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The radio was blaring, the snails were daring, and flowers were blooming in unison.

Meanwhile, giant flying turtles, filled with rage, descend upon Kansas City.

Irena Sendler - RIP

If there is a  heaven, this good lady is there. 


Flag Pin Good, or Flag Pin Bad?

It must be tough to be Senator Obama.  He has to pander to his leftist base by not wearing a flag pin and calling it a phony issue that distracts from the "real" issues.  But then he has to pander to those clingy religious gut-toting West (By God) Virginians by wearing the flag pin.  I sure hope word of this doesn't get back to the lefties.  They're going to be sorely disappointed in their man. 

Maybe he could get an LED pin, one that he can switch from the American flag to the word "CHANGE" by pushing a button in his pocket, so he can instantly shift gears.  Still, it's going to be a tricky tightrope walk.



Democrats - The Party of Love and Nice-Nice

Speaking before Clinton, Gov. Steve Beshear had some fighting words of his own. He tied the plight of the national Democrats to local ones, having reclaimed the office from a Republican incumbent last year. He said Democrats were "problem solvers."

"I can think of only one Republican that could be a problem solver," he added. "And that is Vice President Cheney, if he would just take George on a hunting trip."

The only question I have is whether this is the true nature of Democrats like this, or if desperation is to blame.   




Happy Mother's Day

Being a good mother is the most demanding job on the planet, and the most important as well, bar none. 

If there are any mothers reading this, thank you. 

And if anyone reading this has a mother, or just knows a mother, go tell her thanks.


Thanks, Mom.   


Obama Makes This Too Easy

This is just too much fun, really. 

First, we have Obama making thinly veiled comments about McCain's age and mental acuity.  Then immediately after that, we have Obama screwing up in a very "senior moment" sort of way.  Poetic justice.

And today, over breakfast, I was treated to a map of Obama's 57 states, as created by a very insightful guy by the name of Porter Yates over at Power Line.  Orange juice didn't quite shoot out of my nose when I saw it, but I did laugh:



Gagworthy video.

Ok, I don't know whether to give a hat tip to Michelle Malkin for this link, or to condemn Michelle for teasing me into watching this utterly disgusting example of non-journalistic behavior at work.  Evil poking.

In either case, this is disturbing.  These are the people who are supposed to be giving us the NEWS about a political campaign, but are instead transfixed by a candidate's crotch. 

What year was it when journalism died?  I have forgotten.





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Members: the changes will have an effect on your display name (the handle that displays when you post), so please read the thread. It will explain how to change the handle that displays when you post, or how to get help if you get stuck attempting to change it.

Thank you.



New Video From The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Scholarly discussion of the Democratic primary mess, with two of America's most erudite political commentators:


Barack Obama in 1974 Occidental College President... For Change

Watch it many, many, many times... it's even better when you're stoned!! (at least that's what I hear)

"... like combed cotton candy!"


Will Enough Ever Be Enough?

While Republicans continue to cross over and vote for Ms. Clinton,  It's become quite apparent to her that they are not willing to go the extra mile and actually donate any of their hard earned cash to her campaign:

On a side note,  the pundits (mixed with Democrat strategists) are out there asking whether or not Limbaugh's  "Operation Chaos" is succeeding.   One would think that's undeniable given the fact that if any minority consisting of just ten percent of the vote(which in this case the minority we're talking about is Republicans) favored Ms. Clinton by the substantial margin that they did,  then YES,   it would be safe to say that it is still making an impact.

In fact, the Obama camp sent an e-mail out entitled “The Limbaugh Effect in Indiana = 7 percent,” Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton wrote:   “According to the latest exit polling data,  17 percent of voters in the Indiana primary today said they would vote for John McCain in a Clinton/McCain match-up.   Forty-one percent of that number is constituted by people who voted Clinton in the primary but also indicated they will vote for McCain in the general election.   That comes out to just under 7 percent of the primary electorate the number that may be attributed to a Limbaugh Effect.”


Gas Tax Holiday: Empirical Evidence

Interestingly, a few years ago two states participated in a real-world experiment involving a temporary gas tax moratorium.

You can read the results in this published PDF:

I guess the take-away here is that it's always healthy to have our preconceptions tested by the real world.


Bill Ayres Keeps Dogging Obama Campaign

More and more keeps being revealed about another of Barck Obama's ill-advised associations. 

Despite Obama's attempt to dismiss this association by saying that domestic terrorist Bill Ayres was just a bad boy a long time ago, the truth is that Ayres is still a bad boy, and Obama has had a recent history with him.

This picture of Ayres trampling the American Flag was taken in 2001, not when Obama was 8 years old.  It shows the current hate-America Ayres in full flower.  How, then, could Obama accept this man's political backing?  How could he allow himself to kick off his political career in the home of Ayres and Dohrn?  How could Obama bring himself to serve on the same board with a still-avowed anti-American terrorist? 

All valid questions to ask.  Over to you, Obama.




...according to renowned and reliable sources. See the Distortion page in the Entertainment Section for details.


Who Is Trying To Suppress the Black Vote?

Well, well.  As I indicated in the thread on Indiana's new voter rules, we needed to ask ourselves just who would benefit in this primary election by suppressing the black vote.  Now NPR has weighed in.  This could get very interesting before it's over.