Extended Weekend Open Thread
Friday, May 27, 2016 at 02:00

Seems like it's been a while since I did a "meh, who cares, let's just put something up post", but sadly this won't be one of those.  In fact, I might get wordy.   It's been that kind of week.

Before I begin, I just want to start by saying... I like my new Senator:

So good it almost makes you feel dirty.    I'm guessing a vast majority of frantic left-wingers felt the same way today (only without the "good" aspect) after seeing this epic tweet-blooper from MSNBC:

Unfortunately the tweet was quickly ruined with the appearance of Obama...  much like the economy, our nation's border, and every woman's public bathroom in America before it.  

OFF TOPIC:   Since Bill Clinton was once considered the country's first black president... Does that mean Obama is our nation's first transgender President?   (I'm thinking legacy)

Speaking of the Commander in Chief, did you see he's finally going after ISIS?   Only, not in the way YOU might think, by, you know...  killing them.   No, instead he's looking for ways to PROSECUTE them.   What a humanitarian.   Nevermind the growing trail of dead, innocent bodies left along the way.

Oh, and he told reporters in Japan he'd take one more question in his press conference today...   unfortunately for him it was a question about Prison Granny's growing email scandal.

Prison Granny went into full damage control mode Thursday after this news broke:

... Oh, and her aides' depositions are being kept private.  

Is THIS bad? 

Hillary defended herself saying is would not "affect either the campaign or my presidency.” She also noted that her use of private email was not unprecedented (even though Collin Powell, Condaleeza Rice and others didn't openly lie, delete emails, nor were they uncooperative with inspectors):

“I have turned over all of my emails. No one else can say that," Clinton said. "I have been incredibly open about doing that.” 

About 32,000 emails were deleted before she "turned them all over".

If I was her opponent, I'd want to debate her again too.   I bet Sanders only wishes he'd have had the courage to take her on earlier in the race instead of skating around it.    Guess he'll have to settle for a charity debate with Trump (who clinched the GOP nomination b.t.w.) instead.   Maybe if they threw in a few hundred thousand dollars to the Clinon Foundation we could turn this into a threesome.   Just sayin'.

And almost lastly...  another sad, pathetic politican:  Sen Orrin Hatch.    He wasn't capable of just admitting that Republicans are going to do whatever it takes to block any Supreme Court nominee until after Obama is gone (and good riddance to him) and instead tried to take some phony noble route by issuing a statement via an Op-Ed that read:

“Like many of my Senate colleagues, I recently met with Chief Judge Merrick Garland, President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court. … Our meeting, however, does not change my conviction that the Senate should consider a Supreme Court nominee after this presidential election cycle"

One problem:  he hadn't met with Garland yet.   It was a draft that got accidentally published before the two had even had the opportunity to get acquainted.  SPOILER ALERT:  Garland didn't impress.

However, my vote for most ridiculous, idiotic, offensive pile(s) of oh-my-gawd-what-the-heck-is-that goes to the people of Tap 4 Fun... more pointedly the people behind their mobile MMO game "Invasion".   It's of the same mold as Game of War (remember that commercial?) and Mobile Strike (now sporting the Governator in its ads)

Well apparently this Invasion game (created by the company Tap 4 Fun) is looking for their own spokesperson, having seen the attention they've gained for their competition...  only they have decided to open it up to their players to, get this, VOTE on who their spokesperson should be out of a handful of candidates.

Today I got a message (in-game)... here's what it read:

This is definitely the most offensively idiotic in-game mail I have ever received.

SMH @tap4fun & @gameofinvasion pic.twitter.com/af5uqM1IM7

— SKINNY (@skinnydipinacid) May 27, 2016

Yes, they misspelled Keifer Sutherland's name... and no, I don't believe Baltimore Maryland is an actual person's name...  but they also included... Chris... KYLE!?  As in the Frog who's funeral was so notable that it had to be held at Cowboy Stadium Chris Kyle?!?!?   WHAT???!!!!!!  

The Facebook backlash has been fairly constant all day, and deservedly so.  Definitely biggest douches of the decade so far for either not knowing or (worse) knowing and finding it funny to put him in list of actors, a boxer (no idea what Mayweather has to do with a war game), an MMA fighter (ditto) and a city recently known for civil unrest thanks in part to their leftist State's Attorney that fell off the soapbox trying to make a name for herself.

This post is beginning to make me lose even more faith in humanity, so screw this, let's call it a weekend .  Enjoy the upcoming Memorial Day...   and don't forget to vote for Chris Kyle as a final "F-you" to Tap 4 Fun via their silly Facebook question (make sure you ask that all his proceeds as a spokeperson are paid in full to his family).



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