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Nancy Pelosi Uses Sequestration as an Excuse for Her Own Laziness / Lack of Appreciation

Might want to cover your children's eyes:

(don't want any unnecessary nightmares)

The saddest part is knowing there are people that actually buy into this crap.


Pelosi Claims Spirits Spoke To Her In The White House


Former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi recently claimed to the Women’s Political Committee that spirits of departed feminists spoke to her in the Bush White House.

"And then I realized Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, Alice Paul, Sojourner Truth, you name it, they were all in that chair, they were," said Pelosi. "More than I named and I could hear them say: 'At last we have a seat at the table.' And then they were gone."

And there you have it folks, the lady the enlightened leftists love and adore. The stalwart of liberalism. Maybe she consults with familiar spirits.


Rumor Spreading That Pelosi Won't Seek Another Term As Speaker


North Carolina Democrat representative Mike McIntyre says that he heard that Speaker Nancy Pelosi won't seek another term as Speaker. McIntyre also says that he won't back her if she does seek it.

"From what we're hearing, she's probably not going to run for Speaker again," McIntyre told WWAY-TV in North Carolina. "And if she does, I'm confident she's going to have opposition, and I look forward to supporting that opposition."

What??? Who are they trying to kid? With virtually every poll showing that Republicans will gain anywhere from 50 to 60 seats in the house, the whole discussion is essentially moot. Or is it..

As many as 100 House Democrats, including McIntyre, are in a fight for their political lives and have been distancing themselves from the extremely unpopular Pelosi. Some are even saying that they oppose the Speaker in their television ads. So the real play here is, the Party of Desperation is hopefully trying to take the radioactive Speaker out of the equation, in the minds of voters, by suggesting she'll no longer serve as Speaker.

Nice try, guys...but we see through it.



The Pelosi Jobs Plan

Stimulate the economy through unemployment checks.

"It injects demand into the economy.  It creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name."

Why, Madame Speaker...I didn't realize that.



Pelosi Could Try And Pass Health Care Reform Bill Without A Vote

Washington Post

For the most part, I've always just seen Nancy Pelosi as a privileged, out of touch California elitist. Maybe a little more than just ditzy, possibly addled. One who suddenly and unexpectedly finds herself just a couple of heartbeats away from the presidency. But I have to say, I have come to see her as one determined and relentless woman.

The latest ploy we find the Speaker considering to deliver the current unpopular health care reform bill, is a procedure called, the 'Self Executing Rule,' also referred to as the 'Slaughter Solution' after House Rules Committee chairwoman Louise Slaughter.

Definition of “Self-Executing” Rule. One of the newer types is called a “self-executing” rule; it embodies a “two-for-one” procedure. This means that when the House adopts a rule it also simultaneously agrees to dispose of a separate matter, which is specified in the rule itself. For instance, self-executing rules may stipulate that a discrete policy proposal is deemed to have passed the House and been incorporated in the bill to be taken up. The effect: neither in the House nor in the Committee of the Whole will lawmakers have an opportunity to amend or to vote separately on the “self-executed” provision. It was automatically agreed to when the House passed the rule. Rules of this sort contain customary, or “boilerplate,” language, such as: “The amendment printed in [section 2 of this resolution or in part 1 of the report of the Committee on Rules accompanying this resolution] shall be considered as adopted in the House and in the Committee of the Whole.”

With most polls indicating around 52% of the public wants congress to scrap this particular bill and start over, democrats fear that passing it with a floor vote would have devastating consequences for them at the polls. Mrs. Pelosi sees a way around that with this procedural parlor trick, as she is concerned she lacks the votes for conventional passage.

 "I like it," Pelosi said of the scheme, "because people don't have to vote on the Senate bill." 

Using the procedure is not unprecedented, and substantial bills have been passed in this manner in the past, but never legislation of this magnitude. Regardless of which side one is on this bill, this ploy certainly doesn't make one feel all warm and fuzzy about representation.

The speaker and the president are calling upon democratic lawmakers to show "courage" and fall on their political swords to get this unpopular bill done, even if it means the end of their political careers. But I doubt that Madame Speaker has much to worry about back in her home district...they seem to prefer their lawmakers a little on the relentless side, even if they do appear a little ditzy and even addled.

Personally, I find those that are determined and relentless in defending the Constitution, not looking for ways around it, more to my liking. 




Health Care Passes in the House


The Pelosi Plan Unveiled

"I'm strong enough to pick up my own bill."

All 1990 pages of it.  

Ladies and gentlemen... we have a new record!


See it for yourself courtesy of the BL Rag.

(Warning: Largest PDF file I've ever uploaded)

 Comment away.  This is an Open Thread.


Health Care Vote to Hit the House Floor as Early as Next Week?

This Rahm Emanuel interview, courtesy of NPR, is a total 180-degree turn from yesterday's statement from Harry Reid. In other news, Nancy Pelosi doeasn't suffer from Augustaphobia...  phew.

(Gee, I hope Rahm & Nancy didn't take the possiblity for a delay personally)

Courtesy of Breitbart:

A powerful House committee chairman is threatening to force a floor vote to break the impasse on health care overhaul.

Energy and Commerce Chairman Henry Waxman told The Associated Press negotiations with fiscally conservative Democrats on his panel cannot go on "interminably" because they would "empower" Republicans and allow the minority party to take control of the panel.

The California Democrat said Friday if he can't reach agreement with the conservatives, the health care bill would go straight to the floor, and not through his committee.

Two House panels have already passed legislation. Waxman is stymied because seven conservatives—who call themselves Blue Dog Democrats—are sticking together.

This is a bit too absurd. The Blue Dogs still aren't in agreement with the White House and Democratic leaders, so this action sounds rather risky to me. Bringing this "bi-partisan" bill to the floor in its current state sounds like a party going all-in during the final round of the World Series of Poker on a pair of sevens, however Nancy probably sees the overwhelming majority in the house as it's best chance for an earlier start.    Meanwhile, Harry Reid knows he doesn't have the votes to pass the House approval, hence his hesitance.

Either way, the push is in full throttle.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters today that the White House no longer expects a bill to be signed before the lawmakers' August recess, but that the push will carry on.   Gibbs said no one involved in health care reform planning meetings has opted to take August off, and that Obama will travel to North Carolina and Virginia next week to hold health care events. 

It's almost as if they won't sleep until this health care bill gets crammed down our throats...  and fast.  
I don't know about you, but I'm excited.



Pelosi Knew!

Amid recent revelations and debate relative to the Bush administration using water boarding as an interrogation technique, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly denied that she had any knowledge that water boarding was taking place.

Today, the Director of National Intelligence released a memo that shows that Pelosi was apprised of the techniques less than a year after September 11, 2001.