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OK, it's December, So It's Now OK To Say...


Or something to that effect.



Happy Thanksgiving

Eat, hug your family, enjoy. 


Veteran's Day 

In spite of the disrespectful NFL kneeling jackasses, the rest of the country honors our veterans on the 11th.   


President Trump Guilty of...

... creating hurricanes, starving Puerto Ricans, inventing racism, killing people by denying them health care, being mean to Kim Junk Un Dumbass, causing the sun to glare in our eyes, making rainwater wet, and.........  please complete the list. 


Hurricane Blame

The leftists are spinning wildly, trying to use Harvey as a political tool.  Disgraceful. Some of their blatant idiocies, all failed attempts:

--- Trump isn't doing the right thing, whatever that is at any given moment.

--- Melania wore the wrong shoes.

--- Global warming caused the hurricane.

--- It's karma that those evil wicked Texas Trump voters are flooded.

Feel free to add more leftist idiocies.  It's a target rich environment. 





Investigating the Investigator

Congressman Brian Babin wants Robert Mueller to appear publicly before a congressional committee, to explain his conflict of interest, among other questions.  Seems reasonable to me.  Mueller has let power and money go to his head, expanding his inquisition far beyond his authority.  He must be made accountable, if he hopes to retain credibility. 


Dhimmitude on Steroids

Big time atheist Richard Dawkins had his speech cancelled by the sponsoring rado station KPFA in Berkeley.  Why, you might ask?  Well, the lefties at that "progressive" station couldn't bear up under the stress, after they discovered that Dawkins had been mean to Islamists.  That's right, this is the same Dawkins who routinely slams Judaism, Christianity, and every other religion, with thunderous applause from the left.  But when he factually stated his dislike for the violence and misogyny of Islam, boy howdy, that was a terrible thing to say. 

Are Berkeley leftists all imbeciles?  Do they really want to surrender freedom of speech?  Do they like the idea of submitting to Islam as second class citizens under conditions of dhimmitude?  Apparently, it's a yes to all three.    


Weekend Thread

Let's start with a truly insane bit of racial nonsense.  Should there be a sanity hearing for Seattle city council members?



Happy Independence Day!

That's what it is, and it needs to be called that.  Calling it "the 4th" marginalizes the true meaning, reducing the day to just another excuse for beer and a barbecue.  


Russia!  Not.

Now we have former Obama trooper Jeh Johnson testifying, and all it did was to make the Dems look even worse. 

Of course Putin tried to influence our election.  But he failed.  According to Johnson, Russia failed to alter "ballots, ballot counts or reporting of election results."  There goes one huge Dem screaming point.

But then Johnson, either accidentally or deliberately, let it slip that Obama and the Dems knew for months before the election that Russia was trying to play games, yet did nothing about it.  According to Johnson:  "The FBI and the DNC had been in contact with each other months before about the intrusion, and the DNC did not feel it needed DHS’s assistance at that time."

We're investigating the wrong people.



Weekend Tragedy Thread

No, I don't mean the tragic wailing of leftists, wounded by the Comey non-happening.  I'm talking about something really upsetting.  A tractor-trailer rig full of beer overturned out in Tempe, Arizona. Beer scattered all over the desert. 

But then I realized that it was Bud Light and not "real" beer, so everything is fine now.  


More Left Wing Idiocy

From the mouth of that erudite and insightful sage, Katy Perry, here is how we stop the next Manchester:

"I think that the greatest thing we could do is just unite and love on each other, and like, no barriers, no borders, like, we all need to just co-exist."

Well, why haven't we thought of that before? Like.  Such an easy solution. Like. Thanks, Katy!


Law Abiding Lawbreakers

And other left wing idiocy.  We need to make a list.  But there's probably not enough bandwidth on the entire internet to hold a list that long.

Today's entry comes from NYC Mayor Billy De Blasio, a very tall man who is very short on intellect, talking about law-breaking illegal aliens during an interview on WNYC radio:

"’s very distressing, Brian, to hear that ICE is picking up people who are law abiding..."




New FBI Director?

Although I doubt that it will happen, I see Trey Gowdy's name being floated.  Talk about the Dem's worst nightmare. 

Who else might it be?



Let's Play the Racism Game

Who is a racist? 

All Trump voters, obviously.  All conservatives, of course.  All Republicans, naturally. 

But now we can add poor little leftie Katy Perry to the list.  You see, if you even tangentially mention Barack Obama in any way other than gushing praise, you are a racist.  Apparently, Perry talked about her new hair style, and tried to make a (very little) joke about it by mentioning Obama, and she was immediately bombarded with tweets accusing her of all manner of misdeeds. 

Sorry, Katy.  If you thought your leftist credentials were any form of protection, you were wrong.