Trump Team Floats the Idea of Stone Cold Steve Austin for Secretary of the State, "Sources Say"
Thursday, November 17, 2016 at 22:29

Okay, not really, but hey...  it doesn't sound a whole lot different than much of the media's spitballing in hopes of a catchy title.   BRING ON THE CLICK BAIT!

Yes, the same media that got the election so horribly wrong and made steak night with the fam sound like World War III is now going  hog wild by throwing names around at every cabinet position imaginable.   Rudy Gulliani, Nicki Haley, John Bolton, Mitt Romney, just some of them so far, courtesy of "inside sources".

I can't help but picture the media throwing darts at a list of random Republican names & every cabinet post left to fill...

"Dr Ben Carson...  for...  DEPT OF AG?  Shoot... I was aiming for Health & Human Services!"

On top of it they're already giving his administration bad press because they aren't choosing fast enough, even comparing the timeliness of his cabinet appointees to those of Barack Obama's back in 2008.   Anybody that payed attention to the 30-some WikiLeaks (clearly, not the media however) can tell you that's a bad comparison to bring up, especially if they're a liberal (which they clearly are):

...and then this:

In case you've been too busy focusing on Play-Doh sculptures in your safe space, what that basically shows is CitiBank almost picking Obama's cabinet positions in its entirety clear back in the October of 2008, prior to his first election as President.   Even that didn't happen within the first couple weeks, soooo... try not to sound so upset that Trump hasn't rushed out a list on day 1 and is instead vetting people with the help of Mike Pence.   You're only discrediting yourselves even further when you do.

Kubos to Axelrod:

We hadn't made any major appointments at this point in 2008. I don't remember being criticized for it.

— David Axelrod (@davidaxelrod) November 17, 2016

When the media isn't taking time out of their busy day to guess tomorrow's story about Trump's cabinety, they fill in the gaps with stories about "peaceful" protests (/riots) by people angry about Trump, or overly-sensitive basketcases that need to fill their day with quiet time, therapy dogs, crayon drawings and public cry-ins.... you know, cuz, Trump, or something.   

In two weeks time we've gone from talking about Trump grabbing people by the pussies to pussies grabbing tissues over Trump.    In that same time Clinton supporters have ditched the whole "Love Trumps Hate" & "When they go low, we go high" to...  "Screw it, let's kill him!"

The left is quickly turning into an even bigger laughing stock than they were and seem totally disconnected from the current state of affairs, as if an election 10 days ago didn't spell it out for them.  Maybe it's hard to see the reality of the situation when they'rr too busy being angry, or sad, or scared, or whatever weakened, frail position they prefer to portray their victimization as.  

All I can say is...  1 PotUS, 54 Senate seats, 247 House seats and 31 Governors later...  I really don't care what you want to mope about.   Whatever.  Cry all you want/need to.   At the end of the day the GOP still won this one.   Take your own advice and deal with it in whatever way works best for you...  and try to ignore us snickering over here as we look on.

If you think this is bad:  Wait until January 20th, 2017

If you think that'll be bad:   Wait until November 6th, 2018'll likely lose even more control that day, and it'll be fun too.


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