a division commander in Iraq in the early days, we put out guidance very early on to make sure that our soldiers, in fact, knew that we needed to stay within those guidelines.

With respect to Guantanamo, I think that the closure in a responsible manner, obviously one that is certainly being worked out now by the Department of Justice -- I talked to the attorney general the other day [and] they have a very intensive effort ongoing to determine, indeed, what to do with the detainees who are left, how to deal with them in a legal way, and if continued incarceration is necessary -- again, how to take that forward.

But doing that in a responsible manner, I think, sends an important message to the world, as does the commitment of the United States to observe the Geneva Convention when it comes to the treatment of detainees.

There's much to like here. 

First, GEN Petraeus continues the long line of military leaders who have openly eschewed torture and emphasized the importance of the Geneva Conventions; such is to be expected, since he and the men he commands are directly affected by the Conventions, but the consistency of his message is particularly important when the lines have been blurred to the degree we see today.

Secondly, it's obvious that the White House is discussing its plans with Petraeus.  After all, one does not simply "drop in" on the Attorney General; it's good to see that the civilian leadership is bringing the military leaders into the discussion and planning stages.  Such is not always appropriate, but I consider it absolutely essential in this case.

Finally, it's good to see a public acknowledgment that this is a multifaceted problem, and that the "message to the world" IS important.  Most generals have to learn to play the political game, but the events of the last eight years have placed GEN Petraeus even more squarely (and more repeatedly) in the spotlight than was GEN Schwarzkopf in his day, or GEN Westmoreland in his.  I continue to be impressed by Petraeus, and I hope that those who attacked him so senselessly in the past (including MoveOn) are seeing the error of their ways.