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With Iowa polling having such a history of being wrong, who knows? 

I'll stick my neck out and say that Cruz and Clinton will come out on top.  Or, at least, that's how I'd like it to be.  I want The Old Bag to clinch the nomination and then be indicted.  




Republican Debate and SOTU Speech

How many lies did El Presidente tell in the SOTU teleprompter-fest?

Who won the debate, and who lost?




May the Force Be With You... And This Open Thread... Always

Yes boys (and perhaps girls.... but mostly boys), it's that time of your life again, where you get to go to the movie theater to see one of the most anticipated blockbusters ever.  Fortunately this go around offers little to be disappointed with (don't worry, there aren't any spoilers).

I was fortunate enough to see this last night, in the prime time of 7:30, in the podunk town of Bella Vista.   Sure the theater was small (9, maybe 10 chairs wide) and the screen even smaller, but I can still say the experience was worth every dollar (including the thirty-some bucks I shelled out on popcorn, drinks, and Sour Patch Kids).  

JJ Abrams did a fantastic job, not only making up for the previous lackluster prequels, but bringing the entire franchise back the look and feel of the classics...  with some excellent special effects thrown in (but in a good way, not in charicatures and quirky animations).  The music was good, just not as iconic as the previous movies, but that is a pretty tall order to fill.   I'll probably have to go back and check it out in 3D, which I wanted to do anyway, however they were sold out so I embraced to 2D just to ensure nobody at work on Friday threw any spoilers my way (accidentally, of course).

The storyline was great in my opinion, and really opens up the storyline for potential spin-offs, and really leaves you begging for Episode VIII right away.  Unfortunately we'll have to wait another 18 months before that happens.   I hope Disney can continue keeping the plot tight under wraps as they did with this movie because not knowing what to expect made it even better.

Have a great weekend.   NO SPOILERS PLEASE!!  IF you do, Finn will punish you:



So... We Have Yet Another Debate Tonight

CNN... Again.    They're really hyping up the Cruz vs Trump headline, so expect a lot of "he said something about your momma" type questions to get them into a tussle, combined with the occasional back-and-forth amongst some meaningful candidates (oh, and Kasich will be there).

I'm watching the JV debate right now and can't figure out for the life of me why Kasich is even on the main stage tonight, but I guess it's because he's polling better than awful in New Hampshire at 6%, which allowed him to beat the 4% minimum CNN required.   Good job New Hampshire...   you made it possible for the GOP mudslinger to embarrass himself tonight and provide an easy stipulation for the GOP Debate Drinking Game this evening:  "Drink every time Kasich interrupts a candidate and/or appears less qualiflied than said candidate".

Live feed here.


The Slow, Bloody, and (Hopefully) Painful Death of the Media's Common Thought Process

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."      - Martin Luther King, Jr.

It shocks me to see how shocked the progressive media is over unshocking poll numbers fueled by even less shocking Trump statements.   I know, getting old leads to confusion, but it's something we all have to live with... even you, Tom Brokaw.

Then again we are talking about "experts" that called Trump's chances of winning the GOP nod equivelant to that of a lady's hopes of coming within an arms reach of Joe Biden without getting groped.

Amidst the confusion:  NBC/WSJ issued a new poll, partially to vent their frustration over their total inability to bring down Trump, but also to combat Trump's call for a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants... without all the hoopla of giving the details of how this conclusion was drawn from their poll  (i.e. showing the question which was asked).

Meanwhile other polls just keep flowing in, citing an agreement with Trump's statement, and even worse for progressives...   that Democrats don't think too highly of Islam either:

 Yet for some reason we're told by these same media dinosaurs not to follow Trump's same judgemental path, one that is giving him an even bigger lead in the Presidential race.   The sad part is they think they can persuade people into thinking his rationale is wrong, even after so many have nodded their head in agreement with him.  He's not persuading anybody... he's simply stating what so many already think.

But it's hard to see that from the bubble from wence they live.  "Why, we can't just stop bringing in Muslims... that's racist!"  No, instead we should just keep on letting them flow in, just like that San Bernadino shooter (who for quite a while as the news broke was described as a white gunman by these same media know-it-alls) and his nut-ball, burqa-wearing wife.   

How about this then...  how about instead of phrasing it as "Muslims", maybe we just issue a call to cease immigration from areas crawling with our enemy (i.e. radical Islam), ninety-nine-plus percent of which just happen to be of the Muslim faith?  Is that reality-based enough for you or do we really need to continue on with this politically correct game of charades?

NO?!  Oh, that's right... I forgot...  you aren't even convinced we're at war with these radical bombs with legs yet.   You're still living in 1980-something, when our country's social dynamics weren't flipped on their head, and a group of Islamic facists weren't flat-out telling the world they were going to infiltrate our borders and destroy us from within (not to mention succeeding in their ambitions).

No, instead they choose to ignore all that and focus on the real problems we face... "global warming and the gosh darn Donald Trump!"   If that wasn't bad enough, they are having to face the stark reality of Ted Cruz (another one they said never stood a chance in the race) pulling away from the pack and holding a strong 2nd place in the Presidential race.   Between the media and establishment Republicans, I'm not sure which causes their heads to explode more...  the thought of a Donald Trump GOP frontrunner or that in the shape of Ted Cruz.   Both lead to the type of hysteria that pleases.

Meanwhile they both continue to sink fortunes and tireless efforts to dissuade we everyday voters, only to see their persuasions backfire, and at times thrown right back in their face in the form of polls telling us the opposite of what they insist we believe.   To make matters WORSE for them, some of these polls (like the one link to) stems polling data taken from BEFORE two enemy combatants took a work Christmas party by storm, killing many innocent (and unarmed) civilians, and inspiring the enemy to commit even more of these atrocities.   If you think their opinions have improved since that...  you might want to consider a career in network broadcasting.

The truth hurts...  but WE SHOULDN'T SAY IT!  It might be considered hateful and old fashioned by dying breeds once considered relevent:  Networks, Political Strategists, Bon Jovi fans, etc.

Arm yourselves America... and have a great weekend.

Thread is open.   You know what to do now (well, except for you Tom Brokaw...  stick around after this post and I'll take you on a guided tour around this thing we call 'the internet").


Thanksgiving And Other News

Hope you all have a nice Turkey Day tomorrow. 

Although, the Turkey on the map may be in doubt once Vlad the Impaler gets going.

Meanwhile, lefties and RINOs are puzzled and troubled as Ted Cruz ties with Trump in the latest poll, and Hillary loses in a match-up against each of the top tier Republican candidates.  This isn't going according to plan.  We're supposed to have an election next year to choose between Jeb "Amnesty First" Bush and Hillary "What Difference Does It Make" Clinton, to see which one we should hire to finish wrecking the country.  

Oh, and that new hostage situation in France could be somewhat interesting.  

Eat, drink, and be merry!



GOP Debate Open Thread

I'll probably spend my night on Twitter... Join in the fray below:

Live stream available at Fox Business.

If you're all good little boys & girls I'll follow up with a recap later.


Shane! Come Back!

I mean, Skinny!  Come back! 

This is a Friday open thread, but it needs The Skinny Touch. 



Friday Free-for-all

What's the hot topic?

Hillary's lies and culpability regarding illegal emails, national security, and Benghazi?

Obama vetoing the defense authorization bill so he can spend more on his domestic "vision" for Amerika?

Or the REALLY important matter of the Cubs' collapse? 


Weekend Reminder to Avoid Having Fun on Halloween

PC is a ludicrous agenda, under which everyone is offended by everything.  Now we have Valdosta State University putting out behavior rules for Halloween, admonishing students to avoid dressing up like... well, pretty much anyone.  You just never know who might choose to be offended, so best to be safe. 

The school's new Costume Code includes these tidbits:

"Even if you do not celebrate Halloween, wearing costumes and dressing as someone different than oneself can be fun and playful.  Some costumes, however, can be more harmful than playful, and impact the community in negative ways."   Oooooo, negative impact.  Look out.

Students are instructed not to "reinforce negative representations of cultures and groups that take power away from individuals who are a part of those groups by objectifying them, while also not honoring the diversity that exists in their communities."  Huh????

So no "Indian" or "Geisha" outfits, no "sombreros" "and of course anything involving blackface, redface, or yellowface."  No mention of whiteface, naturally.

No "reinforcing prejudices and fears, wearing costumes that make light of domestic violence, sexual assault, sex work, or matters concerning the LGBTQ community.”  No specifics offered as to what constitutes an LGBTQ costume, so I guess we need to use our imagination.

Oh, and no dressing as "ghetto" or "hillbilly" or anything like that.  Those might "reinforce classism."

The bad, evil costumes banned by these rules supposedly "remove opportunities to have meaningful conversations about the daily experiences of individuals who identify with those groups."

I swear, civilization is on life support.  The imbeciles responsible for this PC cluster**** have absolutely no idea how ridiculous they are being, and probably bask in the self-serving glow of their own hubris.  

Good grief.



Music for the Weekend

Well...I'm not really running things at the site anymore, but since Redbeard and Sknnydipinacid are busy at the moment, I'll go ahead and put up a somewhat ancient rock tune.


Have a nice weekend!


Friday Open, With a Dash of Petulance

Our Dear Leader once again shows his total lack of respect for our ally Israel, the only free and civilized society in the Middle East, and in doing so demonstrates a child-like petulance and an ill-mannered arrogance that can only be described as dangerous to our national security.  In a blatant affront to Benjamin Netanyahu, Obama pulled his top State Department lackeys from the UN chamber during Netanyahu's speech. 

Statement from the State Department:  "Ambassador Power and Secretary Kerry were unable to attend Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech before the General Assembly because they were called into a meeting with President Obama, which they participated in via video teleconference."

If Obama were only and embarrassment (and he certainly is that) this wouldn't be quite so bad.  But the great fool is risking our national security with his hopeless incompetence and deliberate disregard for sane policy.  15 months and counting until he's gone.  Not sure we'll make it.   


Syrian Refugees Flee to Website with a Better Weekend Open Thread

Meanwhile the Pope is in town, telling us Catholics that we should willingly allow potential wolves into the henhouse... you know, because... history, or something... so there's that.   Oh, and many of them may not even be Syrian, according to German officials.   What could possibly go wrong?

Is it just me or is this map tracing the paths of Syrian refugees...

...starting to look like one of those maps tracing Billy's day on Family Circus:

 Syrian Circus?  Anyway, enough about these refugees.

Let's talk about Boehner, and the fact he's resigning.   We talked to conservatives in Washington and here's what they had to say:

Couldn't have said it any better gentlemen.

Oh, and the new Bond theme from Sam Smith is out, if you're into that sorta thing:

That about sums up today.   Guess I'll go back to doing nothing for what is likely the last weekday I'll have off for a while because I'm staring my new job next week.

Make the most out of your weekend...   I know I will.



Attrition / Realignment / Humor

Walker and Perry throw in their towels, Fiorina tops pundit poll as Trump slides, Rubio remains strong but unspectacular, Cruz still in there but constantly bruised by moron media, Carson may be losing a bit of steam, Paul still gets support, Christie is still very fat, and a bunch of other guys with basement poll numbers are slipping around like hogs on ice.  

On the other side, Crazy Uncle Joe-Joe is still eating purple crayons and wondering why thay don't taste like grapes, Hillary is still cackling like a rabid hyena whenever someone asks her a meaningful question that makes her unconfortable, Bernie is still promising everyone all the free stuff they want, and Marty O'Malley is still trying to apologize his way up the ladder.

The next few weeks will be interesting. 



Music for a Friday Night

Here is a lively little live tune to start the weekend off on a high note.  It's not quite as good as being there but almost:

Have a nice weekend...!