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The BL RAG is dedicated to the idea of free expression, thus we welcome and encourage reader  commentary on current events and issues, music, sports, or other topics of interest, no matter what one's political leanings or worldview.


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Weekend News

Here is something from Ozzyman that adds a little levity to this Friday:

Have a nice weekend. 


Holiday Weekend Open's taken all summer to get here, but the Labor Day holiday is finally upon is. Have a nice weekend and don't do anything stupid, especially if the cops are about.

Feel free to post what you like, by the way...


Weekend Open

Today, our great nation appears to be caught in a state of constant turmoil, with dissent, unrest, and protest becoming the new normal--the current status quo. And with this latest 'Occupy Wall Street' movement, we're even seeing zombies roaming the streets. What on earth is happening to America? And why do all these zombies seem so familiar? Perhaps the late, great Bobe Hope can shed some light on matter.

Have a nice weekend, and feel free to post what you like--this is an open thread, after all.