John Kasich's Laughable Exit
Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at 21:10

"I FINISHED 4TH... IN A 2-MAN RACE!!"To be perfectly frank...  I really wouldn't even be typing about this story had I not already stated that Kasich would be staying in the race after yesterday's Indiana primary (his fault, not mine), promising comedic politics for the next month or better.  

He's always been the last-place-guy, so it shouldn't come as a shock... certainly not news-worthy.   The only thing shocking is knowing that somehow, somewhere, somebody finally talked some sense into him.

Many assumed Reince, but word is he took the advice of Bob Roach, his close friend/wealth manager (sounds like a good friend to have) that "thought his message would be diminished” if he stayed in the race.   I assume he meant EVEN MORE diminished, but hey, friends tend to pull their punches.

That was yesteray, when he stated he would be staying in the race.   Then last night happened, leading Ted Cruz to call it quits (and blowing up Twitter in the process), but despite having even less delegates that a candidate suspending his campaign (again), Kasich vowed to venture on.

This morning Kasich (ever the pandering politician) took advantage of the May 4th holiday to spread his anti-Trump message:

Our Only Hope#MayThe4thBeWithYou #StarWarsDay

— John Kasich (@JohnKasich) May 4, 2016

(Yes, yes.... May the 4th be with you...  always)

8 HOURS LATER, he STILL appeared to be fundraising with an upcoming remarks release:

Watch Gov. John Kasich's upcoming remarks

— John Kasich (@JohnKasich) May 4, 2016

By this time I was intrigued.  Would my prophecy come true?   Might he actually tell the world that FINALLY the Republican race for the presidential nominee is down to a 2-MAN race, just as we Americans have been asking for months?!?  Oh man... how GREAT would that be!?! 

But alas, all he did was wimper and walk off stage, suspending his race in the process:

Per ABC News:

"He feels that it would just be tainted, it would lessen the message that he's trying to get out, if he became the laughing stock of the political pundits,” said Bob Roach, a wealth management adviser in Columbus who has known Kasich for decades and spoke with the governor before and after he decided to suspend his campaign.

... well, assuming he hadn't already "become".

So that's it.  Kasich called it quits, officially making him the 4th place finisher in what became a 2-man race between him and Trump.   God I love politics.

So bring on the Hillary attacks.  I have zero doubt that the Trumpateers will be even more ruthless than they were against Cruz.  Prepare yourself America:


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