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Happening Now

Here's some of the latest news from my favorite announcer, Ozzy Man:



It's Gorsuch Week

Let's see just how stupid Chuckie and his leftie Dem caucus can be. 


John McCain, Time For You To Retire

McCain seems increasingly unable to control his irrational side.  Whatever the cause, be it dementia or just a nasty temperment, the problem is getting worse.  Now he has decided to accuse, on the record, on the floor of the Senate, a fellow senator, Rand Paul, of working for Vladimir Putin. 

McCain is the poster boy for term limits. 



The Obama Shadow Government

The "get Trump" agenda has plumbed new depths.  There is nothing, and I repeat, NOTHING that the left will not do in the attempts to harm our duly elected chief executive and the Republican majority in Congress.  The leftists would be smugly satisfied to see the entire country burned to the ground, if they thought they could recapture power. 

Treason involves consorting with our enemies, but in this case the leftists ARE our enemies. 



Investigating Flynn - A Double-edged Sword

Looks like the House will be probing the whole Russia/Flynn/leaks fiasco.  One target of the investigation will be Obama's DOJ/FBI staff.  The leaks violated federal law, and someone (or multiple someones) at the DOJ, the NSA, or the CIA is guilty as hell. 

Go ahead, you leftie screamers.  You go right ahead and "get" Flynn.  But you probably won't like the fallout. 



Weekend News

Here is something from Ozzyman that adds a little levity to this Friday:

Have a nice weekend. 



The site is back up, so have at it.



Thanks, Tom, for letting me know there was an issue.


The End of an Error

Inauguration Day 2016.

Brace for impact.





New Open Thread

Let's discuss whatever, from Delicate Snowflakes to Vlad the Impaler, from the Islamification of Europe to the leftist plan to bring Europe's crisis to the U.S. 

Or maybe just declare an objective reason why bacon is the best kind of vegetable. 


Trump Team Floats the Idea of Stone Cold Steve Austin for Secretary of the State, "Sources Say"

Okay, not really, but hey...  it doesn't sound a whole lot different than much of the media's spitballing in hopes of a catchy title.   BRING ON THE CLICK BAIT!

Yes, the same media that got the election so horribly wrong and made steak night with the fam sound like World War III is now going  hog wild by throwing names around at every cabinet position imaginable.   Rudy Gulliani, Nicki Haley, John Bolton, Mitt Romney, just some of them so far, courtesy of "inside sources".

I can't help but picture the media throwing darts at a list of random Republican names & every cabinet post left to fill...

"Dr Ben Carson...  for...  DEPT OF AG?  Shoot... I was aiming for Health & Human Services!"

On top of it they're already giving his administration bad press because they aren't choosing fast enough, even comparing the timeliness of his cabinet appointees to those of Barack Obama's back in 2008.   Anybody that payed attention to the 30-some WikiLeaks (clearly, not the media however) can tell you that's a bad comparison to bring up, especially if they're a liberal (which they clearly are):

...and then this:

In case you've been too busy focusing on Play-Doh sculptures in your safe space, what that basically shows is CitiBank almost picking Obama's cabinet positions in its entirety clear back in the October of 2008, prior to his first election as President.   Even that didn't happen within the first couple weeks, soooo... try not to sound so upset that Trump hasn't rushed out a list on day 1 and is instead vetting people with the help of Mike Pence.   You're only discrediting yourselves even further when you do.

Kubos to Axelrod:


When the media isn't taking time out of their busy day to guess tomorrow's story about Trump's cabinety, they fill in the gaps with stories about "peaceful" protests (/riots) by people angry about Trump, or overly-sensitive basketcases that need to fill their day with quiet time, therapy dogs, crayon drawings and public cry-ins.... you know, cuz, Trump, or something.   

In two weeks time we've gone from talking about Trump grabbing people by the pussies to pussies grabbing tissues over Trump.    In that same time Clinton supporters have ditched the whole "Love Trumps Hate" & "When they go low, we go high" to...  "Screw it, let's kill him!"

The left is quickly turning into an even bigger laughing stock than they were and seem totally disconnected from the current state of affairs, as if an election 10 days ago didn't spell it out for them.  Maybe it's hard to see the reality of the situation when they'rr too busy being angry, or sad, or scared, or whatever weakened, frail position they prefer to portray their victimization as.  

All I can say is...  1 PotUS, 54 Senate seats, 247 House seats and 31 Governors later...  I really don't care what you want to mope about.   Whatever.  Cry all you want/need to.   At the end of the day the GOP still won this one.   Take your own advice and deal with it in whatever way works best for you...  and try to ignore us snickering over here as we look on.

If you think this is bad:  Wait until January 20th, 2017

If you think that'll be bad:   Wait until November 6th, 2018'll likely lose even more control that day, and it'll be fun too.



Yup, It's That Time

What will we do when the season is over?

Quick thoughts...

After watching the World Series, all I can hope for is a Presidential Election that is equally as down to the wire as that, otherwise it'll be a big yawn...   so here's my picks!   (create your own at and share below and we'll see who's closest...  winner buys the rest of the site drinks).

I do wonder though... if Hillary wins, will she bring back the art, furniture, silverware and fancy china she took back in 2001?   If Trump wins, will the White House be upgraded to a Trumpesque golden interior?

We still haven't addressed what we'd call Bill Clinton. First Man?  Feel like the feminists will have a hissy fit with that one.

Or could we make history and have the first First Lady that ever posed topless?

Either way, history will be made, and you'll be glued (unless you just bought the newest Call of Duty...  if that's the case you can look for me on Playstation 4...  skinnydipinacid)

Live stream links here, here, here and here.




World Series Weekend at Wrigley (GO CUBS!)

So it's no big secret I've been a Cubs for as long as I can remember, so of course I'm stoked just to see my team in the World Series this year.   It's definitely been a fun ride to say the least.   First we had an amazing regular season, then beat up on the Giants and Madison Baumgartner in an instant classic of a Divisional Series after listening to the sports media talk about how unstoppable he was, only to then deal with the same sports media praise Clayton Kershaw and his LA Dodgers before beating them in the NLCS.  Now we're starting to hear the same glorious praise yet again in regards to Corey Kluber and the Indians.   Fortunately this team is not your typical Cubs team (i.e. "lovable losers') and continue to impress.

Watch them all... it'll be good for you...  and 'Merica!

Soooo... since the last time we briefly spoke, a lot has been happening, so I thought I'd try to take a little more time out of my busy life to post.  After all, last time I rushed it a certain somebody got all pissy about discrepancies.  God forbid I allow any of you to have to sit and listen to whine-tits all weekend (Lord knows I tune it out like it's nothing).

Let's start with my personal favorite...  the Project Veritas undercover stings on Democrat groups that were paying crazies to infiltrate Trump events and cause havoc.   Personally, I love havoc, and I've always loved getting into the political fray when it comes to crazy liberals, militant unions and argumentative (D)ipshits.   These videos have not only proven what I've witnessed (and many have assumed) happens regularly in election years (bussing people in, paid protestors, suppressing registrations, etc.) but now show HOW they, a despised right-wing group, became so trusted with such prevelant information...   MONEY:

Yup, a wire transfer by foreign donors to be exact...  Hillary would be proud.   Kudos to their crew for doing such an in-depth unearthing.   You would think journalists would consider their efforts admirable.   You would (of course) be wrong.  Surprised?

(Real, hard-hitting, investigative journalism died a long time ago)

Now if this wasn't bad enough, we're now up to Podesta email leak #19 and counting.  Some great American even went so far as to make a spreadsheet of all the incriminating stuff with links to each.   Somebody buy this individual a beer for me. 

What's even better...  Democrats keep deflecting this information (saying it was obtained criminally, could be doctored, or "RUSSIANS!!!") but not once have they attempted to prove that any of the emails contained in these leaks are untrue to releasing original emails/docs to contradict all our drooling assumptions:

   Yup, just tooooooo busy.

It's the same type of same type of "counter-argument" they make while trying to minimize the Project Veritas videos.  "Whaaa, he doctored footage...  how are we to trust these videos of people saying damning things we can't even begin to defend?"   So much deflection you'd think they were playing raquetball by themselves (because nobody else is buying it).

Yet despite all this news Turd Sandwhich is still leading Giant Douche (shout out to all any South Park fans) according to many polls out there, but Anthony Salvanto of CBS says wait... you may be missing something (and I agree with him):

First time voters and even voters that may not have voted in the past few elections are starting to poke their head and it's starting to make an impact on the polling numbers.  They might voter early, or they might wait until election day, which may make the Podesta leaks that have yet to be released (not to mention the promises of other damaging releases "they" claim to have) could put an even bigger twist on the final tallies.  

If you think Hillary has it in the bag you're either lying to me or you're lying to yourself.  Many of the polls heavily favor Hilllary are relying on percentages that related to voter turnout in Obama's election years.   Here's the problem, Democrats:   Hillary Clinton ain't no Barack Obama.  

I mean, just look at all those Clinton yard signs flooding your neighborhoods, or the massive crowds her campaign is attracting.  She has no momentum and all they are trying to do is drive their busted up DNC shuttle bus across the finish line, hoping not to blow another tire (or engine) before getting them and the voters their bussing to the polls there.

Gotta love it... otherwise you'll hate it.

Well, until next time... #FlyTheW Cubs fans, hope you have a great weekend. As for the rest of you, I hope you have a slightly-better-than-mediocre weekend, unless of course you're an Indians fan...  I kinda hope their weekend sucks, for my team's sake.  GO CUBS! 


A Quick Look at Hillary Clinton's Resume

I don't see any source info, so I can't credit anyone for this, but I'd like to. 

Actually, that resume is only the tip of the iceberg.  Feel free to add the scandal du jour. 



Weekend Hurricane Party

Matthew, go away.  Leave.  Vamoose.  Get outta here. 


Wake the Dead... They'll Need to Vote This November

Harrisonburg, VA caught 20 dead people registering to vote... wonder which nominee inspired them so much as to take time from their eternal nap to get to the polls?

Others weren’t convinced that the case represents a close brush with election fraud.

Del. Marcus B. Simon, D-Fairfax, said it’s “very disingenuous” to suggest the applications were part of a large-scale fraud, because votes would have to be cast either in person by elderly impostors or through absentee ballots sent to real home addresses.

“There’s no way any reasonable person could conclude that this was part of an effort to actually cast votes for people that aren’t able to cast votes,” Simon said.

iframe width="590" height="332" src="" frameborder="no" scrolling="no" noresize marginwidth="0" marginheight="0">

...basically he's saying there's no fraud because they didn't actually vote, despite it being voter registration fraud.   

Sheesh... Democrats these days.


Have a great weekend.