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They're BAAAA-ack...

Oh, Planned Parenthood...  I'd feel bad relishing in your downfall if I didn't despise you so.

First there was this revealing video and now they're hit with a second damning video:


Yup... a Lamoborghini...  don't we all?

After somewhat agreeing on $100/organ Mary Gatter (Medical Director for Planned Parenthood) says she had to call the other California affilitiates of Planned Parenthood to see what they're getting, just to make sure they weren't getting substantially more....   which of course they'd just laugh at her, right?  Because Planned Parenthood doesn't profit from tissue "donations" in any way... right?

Now... Will the media talk about it or will we have to wait for the other videos to drop?

(Guess we'll see...)



Liberal Fantasy-Fiction Writers at Rolling Stone Talk About That Time the Union Really Showed That Disgraceful Scott Walker a Thing or Two

That title was intentially left way too long to fully illustrate just how funny this was:

 Yup, Union fat toe with a mustache takin' care of biz...  and only a few years too late.

"DESTROYED!"  (Totes adorbs!)

Rolling Stone's Simon Vozick-Levinson (don't ask me why it looks like he sports a maiden-name) had to REALLY stretch the significance of AFL-CIO leader Richard Trumka's remarks.    He even goes on in his joke of an article to complain about Walker, calling him one of the most hardcore right-wing extremists andRepublican zealot, before finally complaining about how bad he's destorying things by doing the job he was elected to do...  you know, the usual article written by a progressive "journalist.

But the elaboration over this Trumka's quote definitely takes today's cake:

Oh, BURN...  you totally got the best of him Dick.


(This is certain to get good)


The FORBIDDEN Open Thread

Seriously... I tried to post this earlier, but apparantly, in my attempt to be a good website manager, I broke something on my end:

Heh.... so I'm locked out at work, which is okay really because I finally put in my notice, started packing my things, and in just 3 short weeks will be on my way to sunny/humid Arkansas (assuming everything goes according to plan).

I'm not holding my breath however because TECHNICALLY we should have been moving tomorrow, but the yahoo buying our land (/seed money) couldn't come up with the loan and tried lying us into dropping the price $200k, claiming their assessment "could or could not confirm whether or not hazardous material had been dumped on the land and COULD (or could not) require an EPA evaluation down the road"  (empahsis... mine) which I asked, "so... you have nothing?"

It of course was a ploy, and we called his bluff when we told him that all the material dumped on the site was clean fill material from the city only and had documentation for everything dumped there... "oh, and by the way, we are testing the area in question and should have results for you by the end of the day."   Needless to say he backed out after that, just 3 days before our land was supposed to close off a 90-day contract, which would then be the down payment on our new house.

Fortunately we had aces in our back pocket and the deal is still going through.  It will be purchased by a nice, more trustworthy person, who we've loving he nicknamed "the Lorax" because one of his selling points to him buying our land was that he wanted to save the trees.  More importantly, his funds are in place, so that's good... so we can still move this summer while the kids are out of school, we just got delayed a few weeks.  

Ernest money is on the way via certified mail (thank you US Postal Service for taking your jolly sweet time) so I guess now I can call myself a soon-to-be Arkansanian... or whatever they call themselves down there.    Ankansawyer?  Banjo player?   I dunno, does it matter?   

At least we'll have something to talk about:

...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...  GOOD times!

Well, that's really all I got, and it's getting late, so have at it...


Obama Administration Goes Full-Frontal Stupidity on Illegal Immigration & Gun Control

What more can you expect from people that jump all over one tragedy until the next to score political points any time they can?

First the real tragedy of this story... this young woman, Kathryn Steinle, is dead today.  She was murdered on Thursday by the hands of Francisco Sanchez, an illegal immigrant who'd been previously deported FIVE (5) TIMES and currently resides in the beautiful, bustling, sanctuary city of San Francisco.


He was arrested in March on a drug warrant and turned over to San Francisco Police Department.  He was later released by the SFPD after charges were dropped, despite ICE listing him as a priority and requesting he be turned back over to them before his release so they could take him into custody and deport him (again).

Bottom line... this piece of trash should have never been wandering any of our cities' streets. 

Cue the city of San Francisco in all their brilliance:

In May 2014, San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi announced his “no-holds ICE policy,” saying the department would no longer honor immigration detention requests “unless they are supported by judicial determination of probable cause or with a warrant of arrest.”

“We followed both the city ordinance and our policy, which is that we don’t honor ICE detainers — which are a request, not a legal basis,” Freya Horne, an attorney at the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, said Friday.

...because really, what's the worst that could happen by releasing illegal immigrants with at least 7 felonies to his rap sheet back onto the street despite the federal government's pesky little "requests" to deport?

(Oh yeah... murder)  

But the story goes on...  

Bring out the White House's Josh Earnest, Chief Liar for President Lies-a-Lot to do his usual pushback of the left wing narrative (i.e. lie some more), all while refusing to comment on a damning issue... right after he chose to cast the blame all on the GOP...

...and of course the growing gun violence they created:

 (because illegal immigrants don't kill people... gun violence caused by Republicans kill people)

When asked by reporters about critics of President Obama’s immigration enforcement policies, Earnest insisted that it was actually Republicans who are fault for voting against the Gang Of Eight bill last year, pointing out that it contained funding to increase border security.

“The fact is that the president has done everything within his power to make sure that we are focusing our law enforcement resources on criminals and those who pose a threat to public safety and it’s because of the political efforts of Republicans that we have not been able to make the kind of investment that we’d like to make in securing our border and keeping our community safe,” Earnest said.

Francisco Sanchez was charged with shooting and killing a 32-year-old San Francisco woman last week, lleading to criticism from illegal immigration activists. Earnest deferred questions about details of the case to the Department of Homeland Security.

So Obama's mouthpiece with a tie decides to go all Louis Lerner on us by refusing to take questions while at the same time deflecting any criticism by blaming "the other guys" instead.   Must be a popular strategy, especially after it worked out so great for her, and appears to be doing equally as well for him... especially when the left has consistently been the biggest opposition to the right's calls for increased border security.

He continued by plugging the Obama policy of refusing to tear illigal immigrant families apart:

Oh, you mean families, like... this one?

(Never let a good crisis go to waste)

So bottom line, if I get what the White House is saying here...  pay no attention to the violence sanctuary cities can attract, but instead focus on gun violence, despite this man's inability to acquire one legally because a) he's an illegal and b) he's a felon.


Happy Independence Day Open Thread

I should post something honoring the good ol' Declaration of Independence but after watching this next video I lost faith in the intelligence of the general public and became afraid some first time visitors to the site might not understand what I'm talking about:

Have a Happy 4th,

- SDiA


Trump Dumped by NBC Universal 

NBC has dumped Donald Trump for "derogatory statements" made about illegal immagrants from Mexico.   

Here's NBC's official statement:

“At NBC, respect and dignity for all people are cornerstones of our values. Due to the recent derogatory statements by Donald Trump regarding immigrants, NBCUniversal is ending its business relationship with Mr. Trump. To that end, the annual Miss USA and Miss Universe Pageants, which are part of a joint venture between NBC and Trump, will no longer air on NBC. In addition, as Mr. Trump has already indicated, he will not be participating in The Apprentice on NBC. Celebrity Apprentice is licensed from Mark Burnett’s United Artists Media Group and that relationship will continue.”

No, it's not a joke... NBC, parent of MSNBC, says they respect all cornerstones and values.

I bet she has a great personality(I know, I kid...)

Now the funny part is this comes right after Univision picked a fight with Trump over the same comments.  First they dropped his Miss USA pagaent, which led to Trump banning them from his golf courses and Univision telling their employees not to stay on Trump-owned properties.   The icing on the cake was when Univision's President of Programming and Content Alberto Ciurana compared Trump to the Charleston gunman (who's name shall not be named) before quickly deleting it (Yeah, that rarely makes it go away unnoticed).

The Univision exec tried to issue an apology to Trump, but the Donald has made it clear he wants no part of any apology acceptinng, and plans to sue Univision for "a tremendous amount of money."

Now comes NBC...  bring the beer and popcorn... there's certain to be fireworks.



I REALLY Hope This Is Just Somebody at Townhall's Idea of a Sick Joke

Okay, first off... call me a sucker.   I have a tendancy to complete online polls that pop up when scouring pages and pages of internet articles each day.   It's a bad habit, I know...

... but as Johnny Number Five used to say   ==>

Unfortunately it doesn't stop there.   I click on sidebar images (i.e. "click bait") that say "Check Out These Botched Prison Tattoos", "You Won't Believe What These Famous Hotties Look Like Now", "These Natural Medicines Could Be the Keys to the Fountain of Youth" or "You HAVE to See (insert whatever sexy, funny or bizarre time wasting fascination you might want to see)".  

I can't get enough... even though in back of my head I ponder what new computer virus each press of the button will invite in.  It doesn't matter, I keep clicking.  One distraction after the next.  I even get distracted by bright flashing lights.   If I die and get reincarnated as a mosquito it's almost a certainty that I'll die (again) by flying towards that bright, buzzing blue light of a bug zapper.

Sure, it'll shock me, but will it shock me as much as the wacked out poll results I saw tonight from a Townhall pop-poll question I decided to answer, after landing on Hot Air upon, get this, jumping all over even more click-bait: 


(as of Saturday night at 9:30pm when I took this poll)

Mitt Romney      <=  Wait... Seriously?  (SDiA)
Ben Carson
Scott Walker
Ted Cruz
Write-in        <=  Mickey Mouse still has a sporting chance (SDiA)
Rand Paul
Sarah Palin
Marco Rubio
Jeb Bush       <=  I wish he was much further down (SDiA)
Mike Huckabee
Allen West
Chris Christie  
Paul Ryan
John Kasich
Rick Perry
Bobby Jindal
Carly Fiorina
Rick Santorum
Donald Trump     <=  This is who the media will air nonstop until Iowa (SDiA)
Jim Demint
John Bolton
Lindsey Graham  <=  Heh  (SDiA)
John McCain       <=  Heh, just for seeing him mentioned (SDiA)
Michelle Bachmann  
George Pataki
Mike Pence
Susana Martinez
Total Votes: 64,212



An Overtly Offensive Weekend Open Thread

Thought you got rid of me, huh?   Nope... always time for zingers like this:

Hey... relax, it's just a battle flag chocked full of Democrat ideologies.   I'm trying to coexist here!  How about you haters just take a step back and conform already?  Sheesh.  You're acting like it's perverse.   We're just trying to have a good time.   Friggin' commies!  COMMIES!!

Of course, there's always gonna be some rabble-rousers.  

(that last link is for Red... i know how much he "loves" the Huckster)  /sarcasm

Feeling like all hope is lost yet?  Don't worry, there's always next week.  Maybe we'll find out what happened to Hillary's lost emails now that we're finally seeing what happened to Louis Lerner's hard drive...  apparently it failed due to impact... we have a lead... cue the video footage:

(good thing it was shredded afterwards)


That's about all I got at the moment...

Don't forget to watch, uh, women's soccer tonight, or something...

Drinking game for tonight:  

Take a swig every time you think a dirty thought that involves Hope Solo!


... and yes, I just started drinking.   -SDiA


Page 13... Since Some People Can't Take a Hint... :: points at you ::

Arguments.  Name calling.  Smears.  Phony accusations.   

The beauty of politics is that its so simple.   Almost TOO simple.   Simple enough that even at it's most complicated moments you can still sum it up into one universal statement and have it hold true for anybody who follows politics, regardless of party or beliefs, that THIS is what it's become:

"What do you mean... ALL Lives Matter?!"It's nothing spectacular. It's certainly no masterpiece.  It's pretty much on par with everything we see on a daily basis.  We look at it.  Maybe laugh it off.  Perhaps adamantly ridicule it.  Tweet it out to our followers with an insulting #hashtag to cutesy it up.  Copy and paste it to our Facebook friends so they can either be annoyed by you cluttering up their timeline (again) with more of your politics they can't stand... or decide to pile on in agreement and tell that same jackwagon how much bandwidth their opinions are wasting.

But don't stop there. Tell them again and again. Waste your whole night talking about much you don't want to waste any more time debating imbicilies like them, with all their closeminded rhetoric and absolute silliness.  Talking points.  Stupidity.  Hate speech.   You can't get enough.  You're absolutely LOVING hating this garbage. 

Now we're becoming a full-blown hypocrite.  Now we're fully embracing politics.

BUT WAIT... it only gets better.   In fact, it always gets better, even when it gets worse.  

Not only do we get fine moments where we can attack the other side with reckless keystokes stoked by animosity, but we are blessed with the good fortunes of finding faults with people we once thought were on OUR SIDE!  

Republicans siding with Obama for TPP without reading it? 

Democrats and Conservatives lashing out over it... together?

Both sides looking around and wondering if its some practical joke.

No... it's better than that...'s politics, you suckers!  

(I hope you're offended)



Thread's open (duh).  

You can stay all night, you just can't sleep here.


Say Goodbye Open

Well...this is it. Other than the Morning in the Museum on Sunday and tomorrow's music, the site is closed. I want to thank the editors who've helped me out over the years, and of course, those of you who visited regularly.

I'll be keeping the site up a couple weeks (but will not be updating) so that any of you who want to exhange email addresses can do so. There will be an E-Mail link over on the menu (to the left) tomorrow.

Thanks again to everyone.


Fourth of July Open

Have a great fourth of July celebration, enjoy the long weekend, and take a minute to listen to our National Anthem, quite beautifully performed by Catina Mack:

Have a great weekend and feel free to post what you like.


Reason to Move Home Open

After every winter snow or humid, hot summer day,  I tell myself I'm moving back to California. Of course, I never do, but this farmer's market has me seriously considering packing up and finally heading west.  I was a bit worried about my cat's reaction to moving,  but she seems receptive to the idea too...

By the way...I'm going to set up a semi-private page here to allow those of you who want to share email addresses a place to post it. I'll put it up late next week. I was going to continue the site as music-only but it appears youtube will be pulling its indie music videos, so now I'm thinking I'll just shut things down. I'll make a final decision in two weeks.


Have a nice weekend and post what you like.


Five Seconds of Stupidity Weekend

I have nothing to post this week, so rather than put up a silly image, I decided to put up some silly film clips instead, courtesy of 5Secondfilms:

Have a nice weekend and post what you like.



Friday the 13th Open

Friday the 13th is not really an unlucky day, but but I doubt the people shown in this video would agree:

Have a nice weekend and post what you like.


Workman's Comp Open

Odd jobs: this poor employee was recently asked by his boss to simulate an escape from his place of employment---a zoo on the island of Tenerife---while wearing a gorilla suit. Unfortunately for the employee, he slipped on his way out the gate, allowing a veterinarian on duty nearby to bring him down with a tranquilizer gun.

Now, this story appears to be turning into a cover-up as the zoo is now claiming the man was not wearing a gorilla suit at all...

Have a nice weekend and post what you like...