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Well.. It's Finally Over

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I will say I do feel better today, not being all hung over...  Keg beer will kill ya'.

Now comes the time Washington wakes up from the same hangover and works on something they've failed to do for far too long... getting things done.  

No more Bush's fault, no more "obstruction" cries...   hone in on the problems and focus on fixing them.    As voters it is our responsibility to hold our leaders accountable.   If you can't do the work that needs to be done, we throw you all out.   If you can't work together, we can't just throw out one party, we need to start throwing out everybody that is unwilling to change Washington's financial bottom-line for the better.  

We say this as if that's the way things are supposed to work, but given our recent history... I don't think either side  truly means it.  Please, TELL ME I'm wrong.   I actaully want you to steer me away from this thinking and out of this funk of negativitiy.   Deep down inside I'm really a positive person.

However we have a problem in our nation.  We have establishment GOP-types and Democrats that are unwilling to do what really needs to be done because they want everything done their way or not at all.   They feel that finding a middle ground means that only the other guy/gal defies their will and does everything THEY want instead.    They assume their desires are the only thing that is best and that finding the best solution only means convincing (or forcing, or bribing, etc) the other side into doing things their way.   Reid won't acknowledge Republican bills on the Senate floor (he even admitted prior to the election he would not work with Republicans).   Mitch McConnell isn't much better.    John Boehner has been ineffective as a leader in the House while Nancy Pelosi has been... well, it's Nancy Pelosi... you get the idea.   

This doesn't just happen between parties, it happens amongst the parties as well.   There are great Republicans and there are great Democrats that see our country's failures for what they are, but neither of the parties are willing to tackle the true issues that are destined to destroy this country, so the problems remain unchanged.  Even the most powerful man America admits an inability to change Washington, and that's perfectly acceptable.  

"We understand, it's hard...  you have my vote."  ::pat on the back:: 

When we win, everything is great, life is awesome.   When we lose, it's miserable... awful...  we're screwed!   Then we go about our business as if nothing has changed, primarily because nothing HAS changed.

Change begins at the local levels, not at the national level.   We see great candidates snubbed out before their political careers even get a start because they are the ones willing to pull off those loose strings fraying the party and that scares the living crap out both parties.   They are passed over for "more ideal" candidates that will enforce the positions of those who got them there.   Those politicians then cater to those who feed them their orders.   All the way up the food chain until there is only the most powerful in those two parties calling every shot and then we sit back and choose between the lesser of two evils (as those "evils" flatten out and remain unchanged in their principals time and time again). 

The biggest thing Washington has lacked however is accountability.    We vote straight down the party ticket because we're unwilling to consider the other argument or intellect.   We hold nobody in power to blame if they bear the same (R) or (D) after their names as ours.   We vote only for our needs and now apparently our wants too.   Parties can now win an entire election with passing a budget while our spending is completely out of control.    Our children can owe a debt they don't even fathom and we can look them right in the eyes and tell them how great our leadership is.  Some of them can't even count the number of 0's behind the 16...  some of their parents can't either.

It's like I tell my kids when they've been playing all day but there's chores that need to be done.... it's time to put the toys away, time to quit playing games, time to stop acting like fools...  we need to get some work done.    It is then my responsibility as a parent to check in on them from time to time to see if they're REALLY cleaning up, or if they're still just screwing off again, only quieter or behind closed doors.   Washington has been doing nothing but screwing off and we have failed as its parents.

We as a nation have been playing political games for years now and if we can't stop long enough to get this country on the right track NOW (not in 2 years, or after the next presidential election) everyone who wasn't out there fighting for real change needs to be held accountable and then thrown out of office, no matter what party they represent.    Obama needs to somehow learn how to "change Washington from the inside" or we are dead as a nation.     Washington has been broken for some time now, if he can't fix it he'd better find somebody with a bigger wrench.. and he'd better find ithem fast.

To me Obama's never really come off as great leader, not even of his own party, so I don't expect much change to occur if at all (and if it does, that's not to say it will be for the better).   That may be what makes it so hard to distinguish him as the leader of the free world.   To do so he needs to really lead, not just be dragged behind the Democrat heads and base then shoved in front of a camera and mic (and teleprompter) to promote their agenda;  Strategized moves based on data drummed up by dorks behind desks looking out for only what's best for their next election and favorability ratings, not the country.    We also need a media that's willing to scrutinize this president the same way they did Bush at every turn.   Nobody's perfect, but if you asked a Democrat loving media figure, they'll try to convince you Obama really is...  perfect.   

We’ve done nothing for 4 years to better our economy.   In fact many of the things we have done to "improve" it have actually worsened it.    Small businesses have suffered, but what's scared them most is the coming year and the Obama policies that await us.   

(Speaking of small business...  I have one to run and really need to get back to work...   So we'll follow this up with another thread next week... to be continued...)


A Sign of Our Times

A sign of our times... :sigh: Just one of three Romney signs still left standing in one NW Davenport (IA) area.

While knocking on doors for Romney today, I chatted with about 1/4th of the 400+ doors I went to just this weekend (many of which are Republican and some Ind/Dem voting Romney), and of those I talked to an overwhelming majority instantly complained about the theft and destruction of their political signs.    

Over and over again, throughout the entire day, first thing out of their mouths after they answered my quick, simple questions... "has anybody else been having their signs stolen, because we've had two sets dissappear so far", or something equivelent.

Some vandals even added extra insult by egging those Republicans' houses, damaging fences, smashing pumpkins and even bashing a couple's minivan.    I think we covered this a couple times this month already... but apparently it bears repeating.  

(WARNING:  NSFW, unless your work is like mine and enjoys swearing)

Ironically though... every single Obama sign in that same area was still intact and looked as good as the day it first got shoved in the ground, which is weird, given all the theft and vandalism that's been plaguing the neighborho...  Oooooh, I get it now...   

This comes after a long couple months of conducting polling and door knocking all across the Scott County area.   I can't even count how many people I've seen wise up weeks ago and start taping new or what's left of their old signs to the inside of their windows and doors just so the same thugs can't come take and/or destroy them.   I've lost track of the number of destroyed signs stories around week 2.  What I do know is the stories just keep getting worse and the damage more costly to those involved.

This is pretty much what the scene has become in Eastern Iowa.   Larger (and far more expensive) signs beaten with bats, yards tore up from cars running over them, now vandalism that goes beyond the pale, all while the the left ramps up scare tactics that reinforce the violence... just like this moronic waste of flesh did:

On the bright side, in about 48 hours, this could all be over.  Thank God for small miracles.


Daylight Savings Time Open Thread

Don't forget to roll your clocks back on Sunday, making this final weekend push for the campaigns that much longer on all of us.   I don't know about all of you (since I'm in Iowa), but I am definitely looking forward to the days of not having a mailbox filled with campaign flyers, minimal campagin e-mail spam, a voicemail box void of robo-calls and the daily arguments amongst my staff about who'd be the worst choice for president.

I'm ready for the longest 4 days in the 2012 election to be over already.   Do we really need to make it worse by adding an extra hour to it?

We're almost certain to see plenty of last ditch attempts of campaign-killing low blows from both sides.... so why waste any more time?  

Let's get to the low blows already!

As the campaigns prepare their final wimpy punches going into the weekend, it sould be an interesting final 4 days, for both the campaigns and the media.   In fact, we may actually see major networks cover the Benghazi fiasco this Sunday, as it is now being reported on by other major networks besides Fox.  

Even the Red Cross mid-Hurricane Sandy clean-up is being politicized.    One one end you have Mitt Romney using the case for charity as a backdrop for his campaign.   On the other end you see MSNBC going nuts over Romney's promoting of the Red Cross "pretty offensive", even attacking the Red Cross for their efforts:

(more below the videos)

Andrea Mitchell adds:

On top of that we see an excellent opportunity for Obama to show us how he can "cut through the red tape" with Hurricane Sandy efforts  ... but I don't think he'll want to go there.   Not BEFORE an election.

That aside, Sandy's destruction is impressive, even considering the storm's power wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been.   Some of the photos have me dropping my jaw.   There's photos up all over the place.   Definitely check some of them out.  

You know what else had me drop my jaw?   All the fake photos of Sandy, leading people like CNN host Torre to actually think some of them were real (nice job, genius):

And then... there's this f#&@ing guy.   Ugh.   

I'd boycott by not watching the NY Marathon, however I never watch the NY Marathon, or any marathon for that matter.   I'm just not that desperate for entertainment.   

Have yourselves a great weekend everybody...

Get rested up for a long night Tuesday...

Post whatever you want to...

Thread is officially Open.

OH, and p.s...

I'll be working for Ace of Spades this Tuesday for election coverage.   Make note of this webpage for future reference.  You can follow me on Twitter where I'll be posting throughout the day (and probably late into the night) from my Twitter account and AoSHQ Decision Desk account for Iowa.   I'll update you with hashtags and more this Tuesday.   Iowa could play a very important role in the outcome this year.


NY Times Explained in One Simple Chart

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Ben Gozzi?   Who's that?    Is he a Republican?   No?   Well, then who really cares?   Right?

Oh, and here's a real shocker:  The NY Times also endorsed Obama... enthuastically at that.

I know, didn't see that coming... did you?

In fact many left-leaning news outlets considered Plame-gate one of the greatest scandals in American history, even worse than Watergate.    After all "nobody got killed in Watergate" (their words, not mine).   So going by that comparison, why does the MSM and the same Democrats that made Scooter Libby a household name by screaming it weekly seem so unwilling to even mention Benghazi now?   Is it really just a complete double-standard or is it simply to close to the election to be fair and act like real journalists, especially since it could hinder the re-elecion of the current administration they so "secretly" support?

I tell you what... the only reason I get up before 8 am on Sundays is to see what the talking heads are saying, or in today's case not saying... and today they weren't saying anything about Benghazi.   I didn't catch McCain bring it up on CBS (off topic of course), but I was flipping around most of the morning expecting every one of them to at least mention what's been going on, but once again it was only the "biased, non-news network" Fox that brought it to the table as an actual topic.

However the tide does seem to be turning on media bias (well, at least it is here in the Midwest).   Just this past week multiple papers that have not only displayed a left lean in their past reporting/editorials and went for Obama in the last election (not to mention every other Democrat since Nixon too) made a surprising turn to the right and endorsed Mitt Romney, even writing scathing criticisms of Obama and the performance of he and his administration over the last 4 years.    There really isn't any great way to spin it for Obama (but that doesn't mean Stephanie Cutter won't try... desperately)

Even this rag formerly known as the QC Times-Democrat endorsed Romney.

*  Hat tip to Doug Ross for the clever chart.


UPDATED: Donald's "Big Announcement" ...Actually a Challenge to Obama

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One that could land the charity of his choice a check for $5,000,000.00

The news has led to a very new, unique Twitter trend though...   I always like that.


Previously on the BL Rag:

7:22 am - What Will the "Big" Donald Trump Announcement Be?

So he's got an announcement scheduled for this morning... "October Surprise".... "Game Changer"... Blah blah.     All I'm saying for now is if it's THIS, I'm going to be pretty "dissappointed" (code for incredibly irate), considering he hasn't any room to be criticizing anybody over divorce(s).

Only thing he's said is that it isn't related to the newest cocaine dealing accusations.   I figured that was the case originally, considering the idiot claiming it was holding out for a book deal, but sees it as too late in the political season to score one now... the next "logical" choice seemed like running to Donald Trump.

If it's news worth updating this thread over, I will... if it's not, we'll just spend all day making fun of Donald Trump.   I see that as a "win-win".


LIVE: 2012 Presidential Debate Number Two - The Town Hall Forum / Open Thread

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Moderated by Candy Crowley of CNN from Hofstra University.

Live feed is up and apparently ready.   Get your popcorn ready:


"Oh My Gawd... Another Open Thread!"

Caption This:

Out:  Kissin' Babies

In:  Shakin' Booties


"Hello Boys and Girls... Vote for Barack Obama"

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It actually pains me to see a Presidential re-election campaign turn THIS DESPERATE:

I don't know if it's real pain or one of the "hurts so good" variety.

(I'm guessing the latter)

UPDATE:  It appears Sesame Street has responded.  Liberals might want to look away:

Sesame Workshop Response to Campaign Ads

Sesame Workshop is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization and we do not endorse candidates or participate in political campaigns. We have approved no campaign ads, and as is our general practice, have requested that the ad be taken down.

Big Bird's add leaves egg on Obama's face.   Classic.



Another Teleprompter-Free Weekend Open Thread

After the butt-whooping Obama recieved by Ronnie Ferocious on Wednesday, liberals have been trying to shift into attack mode while on their heels and still backpeddling on defense.   Not a very effective combo move, but great for the sheer comedy aspect.

We've heard all sorts of excuses defending such an obvious and abysmal performance by the President from the altitude, Mitt's bullying, Jim Lehrer's inability to aid Obama better.

Apparently what Jim Lehrer was supposed to say was "Mitt, you're murdering this guy, so we really do have to move on to another subject."  

I even listened to one MSNBC host try to spin the obvious loss as some kind of a win, partially because he's a complete (D)bag, but primarily because they think the world of Obama.   NO WAY could he have stunk up the joint this bad without some kind of motive, strategy or sadistic voodoo Mormon magic.   He's too perfect after all.

Now we're even hearing them accuse Mitt of cheating because he used a hankerchief. Now that's desperate, even laughable considering the accusations stem from a Democrat strategist.  WUT?!?

Next defense?  It's not fair that Obama can't use a teleprompter when debating Mitt, which translates into basic English as "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"  


And we still have the VP debate to look forward to in just under a week...

If that doesn't put a smile on your face, then I can't help ya'...

Well...  maybe I can help you... but just this once...

Enjoy the weekend everybody (even you liberals... you need it most). 

Post whatever you want.   It's an open thread.




LIVE (9PM ET):  First Presidential Debate of 2012        (skip to most recent comments)

Thread is open so have at it.   No biting, scratching, eye gouges or kicks to the groin.


I Told Myself I'd Never Do This...

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That I'd never post Mother Jones' trash over here, especially after seeing so many of my comments "disappear" from their website in the past...  but apparently lefties think these videos are actually "newsworthy",  "earthshattering" or even capable of changing the downward spiral of the Obama campaign into that of only a clogged toilet.  

Here's the one most lefties climaxed over, where Romney stated (factually might I add) that 47 percent of Americans are "dependent upon government"  (which in liberal-ese translates to "he hates half the US population"):

That's not really the end though... he also calls Palestinians not interested in peace talks and "committed to the destruction and elimination of Israel" (I know.... right?  BIG SHOCKER apparently):

And this one I'm surprise Mother Jones even posts.    Obama foreign policy is a joke (despite being constantly announce he's an expert at it...  after all, he won a Nobel Prize... did you know he killed Bin Laden too?).   He cozies up to Russia, willing to sit down with Iran's leaders but can't find time to meet with Israel because he's got a full schedule of campaigning, partying with Beyonce and you know... other important stuff:

Maybe  what Putin, Ahmadinejad, Netanyahu and Obama really need to do is get a tee time set for their own foursome... share a couple carts on the golf course.    First argument will come down to who's stuck riding with Netanyahu.  



LIVE: Democratic National Convention 2012


Here it is... that live feed thingy I was talking about:  (skip to most recent comments)


Previously on the BL Rag...

Before it begins take a quick look at how some California delegates got an early start to the festivities.   Unfortunately for them it'll be the last celebrating they'll do this week, at least from Charlotte.   They were sent home after having cops called, drinking themselves into the hospital, getting thrown out of hotels... even one trying to pass himself off as a "Senator".

Here's a real list of the speakers who will be in attendance (unlike this one)...

... here's the key Democats that won't be coming to North Carolina.

Once again the best live stream will likely be at (unfortunately I can't embed that one) and it will air uncut with no interruptions and best of all...   no talking heads.   You can also watch it on (he even brought in some honorary Choom-gang members to help host it).

I'll update the feeds as necessary.   Enjoy.


09/04/2012 - Gavel In

09/04/2012 - PM on ABC News

09/05/2012 - PM on ABC News

09/06/2012 - PM on ABC News



Oh, Debbie... You Done Stepped in it Now

Unfortunately for DNC figurehead Debbie Wasserman Schultz some smells don't wash off that easily.

After misquoting an Israeli ambassador to the United States Michael Oren and insinuating that he said the GOP was "dangerous for Israel", both the ambassor and the Israeli embassy quickly denied such a statement and any implied negative sentiment.  

Now Debbie is singing a different tune...  she never said he said that at all.   It's those mean ol' Republicans:

“I didn’t say he said that,” Wasserman Schultz, a Florida congresswoman, later insisted to Fox News. She added that inasmuch as the Examiner is “a conservative newspaper,” it was “not surprising they would deliberately misquote me.”

Sadly,  Debbie...  there's audio proving otherwise:

(Her talking about things "spewed by Republicans" was merely the icing on the cake)

Sorry Debbie, but you are truly a liar and it's quite obvious that only one person has "deliberately misquoted" anybody here for political posturing.   :: sniff sniff ::



LIVE: Republican National Convention 2012

FINAL UPDATE:  click here to skip to last page (for commentors)

Enjoy the live stream courtesy of ABC News:


If the stream starts to become clogged with ads and talking heads... go to C-Span

Thread is open...  so have at it.

UPDATE (8/27/12):  Apparently it's live but not on just one single live stream so I'll have to update accordingly and place the feed histories here so you can go back and recap what happened earlier in the day / week.

UPDATE (8/28/12):  Yet more links added (at least enough to get through Thursday)

Monday - Gavel In:

Monday - Evening:

Tuesday (8/28/12)

Wednesday (8/29)

Thursday (8/30/12)




How to Make a Donation to My Campaign Online - By Barack Obama

Because obviously you need an instructional video if you haven't already done so:

Figure he's just a month or so away from holding up a cardboard sign at the end of a highway offramp that reads "Homeless and Desperate - Will Work for Food Campaign Donations."