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A Man is Known by the Friends He (or his wife) Keeps - Part Trey

As the pieces of the puzzle come together, Obama's questionable associations are looking less and less coincidental, and more and more as though they are part of a disturbing pattern. 

Here we have Michelle Obama listing herself as a "friend" of a Hamas-connected character.   

But, of course, the evidence has been removed from the Obama campaign website.  Gone.  Never happened.  Nothing to see here.  Except that some sharp-eyed bloggers snagged screen shots of the blog page in question, in both stages of its life prior to being scrubbed clean.

Each new revelation of Obama's disreputable associations raises new questions about his fitness for public office.  The collective total of these associations is nearing critical mass, politically. 


The Carter Legacy Hunt Officially Dead

One more reminder today that not only is Mr. Carter a grandstanding, undermining, meddling attention-seeker, but an utter failure in his desperate hunt for a legacy.  We can only hope that this catastrophe will convince him to go home and be satisfied hammering a few nails at Habitat sites, the one thing he has been doing that has positive results.


This terribly interesting electoral map

. . . . is apparently being circulated by Senator Clinton’s camp. She says it shows her strength vs. John McCentury, but actually it seems to demonstrate the opposite: in nominating Obama, Democrats would present McCain with a much more difficult electoral challenge.

Be forewarned before you click  

that it’s NSFW in the respect that it’s the Great Orange Satan.


For Republicans, It's ALL Good

Based on the impression you’d get from the analyses of the major media stars and GOP shills everywhere, they’ve never seen a party having a healthy, respectful, and constructive debate over who’d make the best standard bearer. With every win or strength shown by Senator Clinton supposedly “exposing the weaknesses” of Senator Obama—and vice-versa—to them it’s all a Perfect GOP World we live in, after all.

“What just happened? Oh, that’s good for Rethuglicans! Oh, the opposite just happened? Why, that’s even better for Rethuglicans! It’s ALL good for Rethuglicans!”

This is serious whistling-past-the-graveyard.

In fact, the special election that just installed a new Democratic Congressman in a Mississippi +10 R district bodes very badly indeed for the party of Lincoln. We can bet hundreds of thousands of young, newly registered Democrats surely did not come on board just to cast their votes for

 the guy who picks up the TV remote when the phone rings, or stands in the grocery store aisle comparing high-fiber breakfast cereals, or, for that matter, hired a lobbyist to run his campaign.

The GOP shills consistently identify Obama’s “inability” to attract white blue-collar voters as somehow applicable to an Obama/McCain matchup. It’s not. Its only relevant to an Obama/ Clinton choice. Older, white, blue-collar voters, and older white women, are convinced Hillary is tough enough to beat John McCain, and they fret that Obama might not be. When rivals disagree so little on ideology, electability and style take over.

Despite adoring uncritical media coverage (which he can fully expect will continue) and a lack of attention while the Democratic contenders beat each other up, the antique husband of a drug-stealing beer heiress is only about even (or less) with them. We can expect that fairyland to end abruptly when a nominee does emerge and begins to focus on a fact so far roundly ignored:

Century Man’s economic numbers don’t add up. Not even close enough to fudge it.

You can’t promise tax cuts as far as the eye can see and war without end, all the while preposterously claiming you’ll fund them both with the relatively few billions represented by earmarks, or, even more absurdly, claim Magic Fairy Pixie Dust Tax Cut Free Money ™ will save the day. No serious person believes this, though many ‘Nooshans do.

McCentury’s grasp of matters economic is shallow to begin with. Clumsy efforts to pull a fast one on this stuff will deeply damage his carefully constructed but fragile image as a “Straight-Talker.” Despite his fabulously wealthy wife, he seems unable to raise a buck, while the Obama cash machine looks unstoppable.

Anyone who thinks large swaths of Hillary’s base—or Obama’s, if it comes to that—are going to migrate to John McCentury in November, despite how enthusiastically the major media will work to engineer it, must be smoking something pretty good.

It’s just not a year the electorate is saying “Thank you, sir, may we have another?”


Obama Strategist Slips Up; Tells Truth

Good grief. Open mouth, insert foot. This latest gaffe has been picked up by Bill Clinton, and is being used in his campaign appearances.

Obama needs better "strategists."  Axelrod should be fired. Not for lying, though; for telling the truth.

[Hat tip: Redstate]

A Man is Known by the Friends He Keeps - Part Deux

Here we have a politician who is more careless in his associations than Barack Obama, and seemingly even more oblivious to the predictable outcry that results.  Worse, judging by some of his comments, the case could be made that he not only spoke to the Nazis, but is in step with their agenda.    

What politician in his right mind (that may be the key issue here) decides it's a grand idea to campaign to a group of Nazis?  It probably doesn't rate much serious examination, really; the man has signed his own political death warrant, and no one will miss him. 

It's simply astounding.     

[Hat tip to Little Green Footballs]



A Man is Known by the Friends He Keeps

Yet another bit of bother for the campaign of Barack Obama has surfaced.  In combination with the Rev. Wright flare-up, his connection with domestic terrorists Ayres & Dohrn, his endorsement by Iran and by Hamas, now this comes out:

Aside from the basic fact that his policies are so far to the radical left that he attracts such support, has it never occurred to Obama, as a political competitor, that these connections are devastating to his campaign?  Or does he really believe that he can keep a lid on this by diverting his adoring followers' attention through the continued vacuous platitudes about change and hope?

Perhaps he can blame any fallout on Charlie Gibson or George Stephanopoulos.      



Dignity, or Lack Thereof

Oh, man!

I thought it was undignified for the Presidential candidates to be shilling for a professional wrestling event.

 Then I saw this clip of Goofy.

And all I could think was: aw, that ain't right.



It Truly Beggars Understanding

But Murdoch's Wall Street Journal seems to have given Thomas Frank a regular stable on its op-ed page.

Yup. You heard that right.  Like the New York Times hiring on William "the Bloody' Kristol, this promises to be an interesting relationship.


Former Israeli Foreign Minister Pens a Must-Read

It’s not news the US can’t inspire the people of the Middle East, ruled largely by Western-friendly autocrats. What IS news: US power might also be losing its capacity to intimidate.


Time Out: Getting Lost on Purpose

Politics and the usual depressing subjects need to be offset sometimes with more pleasant stuff, or we'll go nuts.  Please, no comments about it being too late for me.   

There I was over the weekend, cleaning out the workshop.  23 years worth of accumulated junk and treasures, in serious need of organizing/burning/tossing, and I was not happy doing it.  By Sunday mid-day, the overload was too much.  Had to decompress.

So, I got on the bike, filled it up with gas, and pointed it in the general direction of the Gulf of Mexico. Rode until I ran out of pavement, doubled back a few dozen times, putted down narrow lanes through the coastal marshes, waved at fisherpersons, found places I never knew existed, ate doughnuts, smelled the sea air, and eventually, near dusk,  put the sun at my back and rode east until I saw a familiar road.

Sometimes being lost is the best thing.


Carter: "Peace in Our Time." Or... Maybe Not.

As usual, Carter comes off yet again as a deluded soul.  His pathetic legacy-seeking trip, complete with terrorist-hugging, is not working out very well for him.  After making a public statement that his trip had resulted in a breakthrough, he is rebuffed by his Hamas dance partners.

There's little else for Carter now, unless he decides it's time to devote all his great diplomatic abilities to making peace between Earth people and the little green aliens from Planet Squark.  If that works out, his legacy will finally be set. 


" . . . . and Sun Rises in East . . . "


Blackwater Employees Don't Wear Our Flag


A picture worth 1000 words:


That says it all, really.