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Hillary Clinton May Only Be Fooling Herself

I had to double-check the new talking point Hillary was spouting off today on Meet the Press, and how she's had 2 million more votes than Donald Trump so far.   I didn't think that was completely accurate, and she's been known to lie alot, so I felt the urge to dig into her claim.

Now I suppose you could round up 1.82 million votes to 2 million and hope it flies, but the issue Hillary (and for that matter... Democrats) needs to worry about are the numbers BEHIND those numbers.   The early primary votes were obviously dilluted down on the Republican side simply due to the number of candidates in the race.   That being said... the Repulican side still has close to 3 million more counted votes (25.87 million between just Trump, Cruz, Kasich and Rubio) than that of the Democrat candidates (22.94 million).

Clearly a weak talking point, but hey, when your campaign is struggling... struggle with it:

Okay, now that's just awful.   I'm sure granny camp thought a Venn graphic would be a hip, stylish way to show... well, whatever it is she's trying to say.   So in the spirit of Venn I thought I'd break another stat down in a similar manner (only mine would be done correctly):

(That's a problem for the left)




How NOT to Respond to Somebody Citing You as "the WORST Abuser of Women in U.S. Political History"

<= Just in case you were unsure of who the Democrat subject is

Now, there's good ways and bad ways to address a hot topic such as rape, an oval office b.j., repeated trips to a pedophile's island or even a sweetheart deal received by said pedophile (although I feel like I'm leaving out quite a few steamy accusations in this list)...  then there's the Clinton way:  with a smile and a pander, to all you folks out there, that are smart enough to figure it out on your own.

Well golly gee.  (video c/o CNN)

Energizer?  WHAT?!

Word of advice to the Clintons (not that I want them to actually take it, because I'd rather see them lose horribly in November)...  it MIGHT be a good idea to figure out a better way to address these accusations, because Trump is only getting started with the accusations against Slick Willy, and they're only going to get more brutal and frequent than this one tweet: 

Maybe it's just me, but if some crazy woman was out there claiming I raped her many years ago, then re-emerging on the political scene and smeering me (and my wife's campaign) STILL to this day (oh, and I was innocent ::wink wink::) I guarantee you I'd be out there defending my good name (assuming said hypothetical me had a "good name" to defend), but Bill Clinton has never really been one to defend himself against any of these accusations.  He instead opts to dodge and deflect, and the mainstream media has long been willing to oblige his deflections.  No, they'd rather dredge up even darker sludge on the Clinton's upcoming opponent (and failing) instead.

Nothing screams "we believe you" more than a dogged search for a bigger distraction.

Even some left-wing media outlets like MSNBC, HuffPo, Vox and many others have (despite the obvious up-front dismissals for political sake) consider many of the explicit stories more credible than some of the others (code for "well... shit"), and they've received countless interviews from the accusers, but never do they get a difinitive comment beyond a deflection or "not available to comment" from the Clinton camp.

Not that anybody would believe him anway:


New Thread, To Provide Room For...

...more of Hillary's lies.  So many, so little bandwidth.  Running out of space on the last thread. 


Nominating Hillary Would be a Democrat Disaster Simply to Protect the Status Quo*

I remember MY first time taking the SubwayNot my words.  Those are the words from the Sanders camp.  I would have used the title "trainwreck just waiting for the right time to derail".

In more ways than one Sanders is correct.   Hillary "Sniper Fire" Clinton (in my opinion) is baggage for the Democrat Party.  Her favorablility numbers were not all that impressive going into the 2016 primaries, but lately they've taken a bit of a nosedive, much to the credit of both Trump and Sanders.  

On top of that, she lies, or "conveniently misspeaks" (if one so prefers such a phrase) often, and tends to shift her position based on which way the poltical headwinds are blowing at the time in which her lips start moving.   She's branded herself from left, to moderate/centrist, to (so-called) progressive in a period of time that exceeds only half of my childrens' ages.  

Take coal mining for example.  That one stupid statement about putting them out of business (which she may or may not have even supported... since it's Hillary) has cost her West Virginia in the primary and will likely cost her those same states and then some in the general election vs Trump (Pennsylvania, Virginia, etc).   I'm actually surprised she hasn't come out saying "my history of supporting fossil fuels has been well documented" and tried to lie about always supporting them.  Still time I suppose.

Then there's the whole email/Clinton server thing.  Good grief almighty.  Illegality aside, she actually ran around saying she turned over 90-95%, before claiming "every" email (not of a personal nature ::wink wink::) on her personal server (which was destroyed) before the State Dept had insisted they'd actually received less than 1% of her emails, with Rep. Susan Brooks even pointing out an astonishing drop in Libya-related emails from prevous year 2011, to 2012 (leading up to the Benghazi attacks) and highlighted it as a "lack of interest" (if not a sign of obvious wrongdoing). 

... And don't even get me started on Benghazi.

The last two alone are enough to make your everyday American Joe leery of such an individual, but to ignore such toxicity levels and thrust said person into the deep end of a presidential election?   Well, now that's just reckless.   It's like drag racing to the cliff's edge.  Sanders is spot-on by calling them out on it.

Let's consider just SOME of the things Hillary has flip-flopped on (so far):

She opposed ethanol mandates prior to running for president in 2008 (ironically, they grow corn in Iowa ::wink wink::).

She opposed gay marriage (numerous times) prior to that same primary and supported the Defense of Marriage Act before she was against it (even went as far as rainbow-coloring her "H" logo).

She opposed NAFTA in 2008 as well, shortly after praising it as a boon to the economy.

She opposed raising the debt limit (voting 3 times not to) before "praying that common sense would make a comeback" and pass in 2014.   I suppose she gets folksy bonus points for praying.

She opposed the Keystone XL pipeline (finally, per the link) after the backlash she caused by saying she was inclined to support it.

She opposed raising payroll taxes until she starting "Feeling the Bern".

She opposed TPP before she was against it.

She supported Iran's ability to enrich uranium for civilian purposed, but then rejected the idea in 2014, prior to her help in ushering in Iran to the table in the recent deal (being heavily scrutinized as of late) by saying her team helped "set the table" for John Kerry's horrible negotiations.

I could go on...   Deportations of illegal immigrants, sanctuary cities, driver's licenses for illegals, her opinion of President Bashar al-Assad, the Cuba embargo, numerous free trade agreements, gun control, eductation reform, school choice, charter schools...  what difference at this point does it make?

She makes John Kerry look like an amateur flip-flopper.  She IS a bad candidate, and the Democrat/enablers that helped push her far into the lead over Sanders have to be feeling a little skittish as they watch him still in the race, supposedly defeated, yet still drawing crowds that any candidate would feel proud of.

Whether you love him, hate him, or find yourself somewhere in between, you have to admire Sanders and his tenacity.   He is still relevent in the race, and is in some ways doing harm to the "Crooked" Hillary Clinton, who would like nothing more than to wrap up her game of progressive charades and go back to pretending to be a moderate again.   Trying to out-progressive the bigger progressive is not going well for her and it's starting to look like it will affect her beyond securing the Democratic nod.

I'm staring to wonder:   If her numbers tank any further, should the White House just wrap up this email investigation, unleash all their dirt, and throw her in prison in hopes of a better on-deck candidate (be it Sanders or Biden)?

*For sake of potential scrutiny not a single Fox News/Trumpbart article was linked to in this post


Election Night / New Thread

Raise your hand in the air... . if you just don't care... about criminal indictmentsBecause new threads are fun.

So Trump is already being called the winner in West Virginia, but there's apparently a push to see Cruz re-enter the race if he wins in Nebraska.   So... we'll see how that goes (not holding my breathe).

Hillary however, not so certain.  Should be another nail-biting night for her.   She was ahead going into WV, but it also sounds like coal miners hate her, so you never know.

Maybe I'll follow up with results.

Maybe I won't.

We'll see.

:: Cheers ::



John Kasich's Laughable Exit

"I FINISHED 4TH... IN A 2-MAN RACE!!"To be perfectly frank...  I really wouldn't even be typing about this story had I not already stated that Kasich would be staying in the race after yesterday's Indiana primary (his fault, not mine), promising comedic politics for the next month or better.  

He's always been the last-place-guy, so it shouldn't come as a shock... certainly not news-worthy.   The only thing shocking is knowing that somehow, somewhere, somebody finally talked some sense into him.

Many assumed Reince, but word is he took the advice of Bob Roach, his close friend/wealth manager (sounds like a good friend to have) that "thought his message would be diminished” if he stayed in the race.   I assume he meant EVEN MORE diminished, but hey, friends tend to pull their punches.

That was yesteray, when he stated he would be staying in the race.   Then last night happened, leading Ted Cruz to call it quits (and blowing up Twitter in the process), but despite having even less delegates that a candidate suspending his campaign (again), Kasich vowed to venture on.

This morning Kasich (ever the pandering politician) took advantage of the May 4th holiday to spread his anti-Trump message:

(Yes, yes.... May the 4th be with you...  always)

8 HOURS LATER, he STILL appeared to be fundraising with an upcoming remarks release:

By this time I was intrigued.  Would my prophecy come true?   Might he actually tell the world that FINALLY the Republican race for the presidential nominee is down to a 2-MAN race, just as we Americans have been asking for months?!?  Oh man... how GREAT would that be!?! 

But alas, all he did was wimper and walk off stage, suspending his race in the process:

Per ABC News:

"He feels that it would just be tainted, it would lessen the message that he's trying to get out, if he became the laughing stock of the political pundits,” said Bob Roach, a wealth management adviser in Columbus who has known Kasich for decades and spoke with the governor before and after he decided to suspend his campaign.

... well, assuming he hadn't already "become".

So that's it.  Kasich called it quits, officially making him the 4th place finisher in what became a 2-man race between him and Trump.   God I love politics.

So bring on the Hillary attacks.  I have zero doubt that the Trumpateers will be even more ruthless than they were against Cruz.  Prepare yourself America:



Trump Wins; Takes All of Indiana's 57 Delegates; Ted Cruz Drops Out of Race for President


YUGE news!

<=  Official Cruz campaign response.

That puts his total delegate count (not counting unbound delegates) to 1010, just 227 delegates away from the magic number of 1237, and with Trump-leaning states like West Virginia (34 delegates), California (172 delegates) and New Jersey (51 delegates) on the horizon it didn't bode well for Cruz.

It leaves a "two-person" race with the Karate Chopping Waterboy Kasich, who for some reason is still staying in the race (he must think he can actually stop Trump on his own), which should make for a hilarious end to this Republican Primary.    I'm just waiting for Kasich to say, "FINALLY, a two-man race like everybody's been wanting for weeks!"   Seriously though... who wouldn't like a little icing on the cake in the form of a 90% to single digit win for Trump over KCWB?   :: raises hand ::

Say what you want about Cruz, he recognized the realities of race ahead, contrary to a couple of the candidates that remain.

Given Hillary's current lead and the fact that she'll split the delegate count with Sanders (regardless of who wins  she'll still score in the mid-40's) and be on cruise control until inevitably securing the nomination....  so it's looking more and more like this:








Cruz and Carly... Sittin' in a Tree...

S - I - N - G - I - N - G

So yeah, this happened, and yes, I think it's odd that he's choosing a VP choice, but not really when you consider the possible reason why:


172 California delegates.   That's why.

Now, WILL this be enough to actually stop Trump?  Possibly.  It really depends on how the rest of the delegates shake out, but consider this one additional strategy Cruz has implemented (on top of the Kasich-you-suck-go-spend-your-money-where-it-will-only-be-wasted strategy) to ensure the highest number of delegates going into Cleveland.   This appears to be more of an "every little bit helps" train of thought than it does game-changer.

Here's how California is looking right now:

RCP Average 3/24 - 4/21 -- -- 45.7 28.3 18.0 Trump +17.4
FOX News 4/18 - 4/21 583 LV 4.0 49 22 20 Trump +27
CBS News/YouGov 4/13 - 4/15 1012 LV 4.8 49 31 16 Trump +18
Field 3/24 - 4/4 558 LV 4.0 39 32 18 Trump +7

btw...  Fox News is the only poll sporting Cruz's numbers that low, but regardless Cruz is still in need of a significant swing to help in the national delegate count.   Is Carly popular enough to get him there?   I'll report, you decide.

Remember...  1237 is the magic number:

Whoopsie...  looks like somebody got cut off there at the end... 

...let's try that again:

...THERE we go.  Fixed to get the obnoxious eater on the page (Unbound delegates not included).

Five Thirty Eight has a good breakdown of the delegate count so far and what's ahead.   Key parts/dates worth mentioning:

DateState Delegates Won/Target Won/Target Won/Target Won/Target

MAY 3 Indiana 57
MAY 10 Nebraska 36
  West Virginia 34
MAY 17 Oregon 28
MAY 24 Washington 44
JUNE 7 California 172
  Montana 27
  New Jersey 51
  New Mexico 24
  South Dakota 29
  TOTAL 2,472

So we've got Cruz zeroing in on Indiana (57 delegates) where he trails Trump by about 6 pts, and he'll probably do well in Nebraska, Montana & South Dakota (92 combined delegates)... so yeah, it won't hurt him any getting somebody, something, any beneficial factor to work on that 172 number.

On the flip side Trump is certain to do well in the NE again with W Virginia and New Jersey (85 total delegates) so the likelihood of Cruz cutting down on his 409 point deficit much is rather slim.   That being said, Cruz still has an opportunity to inch closer to 750 delegates overall, which of course won't put him over Trump (who will likely have over 1100 delegates when it's all said and done, but it will help make a stronger case for him in Cleveland when he tries to persuade those remaining delegates (still a lot left over, not even counting the unbound delegates) to hop aboard the Cruz train.

Fun with delegate math:   check out this delegate calculator (courtesy of the NY Times)

Meanwhile the Trumpateers (i.e. Trump supporters, but I prefer that phrase... reminds of the Mousekateers and how they were children) will scream foul, because Trump says so, and because most of them (and much of the media for that matter) don't seem to understand how delegates work, their purpose, or even the process in which they are chosen.   Many also never got involved in grassroots Republican Party politics prior to the arrival of Donald Trump's campaign so they're at a disadvantage when it comes to the national convention... and they know it. 

Also, on a much, much sillier note....  if I were Ted Cruz I'd be calling John Bo(eh)ner and thanking him for his support.  There's simply no better endorsement of conservative  principals than to be childishly attacked by a washed-up, tearful RINO like Bo(eh)ner.




♂ Transphobia on Aisle 13 ♀

So today I had to make a tough decision.    I received a link to a pledge to boycott Target from a old friend after Target issued this press release in regards to "inclusivity", which read:

We believe that everyone—every team member, every guest, and every community—deserves to be protected from discrimination, and treated equally. Consistent with this belief, Target supports the federal Equality Act, which provides protections to LGBT individuals, and opposes action that enables discrimination.

Boy Dog... or Girl Dog? Doesn't Matter!In our stores, we demonstrate our commitment to an inclusive experience in many ways. Most relevant for the conversations currently underway, we welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity.

We regularly assess issues and consider many factors such as impact to our business, guests and team members. Given the specific questions these legislative proposals raised about how we manage our fitting rooms and restrooms, we felt it was important to state our position.

...and what a bold position it is.

Now the tough decision wasn't whether or not to reply back to him saying "stop sending me your stupid links" (like usual), nor whether or not to click the link (which I'm prone to do even if the previous reply holds true), but whether or not to take part in such a bold stance against venturing one of the greatest places known to man...  the women's restroom.

Clearly I have nothing against women's bathrooms.  For starters... they are SO much cleaner.   Seriously guys, flush after you've unleashed hell in a toilet.  On top of that the vast majority of the women's bathroos have diaper changing stations... PERFECT for us dads!   Try finding that in 95% of the men's rooms out there.   The icing on the cake:  tons of women stroll in and out of there on a regular basis.   It seems perfect for perverts like me, but please don't judge, I can't help the way that I am.

So, despite the obvious home runs, I considered AFA's proposal with an open mind nonetheless.   I weighed all the plusses & negatives of this burden sent via Gmail.   To keep an open mind I considered every possible drawback.

I mean, c'mon... we're talking about TARGET here.    I'm pretty sure my mother purchased 100% of my clothing there when I was growing up... usually off the clearance rack, making it extra embarrassing to go to school some days.   You can't put a clearance price on those kind of memories.

Fashion?  Are you kidding me?   If you had to put a gauge on fashion...  with 1 being Wal-Mart and a 10 being Michelle Obama's personal closet, Target is a solid 2... maybe even a 3.   It screams not-quite-the worst when talking about department store fashion.  I can relate to that.

Where else can I possibly go to buy Mossimo?   They were quite possibly THE COOLEST thing going back in my freshman year of high school.   Sure that was roughly 14 years ago, but you never know... early 90's clothing may make the kind of comeback only bellbottoms and fedoras could rival.

Let's not forget the activewear.   I literally have no idea where else they still sell Champion brand.   I didn't even know they were still around, but sure enough, they are alive and well and living just beyond the men's section (a sexist phrase if I've ever seen one) at Target.

Walk another couple aisles further and you'll see the latest and greatest in sporting goods.   Why spend the money on Adidas soccer balls when there's a perfectly good Franklin at a fraction of the price?    Take to the links with a thrifty new Nitro golf set.   What perfect day isn't complete without a ride around the neighborhood on a new Huffy bicycle?   Maybe pick up a Punisher skateboard for that emo kid that of yours that refuses to ride along with you.   He'll be the epidemy of cool when his friends see what a rebel he is on that.   Love, no coupons necessary.

With all these activities you'd be silly not to pick up some extra Hanes X-temp underwear and socks.   They're only available at Target... and everywhere that sells undergarments.

Man, I just made this decision REALLY hard on myself.   While I've been talking about all the good things Target has to offer, that petition has grown from 631,115 to 643,396 (and counting).   That's practically double what it was this morning.   

Maybe what Target really needs to do is turn this inclusivity into a marketing campaign.   Anybody can invite members of the opposite sex into their bathrooms and dressing rooms, but nowhere is there a cross-dresser section.   How about the clothing for those who want to look like a man, but prefer the shape and fit meant for a woman?   Bra sizes?  IMPOSSIBLE for me to judge.   Am I an A-cup?  B-cup?   I haven't completely let myself go, but how am I to know what to choose with all these gender-specific sizes?

Personally I would enjoy it a company just put everything in one section of their department store and said "here's where all the gay stuff is" so I wouldn't have to walk up and down every single aisle determining whether I would truly look gay in it or not.

If you're going to go all-inclusive... do it right Target.

Needless to say, I finally made my choice to sign the petition.   What the hay.   We don't even have any Targets down here anyway.   I now live in the hometown of Wal-Mart.   I'm already surrounded by stores that sell cheap crap I'll never want to buy (but will anyway because I'm frugal...  provided I can't find it on Amazon first)  ...and at least when I DO have to go there I don't have to worry about my daughters walking into a restroom and being met by a perve like me.



Never Forget

Monday marks the anniversary of the famed Doolittle Raid.

Nice summary here, with excerpts from "30 Seconds Over Tokyo."

Of course, this was back when the American president knew who the enemy was, and was not afraid to name him. 


Name This Thread

I know there is a new thread pending, but as it is still unpublished, and there has been a persistent howling for a new thread, this will do for now.  It needs a headline.  Send suggestions.


Rubio Throws in Towel; Kasich Tries to Catch It

It looks like a fat slab of reality hit Rubio upside the head yesterday in the form of a double-digit defeat in his home state of Florida, prompting him to call it quits on his bid for President, but not before giving one hell of a concession speach.  If he's lukcy his decision to stick it through Florida won't destroy his political future.   He's young and talented, but his naivety tends to guide him towards his establishment buddies that fill his head with really bad advice...  like staying in the race as long as he did, amongst other things.  I can only guess how many of those same advisors told Mitt Romney to take it easier on Obama in 2012.

Kasich however hasn't quite warmed up to common sense.   He's determined to stick it out to the end with hopes of securing the nomination, something Glenn Beck today called "delusional", but I disagree...   it's not delusional, it's purposeful.  Does he really believe what he says or is he just saying what needs to be said to justify this insistence of staying in the race?   If he drops out now it opens up the possibilty of two things the GOP hates to think about before bedtime:  Trump and/or Cruz securing enough delegates to secure the Republican Party nomination before the convention (which I hear should be a hoot).

Few people seem to recall (partly due to the short-term memories & lack of knowledge that thrives in American voters) but Kasich began the debates as the GOP-establishment flamethrower, attacking candidates at the very onset, interrupting everybody to talk about himself and flailing his arms like an unseasoned buffoon (cue the Karate Kid Kasich reference).

He is the only candidate in the race that managed to make Donald Trump once look tame.

However now we’re being told (constantly might I add) that he’s not the attack-type, "because people are getting sick and tired of this angry talk", and really just a level-headed, soft-spoken moderate that gets along with every stinkin' Democrat from here to the hooka bar.  Sure, it's all complete and utter bullshit, and many (especially the establishment...  who are probably cheering him on and encouraging him to stay in the race) know he was never a viable candidate to begin with.   Now suddenly he's their only hope.   Irony.

“My numbers are going up” he says… well, duh.  Everybody else has dropped out except you and two others. Of course you’re numbers have gone up.  That's how divison works.  But hey, keep thinking it's because of your ever-changing message and not due to the party's decreased options.

(Hmmm... maybe he is delusional after all)

His staying in the race of course leaves the following possibilities:

a) He prevents Cruz from securing the most delegates
b) He prevents Trump from securing ENOUGH delegate
c) He allows an opportunity for the GOP to pick their own candidate
d) He leads to the end of the Republican Party, because if stolen, people will flee the party for a less crooked alternative (like myself, a county/district/state delegate and Cruz supporter).

If the GOP tries what I fear they will it’ll be suicide for the Republican Party.  

Cue the 3rd party talk.

Okay, listen up my fellow/possible party defectors:  You might be even dumber than the GOP guys secretly talking about sabataging the party for the candidate of your choice... WAIT, no, I take that back... THAT of course was pretty much BEYOND stupid, but still is this plan any different that what the GOP is (likely) planning?    Unless you can secure a SIGNIFANT amount of votes (which you likely wont) all you'll be doing is taking away probable Republican votes to support your little protest-candidate, in turn guaranteeing a win for Mrs. You-Know-Who (D).    

The even more ironic part of the story it that after all those anti-Trump Republicans that begged Trump to vow (and even sign a pledge) NOT to run as a 3rd party candidate months ago have now morphed into anti-Trump Republicans considering a 3rd party candidate to instead defeat him.   In other words: sore losers.

Since I'm a sports-guy I can't help but think of a sports analogy to compare it to:   It's as if it's the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl.  We're in the lead and have all the momentum (have you not seen the number of Dem voters compared to that of Rep voters this cycle?) and all we have to do is play the rest of the game smart and close it out, but instead of playing it smart we have the power-hungry coach, a rouge offensive coordinator, 2 star running backs and the quarterback going off 3 entirely different playbooks.   The coach is hoping they'll fumble the ball and make a game out of it.   The coordinator is calling for hail mary's just because "hey,  the last thing we want is a fumble right now".  Meanwhile the QB (that's us by the way) just wants to hand the ball off to one of our two star running backs and let him run the ball right up the middle of the opposing teams weak and tired defense.    

Oh... and we have a water boy on the sidelines practicing karate.

I mean, c'mon guys...  we're talking about running against the woman who JUST said we didn't lose any lives in Libya.  Libya!   Apparently she hasn't seen that movie.    They're tripping themselves (while running away from Inspector Generals) and all we're doing is trying to trip harder and faster.

I get it... Trump is not my candidate either (I'm 100% in the tank for Cruz), but if you think giving away the next election to Hilary Clinton is going to draw anybody to your political alternative you have another thing coming.   I'll vote for Trump in a New York minute if given that choice  combined with possible consequences.  Do you really want to become the individuals responsible for the Supreme Court shifting radically left and doing more irrepairable damage that even Obama himself couldn't have dreamed up on his own.

Conservative politicians have toppled the GOP establishment time and time again.   Heck, I watch us do it in Iowa (before watching it squandered by fellow Libertarians).   We've seen candidates like Ted Cruz, Dave Brat, Mike Lee, Matt Bevin, etc... take on the GOP and win, as REPUBLICANS.  It's what truly makes us the bigger tent party, unlike the other party that considers themselves more diverse just because of their wide array of left-wing social justice warriors.   

How about instead of a Republican death march you focus on how popular the Republican Party is getting this cycle.   Like football, politics is a game of inches.   Small gains now open up the possibility for bigger gains down as time progresses.


Make or Break Time Approaching

Will March 15 be the end for most candidates? 

Will Kasich win his own state of Ohio?

Will Rubio win his own state of Florida?

Will Cruz improve his standing enough to remain viable?

Will Hillary cruise to an insurmountable lead over Red Bernie, thanks to DNC rigging of the process?

Will Trump continue to roll, or could his bubble burst on the 15th?

Will the RNC continue to behave like raving loons and encourage losers like McCain and Romney to carry on with the suicide mission of destroying the party?






South Carolina, He/She Bathrooms, and Whatever Thread

So... Trump is likely to win S.C., according to polls.  At the same time, polls show him losing to Red Bernie and Hildegard.  With the unfortunate death of Mr. Justice Scalia, these are very frightening times.

Meanwhile, assorted leftist loons, the ACLU, and Planned Infanticide all have their panties in a twist because South Dakota is on the verge of saying that boys should use the boys' bathroom and girls should use the girls' bathroom.  Oh, the humanity! 

What else wonderful is going on? 



New Hampshire

A blowout by Sanders and Trump? 


Will R voters surprise us with the order of finish?  Where does Cruz need to finish to remain viable?  Is Rubio going to suffer, after his awful robotic debate performance?


Will D voters close ranks behind The Old Crooked Bag, or will they drift off into the magical land of Free Stuff and Money Trees? 

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