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How to Make a Donation to My Campaign Online - By Barack Obama

Because obviously you need an instructional video if you haven't already done so:

Figure he's just a month or so away from holding up a cardboard sign at the end of a highway offramp that reads "Homeless and Desperate - Will Work for Food Campaign Donations." 


A Stupid Comment, Even by Joe Biden Standards

"Whoa... Talking gives me a floating feeling"The Vice-Fundraiser was out doing what he does best last night, pandering to Democrat donors at the Seattle Westin hotel where he said...

"Republicans have changed the law so you get arrested if you do vote"

According to the pool reports, Biden was "apparently joking".

He continued on, apparently sober, criticizing Rep. candidate Mitt Romney as worse than former President George W. Bush. 

(per the Weekly Standard)

Biden said Romney's economic policies were, "to paraphrase Bill Clinton, 'George Bush on steroids.'"

He criticized Romney's desire to extend the Bush tax cuts for all Americans and said the Republican Party had changed.

"No more compassionate conservatism, no more health care for everyone … They're saying exactly what they believe, and they mean it," he said.

Still running against George W. Bush, only now he's on drugs.   A winning campaign strategy for sure.   All it needed was some "they want us dead and arrested" for flavor.

Perhaps Democrats should try saying exactly what they believe.   They could start small and say out loud...  "ObamaCare is a tax".   Granted, it's no side-splitting zinger when compared to "we'll arrest you if you vote", but it's certainly a start.    Baby steps... leads to toddling, falling and hitting your head...  which leads to Biden-esque zingers.



Rahm Snubs Cubs Over Political Contributions

Mayor Rahm Emanuel taking in a Cubs gameIt appears Wrigley Field's long-awaited upgrades may be hitting some political snags in this 2012 election cycle when word came out that Chicago Cubs owner considered donating $10 million dollars to President Obama's opponent.    The rumor didn't please former Chief of Staff under Obama and current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanual.

Per the AP:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the president's friend and former chief of staff, has since refused negotiate financing or even take phone calls from the Cubs chairman. A best-selling author took to the Internet to vow never to step foot in Wrigley again.

Now fans are left wondering if the complicated financial deals and presidential politics mean the team's owners will have to put more money into the stadium, and less into building a winning team.

So if Joe Ricketts, founder of TD Ameritrade and head of the Cubs-owning Ricketts family, were to donate to the Obama campaign... one can only assume Rahm would be quick to take that call.

Per Politico:

But in a city like Chicago, the president's hometown, such pleas appear to be going nowhere. One of the black aldermen, Howard Brookins, told the AP that the Ricketts should have expected such "blowback."

"Especially with someone with the reputation of Rahm Emanuel, who punishes people who are his political enemies," Brookins said. "I don't know how you think you can get away with that."

This isn't the first time the Cubs have experienced petty grievances from the left.   They had a big target on their back when they converted Wrigley into a football field and brought in a non-Union turf company that specialized in professional and collegiate sports turf, then returned it to it's improved state.   Since then the Cubs organization has been looked down upon by Democrats and Big Labor proponents like Emanuel.



The Obama Economic Record

As the President hits full campaign mode, it's obvious that he doesn't want to focus on his actual record. Why? Because it perhaps speaks for itself.


Don't Cry Over Spoiled Promises

And remember pundits... ALWAYS check your expiration dates.