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Freedom Is Scary and Should Be Restricted

So say the Kalifornia lefties who are trying to wreck Uber.  Now the courts are beginning to cave to leftie pressure by saying that Uber drivers must be considered employees rather than independent contractors.  This has been a ploy used by organized labor, big government, and crony capitalists for a long time. 

Uber dares to disrupt the cozy taxicab incest between government and taxi corporations, which has worked to limit competition and insure so-so service for decades. 

Good job, you Kalifornia lefties.  Free choice for consumers?  Screw that, right?  Free choice for drivers?  Screw that too.  Conform!  March in line!  Pay whatever the bureaucrats decree for a ride or a job.  

Why do lefties fear freedom so much?  Because with freedom comes a loss of their power.




"I didn't do it. No one saw me do it. You can't prove anything."

Apologies to Bart Simpson.

"Evolving" seems to be a good word for Hillary's ever-changing email defense.  Now that it's pretty obvious that she did wrong, she's adopted a new tactic, pleading ignorance.  Well, ain't that presidential? 

Hillary:  "You know, I was not thinking a lot when I got in. There was so much work to be done. We had so many problems around the world.  I didn’t really stop and think what kind of email system will there be."

Next up if we get Madam President:  "You know, I was not thinking a lot when I got that 3:00 AM call about those incoming missiles.  I didn't really stop and think what that meant."



Delayed Tribute

(but since the story is close to 5 decades old... what's another 2 weeks?)

Some things in life we take for granted.   Some things we've become so accustomed to we don't truly realize how blessed we all are.  Sometimes we let our politics cloud our feelings towards what truly matters.   Sometimes we regain clarity in the most unlikely of places.

For me that unlikely place was (of all places) a political event, Americans for Prosperity's 2015 Dream Summit, just two weeks ago.  It was a great event, but it became apprent that we were all getting a little burnt out on the politicians pandering, promising and positioning themselves as a likely favorite amongst conservatives.  

By the time the event was nearly over and some State Representative from Florida (I'd be lying if I told you I remember his name...  just know his family owns a cigar company and I enjoyed a couple of his freebies handed out at the Buckeye Bash the night before, along with many, many MANY Yuenglings) took the stage at 5:30 pm I would wager that 1/2, if not 2/3 of the people, had taken off early in hopes of beating traffic, catching their flights or getting to their respective busses to get themselves situated for a long trip home.

While I knew, albeit only somewhat, what my little sister was going to do to close out the summit was going to be monumental for our family as a shared moment... I had no idea how it would also impact the crowd who stuck it out to the very end of the event like political champs:

(Did you watch it?   I'd hate to do a spoiler here)

It's a story I'd heard a dozen times throughout my life, only the stories told to me were usually a tad bit more graphic, haha.   Yes my father has indeed always been a hero of mine for a litany of reasons, but when it came to his war story and the pain he's dealt with every day since, it's always come with a stoic feeling on his part... partly because he's tough as nails and you rarely hear him complain about anything (and perhaps I'd just grown too used to that feeling of ho-hum).  Seeing his story told to the thousand-plus people still in attendance, then seeing how it affected so many of them, it really reminded me of how truly unique he is.

Unfortunately the video didn't do the experience much justice.   Almost every one of the AFP #Dream15 videos I've seem to have muffled the sound of the audience, I assume making it easier to hear the speaker. The applause for Ted Cruz was huge without a doubt, and the cheers for Rick Perry seem minced compared to what I'd seen at the actual event...  but when it comes to my father's story I wouldn't be lying if told you that his applause, despite coming from only a fraction of the people that had been there at the beginning, may have rivaled even what Ted Cruz had with a packed house.

Throughout the video I continue to be reminded of myself looking back and seeing myself surrounded by tears falling from the eyes of grown men and women, and a thunderous gasp of the crowd when my sister went on to state what Ron Sebastian had accomplished as a volunteer for AFP, and as the video ends I'm able to close my eyes and remember what it felt like to see what seemed like everybody in attendance rush the stage afterwards to meet this man.   Veterans and members of the armed service currently serving their country coming up to him and embracing him.   Security personnel, there to guard to the doors and protect some of the GOP's most prominent candidates and future leaders, leaving their post just to shake his hand.

It was a truly great moment and my only wish was that more people that attended the event had got to experience that before running out early, not expecting to miss out on one of the finest moments from the 2-day event.  Of course, how would they have known...  not even Ron Sebastian knew it was coming, thanks in part to a family of great secret-keepers (heh). 

My dad defines the definition of the word hero to me, and although I've grown too accustomed to what he has done for the people he surrounds himself with, he is indeed one of the many reasons I fight and will continue to do so until my body no longer allows it.

(So I guess that means you're stuck with me until then)

Have a great Labor Day everybody...  Oh, and in honor of THAT you should definitely stay tuned to for my upcoming piece on how the Union and Fight for 15 crowd has co-opted leaders of the Davenport Catholic Diocese to speak out on behalf of the entire church against a Catholic-owned non-union company.  They are attacking them with some pretty incredible lies mixed (fed to them by the AFL/CIO, of course) with the added flare of bible verses to help paint them as some heathens, in which they are not.   I'll be going after them as they're currently planning their next picket line, complete with my own bible verses for the corrupted leaders of a diocese I'll never again donate to.  

“Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account"  

Now...  FIGHT!


Site Security Feature on the Fritz

If anyone has been blocked from posting, it's because something is messed up in the "captcha" deal, where you must confirm yourself by entering the characters seen on the screen.  No characters appear now, for some reason. 

This can be avoided by simply logging in.  I know, it's a pain, since the system won't let you stay logged in if you leave and return later, but at least logging in will allow you to post.  


Happy Friday

Well...Skinnydipinacid appears to be busy, so here is a new open thread for the weekend with some appropriate music:

Have a nice weekend.


The Holy Smokes I Sure Have Missed Out on a Ton of Crazy Top Stories Open Thread

So I'm finally moved in (well... mostly) and settling into my new community here in NW Arkansas.   Seems like forever since I last posted even though it was only 2-1/2 weeks ago.  My how time drags when you have nothing to do.

On the bright side, new homes come with some exciting things, like "Welcome to the Neighborhood" mailings from the US Postal service that include attractive coupons to some of your favorite stores... like this one:

... now, if I could just find a way to travel back to early 2008 and use it we'd be set.  Maybe pick us all up some CD's or DVD's.   I think those were still popular back then.

I've also missed out on pretty much everything that has happened over the past couple weeks due to having no cable or internet until tonight... which is both good and bad.   Bad because I have litererally no idea what to joke about in regards to current events, but good because I haven't allowed a single moment of my free time to go waste focusing on all the ridiculous crap going on.

While I was too busy taking care of this monstrosity...

(yeah, that's a 26'er... filled to the top all the way through)

...apparently lots of crazy things have happened.  

For instance:

- Jared Fogel should probably never show his face in public ever again

- Hillary goes all "it depends on what your definition of 'wiped clean' is"

- Hackers quit waiting for Ashley Madison to act and dumped all their users' info online (sorry honey)

- California hopes to ban guns for 10 years AND take farmers' land via emininent domain

- There's finally hope for liberals worldwide

- Windows 10 can go away already for all I care (now how do I make my update icon disappear?)

...and that's just since my internet got (finally) hooked up down here in lovely Arkansas.  

I can only imagine the obsurdity that's ensued the past couple weeks during my digital seclusion.   Not that I want to know.   I really have enjoyed not knowing.   It's been quite serene.   Heck, maybe I should make it a thing.  Be that blogger that comments only occasionally on things he doesn't even follow.  Could be my niche.   What do you think?


Thread's open...  but then again you probably already knew that.

(See? Already off to a bang!)



A Skinny-less Weekend Free-For-All Thread

While he's traipsing off to the wilds of Arkansas, leaving us slowly twisting in the breeze, here's an open thread for the weekend.  Next week we'll take a vote as to his punishment for going AWOL. 


LA Court Blocks Release of Further Planned Parenthood Videos... Center For Medical Progress Responds by Releasing a 4th Video

I like their style.   CMP may just be my new favorite organization.



Oh, and since it's somewhat on topic, this year's RINO of the Year award will be shared between Mark Kirk ("R"-IL) and Susan Collins ("R"-ME)...  thought that might be worth noting.   They up for re-election and apparently "vulnerable" after all.   

Also, I'll be off until at least Tuesday moving myself and the family to Arkansas, so enjoy the weekend you lumps of flesh, stem cells and boy parts (that sick joke is funnier if you watch the video.... "it's a boy!").  

Consider this an extended weekend open thread until I get new internet service or somebody else gets motivated... whichever comes first.





This Anononymous Hack Could Get Very Interesting... With Bonus Video

This time it's Planned Parenthood.  It's already creating a lot of buzz following in the wake of the two most recent abortion videos (with a confirmation that there are indeed more videos to come), which has led to Planned Parenthood already running to their defenses ("heavily edited", "extremists", "hoaxers", the usual rhetoric).

But this one could get very damning.   The hackers are threatening to leak sensitive emails (i.e. not setup/edited/hoaxes). 

Planned Parenthood Chief Information Officer Tom Subak told the Daily Dot on Sunday night that the organization was previously unaware of a breach in their systems.

“We think we have really good security, especially on flagging suspicious behavior,” said Subak. “We have not [received any flags].”

Subak was unable to provide additional information early Monday morning. 

In a statement emailed to the Daily Dot, Dawn Laguens, executive vice president of Planned Parenthood's U.S. federation, said they are investigating the hackers' claims.

“We've seen the claims around attempts to access our systems,” said Laguens. “We take security very seriously and are investigating. It's unsurprising that those opposed to safe and legal abortion are participating in this campaign of harassment against us and our patients, and claiming to stoop to this new low.”

The hackers involved say that they plan to decrypt and release internal Planned Parenthood emails “soon.” No emails have yet been released in the dump. 

The hacker known only as "E" called this hack politically motivated  and went on to say:

“We've noticed quite a lot of attention has been diverted to a supposedly malicious organization known as Planned Parenthood. The actions of this 'federation' are not seen as right in the eyes of the public. So here we are, the social justice warriors, seeking to reclaim some sort of lulz for the years and thousands of dollars that Planned Parenthood have wasted and made harvesting your babies.”

I guess they're hacking back for all the baby hacking they've done.

The group also tried to redirect all of Planned Parenthood's web traffic to the hacker group's Twitter account to brag about their success, however could not accomplish this because (according to Planned Parenthood reps) the site's “backend is so terribly configured” which made it hard to gain further administration access to the site.

...but claim "they have really good security" and "take security very seriously".

I guess this is what Anonymous would classify as a serious case of the lullz.

But wait... it gets more interesting.   There's now a 3rd video featuring a whistleblower:

This video catches Planed Parenthood doctors Katherine Sheehan and Savita Ginde discussing and arranging for the sale of aborted baby body parts.  "Heavily edited" my guess.


Open Thread: Tell it Like it is 

First Alan West in Times Square:


Then Ted Cruz calling out Mitch McConnell as a liar on the Senate floor:


Can't forget Trump putting a reporter in his place...  (@ 2:40 mark):


And lastly, Marco Rubio pooling Trump and Obama into the same, uh, "class":


Thread is open...  Tell it like it is...  and of course, have a great weekend.    


They're BAAAA-ack...

Oh, Planned Parenthood...  I'd feel bad relishing in your downfall if I didn't despise you so.

First there was this revealing video and now they're hit with a second damning video:


Yup... a Lamoborghini...  don't we all?

After somewhat agreeing on $100/organ Mary Gatter (Medical Director for Planned Parenthood) says she had to call the other California affilitiates of Planned Parenthood to see what they're getting, just to make sure they weren't getting substantially more....   which of course they'd just laugh at her, right?  Because Planned Parenthood doesn't profit from tissue "donations" in any way... right?

Now... Will the media talk about it or will we have to wait for the other videos to drop?

(Guess we'll see...)



Liberal Fantasy-Fiction Writers at Rolling Stone Talk About That Time the Union Really Showed That Disgraceful Scott Walker a Thing or Two

That title was intentially left way too long to fully illustrate just how funny this was:

 Yup, Union fat toe with a mustache takin' care of biz...  and only a few years too late.

"DESTROYED!"  (Totes adorbs!)

Rolling Stone's Simon Vozick-Levinson (don't ask me why it looks like he sports a maiden-name) had to REALLY stretch the significance of AFL-CIO leader Richard Trumka's remarks.    He even goes on in his joke of an article to complain about Walker, calling him one of the most hardcore right-wing extremists andRepublican zealot, before finally complaining about how bad he's destorying things by doing the job he was elected to do...  you know, the usual article written by a progressive "journalist.

But the elaboration over this Trumka's quote definitely takes today's cake:

Oh, BURN...  you totally got the best of him Dick.


(This is certain to get good)


The FORBIDDEN Open Thread

Seriously... I tried to post this earlier, but apparantly, in my attempt to be a good website manager, I broke something on my end:

Heh.... so I'm locked out at work, which is okay really because I finally put in my notice, started packing my things, and in just 3 short weeks will be on my way to sunny/humid Arkansas (assuming everything goes according to plan).

I'm not holding my breath however because TECHNICALLY we should have been moving tomorrow, but the yahoo buying our land (/seed money) couldn't come up with the loan and tried lying us into dropping the price $200k, claiming their assessment "could or could not confirm whether or not hazardous material had been dumped on the land and COULD (or could not) require an EPA evaluation down the road"  (empahsis... mine) which I asked, "so... you have nothing?"

It of course was a ploy, and we called his bluff when we told him that all the material dumped on the site was clean fill material from the city only and had documentation for everything dumped there... "oh, and by the way, we are testing the area in question and should have results for you by the end of the day."   Needless to say he backed out after that, just 3 days before our land was supposed to close off a 90-day contract, which would then be the down payment on our new house.

Fortunately we had aces in our back pocket and the deal is still going through.  It will be purchased by a nice, more trustworthy person, who we've loving he nicknamed "the Lorax" because one of his selling points to him buying our land was that he wanted to save the trees.  More importantly, his funds are in place, so that's good... so we can still move this summer while the kids are out of school, we just got delayed a few weeks.  

Ernest money is on the way via certified mail (thank you US Postal Service for taking your jolly sweet time) so I guess now I can call myself a soon-to-be Arkansanian... or whatever they call themselves down there.    Ankansawyer?  Banjo player?   I dunno, does it matter?   

At least we'll have something to talk about:

...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...  GOOD times!

Well, that's really all I got, and it's getting late, so have at it...


Obama Administration Goes Full-Frontal Stupidity on Illegal Immigration & Gun Control

What more can you expect from people that jump all over one tragedy until the next to score political points any time they can?

First the real tragedy of this story... this young woman, Kathryn Steinle, is dead today.  She was murdered on Thursday by the hands of Francisco Sanchez, an illegal immigrant who'd been previously deported FIVE (5) TIMES and currently resides in the beautiful, bustling, sanctuary city of San Francisco.


He was arrested in March on a drug warrant and turned over to San Francisco Police Department.  He was later released by the SFPD after charges were dropped, despite ICE listing him as a priority and requesting he be turned back over to them before his release so they could take him into custody and deport him (again).

Bottom line... this piece of trash should have never been wandering any of our cities' streets. 

Cue the city of San Francisco in all their brilliance:

In May 2014, San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi announced his “no-holds ICE policy,” saying the department would no longer honor immigration detention requests “unless they are supported by judicial determination of probable cause or with a warrant of arrest.”

“We followed both the city ordinance and our policy, which is that we don’t honor ICE detainers — which are a request, not a legal basis,” Freya Horne, an attorney at the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, said Friday.

...because really, what's the worst that could happen by releasing illegal immigrants with at least 7 felonies to his rap sheet back onto the street despite the federal government's pesky little "requests" to deport?

(Oh yeah... murder)  

But the story goes on...  

Bring out the White House's Josh Earnest, Chief Liar for President Lies-a-Lot to do his usual pushback of the left wing narrative (i.e. lie some more), all while refusing to comment on a damning issue... right after he chose to cast the blame all on the GOP...

...and of course the growing gun violence they created:

 (because illegal immigrants don't kill people... gun violence caused by Republicans kill people)

When asked by reporters about critics of President Obama’s immigration enforcement policies, Earnest insisted that it was actually Republicans who are fault for voting against the Gang Of Eight bill last year, pointing out that it contained funding to increase border security.

“The fact is that the president has done everything within his power to make sure that we are focusing our law enforcement resources on criminals and those who pose a threat to public safety and it’s because of the political efforts of Republicans that we have not been able to make the kind of investment that we’d like to make in securing our border and keeping our community safe,” Earnest said.

Francisco Sanchez was charged with shooting and killing a 32-year-old San Francisco woman last week, lleading to criticism from illegal immigration activists. Earnest deferred questions about details of the case to the Department of Homeland Security.

So Obama's mouthpiece with a tie decides to go all Louis Lerner on us by refusing to take questions while at the same time deflecting any criticism by blaming "the other guys" instead.   Must be a popular strategy, especially after it worked out so great for her, and appears to be doing equally as well for him... especially when the left has consistently been the biggest opposition to the right's calls for increased border security.

He continued by plugging the Obama policy of refusing to tear illigal immigrant families apart:

Oh, you mean families, like... this one?

(Never let a good crisis go to waste)

So bottom line, if I get what the White House is saying here...  pay no attention to the violence sanctuary cities can attract, but instead focus on gun violence, despite this man's inability to acquire one legally because a) he's an illegal and b) he's a felon.


Happy Independence Day Open Thread

I should post something honoring the good ol' Declaration of Independence but after watching this next video I lost faith in the intelligence of the general public and became afraid some first time visitors to the site might not understand what I'm talking about:

Have a Happy 4th,

- SDiA